Goldendoodle Sensation: Banking on Adorable Assistance Lands Tenaya as Pet of the Week!

Goldendoodle Sensation

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Goldendoodle Sensation: Banking on Adorable Assistance Lands Tenaya as Pet of the Week!


In the vast and heartwarming world of pets, Tenaya, a charming 4-year-old goldendoodle, has stolen the spotlight as this week’s Pet of the Week. Nestled in the picturesque town of Running Springs, California, Tenaya has gained fame for her delightful visits to the local bank, transforming mundane errands into adorable adventures.

Banking Bliss: Tenaya’s Weekly Withdrawal Routine

Living in Running Springs with her devoted owner, Sherry Owens, Tenaya has become a beloved visitor to the small-town bank. According to Owens, the four employees eagerly await Tenaya’s arrival, showering her with affection and even a tasty treat. “The four girls who work there love her and give her a cookie,” Owens shared. “Two of them come out if it’s not busy to give her hugs.”

But Tenaya’s talents extend beyond the banking realm. When not assisting Owens with withdrawals, she indulges in leisure activities like kayaking on Lake Arrowhead and enjoying long car rides. Owens fondly describes Tenaya as more than just a pet, stating, “She’s been an unofficial therapy dog to several friends’ rescue dogs that came from abusive situations and were nervous, scared dogs.”

Unveiling Tenaya’s Heartwarming Impact

Owens continued, “Once they spent time around Tenaya, they became relaxed happy dogs and joined our walks and hikes. I never expected the bond she and I have—my best friend.” Tenaya’s remarkable ability to bring comfort and joy to others showcases the profound impact pets can have on human lives.

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Pet of the Week Finalists: Feline Charmers and Resilient Beanie

While Tenaya takes the crown, this week’s competition was fierce, featuring two adorable feline finalists.

  1. Voodoo the Kitten: Napping in Style Mariah Spinelli from Indiana captured the adorable Voodoo taking a catnap in an unexpected slipper. Spinelli shared, “She would do this all the time when she was small,” revealing the charming naptime rituals of this finalist.
  2. Beanie the Resilient Cat: A Triumph Over Adversity Beanie, a 3-year-old rescue cat residing in Washington with owner Frank Talmadge, stood out with his fantastic markings and lovable personality. Talmadge shared, “His best feature is his fantastic markings. My favorite thing is his personality.”
  3. Chhotu, the Worldly Traveler: From Kolkata to Canada Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Chhotu embarked on a remarkable journey from Kolkata, India. Rescued by owner Sunrit, Chhotu’s friendly, frisky, and cuddly nature has made him a cherished addition to the family.

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