Thelma, 22-Year-Old Cat, Escapes Euthanasia for Golden Retirement

22-Year-Old Cat Escapes Euthanasia for Golden Retirement

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From Near-Death to Golden Years: Thelma, the 22-Year-Old Cat, Gets a Second Chance at Life


A Brush with Death

Imagine living your whole life with a family, only to be abandoned when you need them most. This was the cruel reality for Thelma, a 22-year-old cat, who found herself on “death row” at a shelter when her owners decided they couldn’t or wouldn’t pay for her euthanasia.

Surprisingly, despite her age, Thelma’s health was fairly robust, with her only medical issue being a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Rescue and Renewal

Thelma’s fate was about to change, thanks to the kind-hearted rescuers at Best Friends Felines, located in Brisbane, Australia, who became aware of her plight through social media.

22-Year-Old Cat Escapes Euthanasia for Golden Retirement

Best Friends Felines has a dedicated palliative care program for senior cats, ensuring that they live out their final days in comfort and with appropriate veterinary care.

As they noted, “We had been given a couple of hours to place a save, or she was to meet her fate at the end of a green needle.”

Upon arrival, Thelma was skinny, her fur matted and falling out in patches. But despite her state, Thelma showed an endearing sweetness.

A Justification for Thelma’s Rescue

Some questioned why the rescuers would devote resources to a cat so advanced in age, doubting she would find an adoptive home.

22-Year-Old Cat Escapes Euthanasia for Golden Retirement

Best Friends Felines offered a simple yet touching response: “Thelma needed us, dumped and no longer wanted; she didn’t deserve to die in a scary pound.”

Thelma’s New Lease on Life

Once safe in the care of the rescue, Thelma settled in beautifully, displaying her gratitude by adapting quickly to her new surroundings.

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Like many senior felines, she had dental issues and thyroid concerns, but her caregivers were committed to helping her overcome these challenges.

While waiting for her health to stabilize, Thelma found joy in the simple pleasures of life, from chasing sun rays to scratching against cardboard boxes.

22-Year-Old Cat Escapes Euthanasia for Golden Retirement

As she regained her strength, her personality began to shine through, complete with playful “zoomies” and a mischievous knack for surprising people.

A Major Milestone

Thelma’s road to recovery included a significant hurdle – dental surgery. At her age, the procedure posed serious risks, but the team at Best Friends Felines couldn’t bear to see her in pain. After a tense wait on the day of her operation, they were overjoyed to learn Thelma had made it through.

Thelma’s Golden Years

Now, Thelma is living out her golden years basking in the sunlight, with a full belly, and a comfy bed. She’s surrounded by people who care about her deeply, a stark contrast to the cold abandonment she experienced at the shelter.

22-Year-Old Cat Escapes Euthanasia for Golden Retirement

“Welcome to BFF safety forever, Thelma,” the rescue group lovingly declared, asserting their commitment to helping animals in need, regardless of age or health status.

Story Source: The heartwarming account of Thelma’s journey to a golden retirement was first covered by Cole and Marmalade, with original images and updates from [Best Friends


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