What Is an English Bantam Bulldog? Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

What Is an English Bantam Bulldog; Everything You Need To Know - Fumi Pets

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The bantam Bulldog can pique your attention if you like learning about uncommon dog breeds. The breed is descended from the English bulldog and was formerly known as the English bantam bulldog. The “English” was deleted in 2011 and the name was altered to “bantam Bulldog.”


Breed Recognition

Although the bantam Bulldog has been around since the 1800s, it is not generally recognised as a breed. The United Canine Association only recognised the English bantam bulldog, now officially known as the bantam Bulldog, in 2002 and started registering registrations. The AKC has yet to recognise the breed.

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Not A Toy

In his book “The Complete Book of the Dog,” Robert Leighton clarifies that bantam bulldogs are not toy breeds, but miniature bulldogs with the same standards as a standard bulldog, with the exception that their weight is lighter and their height is typically shorter; however, larger bantams can grow to be as tall as a standard bulldog. Although evidence of tiny bulldogs dates from 1899, the smaller bulldog breed was on the verge of extinction by 1902. French bulldogs were brought back to England as a cure to help revive the bantam bulldog breed.

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Comparison Of English And French Bulldogs

The bantam Bulldogge was created by crossing smaller regular English bulldogs to produce a tiny version; the French breed was derived from the bantam bulldogge. Because the bantam bulldogge is linked to both English and French bulldogs, it’s natural that the bantam breed’s criteria are comparable to those of the other two.

With the exception of size, the physical requirements for the bantam bulldogge are quite identical to those for the English bulldog. Although the weights of the two breeds vary considerably, their recognised heights may overlap. The height of a bantam bulldog is between 9 and 16 inches, depending on the sex of the dog, according to the UCA, while the height of an English bulldog is between 12 and 16 inches. The normal weight for English bulldogs is 50 to 55 pounds, whereas the UCA standard weight for bantams is 18 to 39 pounds. Bantam bulldogges, on the other hand, are allowed to be registered at weights up to 45 pounds if they are used for breeding or maintained as pets, according to the UCA.

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The similarities between French bulldogs and bantams are superficial, according to “Dogs and All About Them,” with the most obvious distinguishing characteristic being that the French bulldog’s ears are located higher on the head and are held erect, while the bantam’s ears are floppy.

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Bantam Bulldogge Traits

Bantam bulldogges are described by the UCA as being energetic, healthy, and outgoing. A normal bantam bulldogge loves being the centre of attention and clowning about. Bantams are often non-aggressive, happy tiny dogs that are naturally attentive and protective of their people. The UCA goes so far as to say that if a bantam bulldogge shows aggressiveness without being provoked, he is disqualified from being exhibited.


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