Chinese Pet Owner’s Sudden Reward Reduction Infuriates Netizens

Chinese Pet Owner's Sudden Reward Reduction Infuriates Netizens

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The Great Canine Cashback Controversy: Chinese Pet Owner’s Sudden Reward Reduction Infuriates Netizens


Explore the dramatic tale of a pet owner’s extravagant reward offer for his lost dog, and the ensuing backlash when he significantly cuts back on the promised amount after the pet’s swift recovery.

A Staggering Reward Draws Widespread Attention

Beijing, China – A pet owner surnamed Yang in China stirred up a social media frenzy by offering a whopping 10 million yuan (approximately US$1.4 million) reward for the return of his lost pet dog, only to slash the amount to a mere few thousand yuan once the dog was found.

Yang’s eight-year-old pet, Tianlang, reportedly a retired military dog, went missing on the night of July 8th near the Beilong Lake area of Zhengzhou, Henan Province. In an attempt to expedite the search, Yang declared a significant reward pledge on July 9th: a reward of two million yuan for crucial clues, and an astounding 10 million yuan if the dog was found and returned safely.

Chinese Pet Owner's Sudden Reward Reduction Infuriates Netizens

The Military Dog’s Great Escape and Quick Capture

Emphasizing the dog’s close-knit relationship with his family and its alleged military contributions, Yang even vowed to seek justice should anyone harm Tianlang. This reward offer drew considerable attention in Zhengzhou, with many residents rushing to Beilong Lake to aid in the search, according to Jinan Daily News Group.

The lost pet was found within 24 hours, likely spurred by the grand prize associated with its return. Yet, this happy reunion quickly soured.

Promised Reward or Publicity Stunt? Reward Slashed Post Recovery

Despite the swift recovery of his pet, Yang reneged on his initial promise. A source informed Henan Broadcasting System that the pet owner offered a reward of only 5,000 yuan (roughly US$690) to the finder, alleging Yang’s initial promise of millions was merely a stunt.

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Social media users expressed their discontent, resulting in over 300 million views on Weibo under a relevant hashtag. Comments ranged from outright outrage, decrying the loss of trust, to suggestions for legal action against the pet owner.

Chinese Pet Owner's Sudden Reward Reduction Infuriates Netizens

Legal Implications: Breach of Contract and Public Sentiment

Zhang Yongquan, a partner at the Grandall Law Firm in Tianjin and a former prosecutor, told the Post that while Yang’s behavior constituted a breach of contract, enforcing the agreement could be challenging. Zhang suggested that the court might likely accept a defense based on apparent unfairness in the contract, deeming a dog’s price tag in the tens of millions as having a negative societal impact.

Following the incident, Yang has been placed under a 15-day administrative detention by the police. Yet, it seems that the case is likely to end without further legal action, with the finder accepting the reduced 5,000 yuan reward.

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