McKamey Animal Center Appeals for Public Support Following Massive Pet Rescue

Animal Center Appeals for Public Support

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McKamey Animal Center Appeals for Public Support Following Massive Pet Rescue


An Unexpected Surge in Shelter Population

The McKamey Animal Center has recently taken in an unexpected influx of pets, skyrocketing their resident count to an overwhelming number. This surge comes in the wake of a sizable rescue operation that led to the recovery of 31 cats and dogs from a condemned home, pushing the shelter’s current pet count to over 430.

A call from a concerned citizen sparked the operation. The caller, alarmed by the condition of a neighbor’s pets, notified the shelter. When McKamey officers arrived at the scene, they discovered the family had been evicted, leaving the pets with nowhere to go. Despite the already burgeoning population at the shelter, officials couldn’t turn a blind eye to the animals’ plight and decided to take them in.

The Journey Ahead for the Rescued Pets

The recently rescued pets range in age from a few months old to a few years old. The McKamey team is committed to providing all the necessary care and treatment before finding them loving forever homes. This includes full vetting and altering, which is a crucial part of ensuring their health and welfare.

However, the journey to recovery for these animals requires resources. The McKamey Animal Center, now overwhelmed with pets, is in dire need of assistance.

Animal Center Appeals for Public Support

Calling All Animal Lovers: McKamey Needs Your Help

Given the urgent need to provide for these pets, McKamey is appealing to the public for help. They require both monetary donations and critical items necessary for animal care.

For those willing to contribute, there are several ways to support the shelter. McKamey’s wish lists can be found on Amazon and Chewy, featuring items that can make a real difference in the lives of these pets. Monetary donations can be made via McKamey’s website, Facebook page, by calling the center at (423) 305-6500 x8, or in person at the center.

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Animal lovers and generous souls, this is your chance to make a difference. The McKamey Animal Center needs you to help provide these animals with a second chance at a better life. Let’s join hands and turn this story of rescue into a story of hope and revival.

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