Lost Northumberland Tortoise Found After Two Years and Five Miles Away

Lost Northumberland Tortoise Found After Two Years and Five Miles Away

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Incredible Journey: Lost Northumberland Tortoise Found After Two Years and Five Miles Away


The Remarkable Reunion of a Northumberland Family and Their Beloved Pet Tortoise

In an extraordinary tale of endurance and chance, a tortoise named Jemima embarked on a two-year escapade that culminated in a heartwarming reunion with her human family. The tortoise, who was reported missing from her home in Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, back in 2021, mysteriously turned up five miles away at an equestrian center in 2023. This miraculous story highlights the resilience of pets and the love of families for their unconventional companions.

The Unexpected Escape: Tortoise’s Grand Adventure Begins

Jemima, a charming and quick-footed 50-year-old tortoise, found an opening for adventure in May 2021. Despite the well-observed belief of tortoises being slow, Jemima outwitted her owners and disappeared without a trace from the Waddell residence, leaving her young caretaker, Beatrice Waddell, heartbroken.

The Waddell family, including father Charles and his two other children Alice and Charles, launched a rigorous search, extensively using social media to aid their efforts. Unfortunately, their beloved pet remained missing, and they gradually lost hope of seeing her again.

The Unexpected Discovery: Jemima’s Journey Comes to an End

Two years later, in an astounding turn of events, a post on Facebook caught the Waddells’ attention. A tortoise had been found and taken to a veterinary clinic by a farmer who discovered her meandering in a field. After the Waddell family sent photos to the clinic for identification, they received confirmation that the tortoise was indeed their long-lost Jemima.

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Lost Northumberland Tortoise Found After Two Years and Five Miles Away

The missing tortoise had been located at an equestrian center, five miles from her original home, much to the family’s amazement and relief. Jemima’s inexplicable journey and her ability to survive in the wild left her family in awe.

The Emotional Reunion: Jemima Returns Home

Beatrice, who had grown from eight to ten during Jemima’s adventure, was thrilled to have her unusual pet back home. Charles, a lawyer and university lecturer, expressed his delight, acknowledging that the tortoise had certainly led a big adventure during the last couple of years. In honor of Jemima’s unexpected escapade, they’ve taken steps to ensure the tortoise’s enclosure is more secure.

Jemima, a family pet for many years, had been inherited from Charles’s late father in 2016. Known for keeping tortoises, Jemima initially joined the family after being found wandering lost 25 years ago. Now, after her two-year adventure, Jemima is back in her familiar surroundings with her friend Georgina, and a family ecstatic to have her back.

This remarkable story of Jemima’s journey and the Waddells’ persistent love for their lost pet serves as a testament to the strength of the bonds we share with our pets. Even for a tortoise, home is truly where the heart is.

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