Beloved Pet Ingests Harmful Substances, California Owner Warns

Beloved Pet Ingests Harmful Substances California Owner Warns

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California Dog Owner Raises Alarm after Beloved Pet Ingests Lethal Substances at a Local Beach


Dog Beach in San Diego: A Paradise Marred by Hidden Dangers

A dog owner’s cautionary tale from California serves as a stern reminder to pet owners about the unforeseen hazards that might lurk at your local beach. After a seemingly ordinary day out at the Dog Beach in San Diego, her dog, Lily, fell ill due to the ingestion of hazardous substances.

The Scare that Followed a Day at the Beach

San Diego’s Dog Beach, one of the first official leash-free beaches in the United States, is a beloved locale for dog owners. Here, dogs can joyfully bound and frolic without restraint, making the most of the open space and the cooling water.

Kelly Wiehe’s recent beach outing with her four-year-old canine, Lily, however, ended up with a detour to the emergency vet. During her time on the beach, Lily quickly consumed an unknown substance that Wiehe assumed was a harmless leftover from a beachgoer’s picnic. Soon, Lily’s behavior started to change alarmingly.

“She was avoiding me and avoiding being touched. Her pupils were dilating, she wouldn’t go outside, and she had no interest in eating or drinking any water,” said Wiehe, recounting the terrifying shift in her dog’s demeanor.

A Terrifying Diagnosis

Lily was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic, where she underwent several urine drug screenings. The results revealed a chilling reality – Lily had ingested methamphetamine, marijuana, and Ritalin.

“I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry or pass out because I was expecting, you know, maybe she’d eaten something spoiled… I really was not expecting something to this level,” a shaken Wiehe stated.

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A Wake-up Call for Pet Owners

Wiehe’s story left other beachgoers and dog owners aghast. Many found it inconceivable that someone would leave such hazardous substances at a beach frequented by pets.

This incident is not an isolated one, according to Wiehe. The vet informed her of multiple instances of dogs ingesting meth at Dog Beach.

Thankfully, Lily recovered fully after a few grueling days of sickness and is now back to her lively self.

“I love this dog to bits and pieces,” said Wiehe, adding, “Just realizing how temporary our relationships with our animals really are.”

This incident serves as a stark reminder to all pet owners to exercise caution and keep a close eye on their furry friends, especially when they are off-leash in public spaces.

Original news source: KGTV, Kelly Wiehe, CNN


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