Therapy Cat Tragically Lost in Quad Bike Accident, Leaving Owner in Despair

Therapy Cat Tragically Lost in Quad Bike Accident

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Therapy Cat Tragically Lost in Quad Bike Accident, Leaving Owner in Despair


In an incident that has sent shockwaves through the local community, a young woman has been left grief-stricken as her beloved therapy cat, Freddie, was fatally hit by a quad bike. This tragic accident occurred in Cumberland Avenue, Shepway, Maidstone, taking place opposite the serene backdrop of St Martin’s Church.

The Healing Power of Freddie the Therapy Cat

Freddie, a four-year-old feline, was purchased by Chaz Turl back in 2018. Turl acquired Freddie as a therapy cat to help navigate her sorrow following the demise of her sister. Over the years, Freddie had been a constant companion, providing comfort and emotional support during Turl’s mental health struggles.

On that fateful Tuesday evening, when Freddie did not return home as per his routine, Turl knew something was awry. “He went out and didn’t come in like he usually does,” she shared. She initially attributed his absence to the pleasant weather, assuming he might be out exploring.

Therapy Cat Tragically Lost in Quad Bike Accident

A Heartbreaking Discovery

After a couple of days of Freddie’s unusual absence, Turl’s worry intensified. “This isn’t right – it wasn’t like Freddie,” she reflected. Subsequently, she posted about her missing therapy cat on Facebook, only to learn about a grim event.

A community member tagged Turl in a post about a cat being hit by a quad bike early that Wednesday morning. A compassionate resident had taken the injured feline to Newnham Court Vets. Turl’s worst fears were confirmed when she visited the vet clinic to identify the cat, only to find it was her beloved Freddie.

“I am absolutely heartbroken he’s gone,” expressed a devastated Turl, who shares her home with nine other cats. Remembering Freddie’s endearing qualities, she added, “Freddie was too friendly and loving for his own good. He always had a fuss from people, especially kids on the way to school.”

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Therapy Cat Tragically Lost in Quad Bike Accident

A Plea for Justice

Regrettably, Freddie’s friendly disposition often left him vulnerable. Turl revealed that Freddie had been subjected to numerous attacks, including being burned with cigarettes and pelted with stones. This latest incident has left her seeking answers and justice for her beloved pet.

In the aftermath of Freddie’s tragic end, Turl is desperately hoping to locate the quad bike driver. “Someone must have ring doorbell footage or CCTV, or know who owns the quad that hit him. Please if you do, come forward,” she pleaded.

If you have any information about the incident, you are urged to come forward and help bring closure to this heartbreaking incident.

For the full report, visit Kent Online.


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