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Best Cat Documentaries

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10 Exploring the Feline World: The Best Cat Documentaries


For cat enthusiasts and those curious about the feline world, there are several captivating cat documentaries to enjoy. From exploring the evolution of domestic cats to uncovering their secret lives and street cat adventures in Istanbul, these documentaries offer a diverse and engaging view of the feline realm.

“The Lion in Your Living Room,” “The Secret Life of Cats,” “Kedi,” “Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit,” and “The Paw Project” are among the best documentaries that provide unique insights into the lives and behaviors of our beloved feline companions.

Best Cat Documentaries

There always seems to be more to learn about cats, who are incredibly intriguing beasts. Amazingly, the domestic cat evolved from the African Wildcat to become the domestic cat that we know and adore today. Even the most lovable and amiable cat types retain a certain amount of unpredictability, and this is a big part of what drew us to these fuzzy felines in the first place. Other cat varieties, such as Maine Coons, Abyssinians, and Savannahs, serve as sharp memories of the untamed origins of the domestic cat.

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There is always more to learn about cats, and there is no better way to pass a wet afternoon than cuddling on the couch with your furry companion and viewing a program about your preferred house cat.

We’ll discuss ten of our best cat documentaries in this piece, along with where you can view them.

The 10 Best Cat Documentaries

1. All About Cats

All About Cats - B07PM8CFBJ

This strange and entertaining video covers a wide range of topics related to cats, including anatomy, training, society, beginnings, and history. There is certainly something for everyone in the documentary, despite the fact that fans seem to either adore it or despise it. The movie offers a singular and novel perspective on cats in contemporary life, at times being funny and at other times scary.

2. Cat Ladies

This film examines the stereotyped, frequently mocked “cat lady” from the inside. The movie, which is at times illuminating and at other times depressing, tracks four women whose lives are intimately connected to animals. The movie provides an intriguing look at the intense affection and bond that cat owners share with their feline companions. We all undoubtedly have a “cat lady” inside of us.

3. Kedi

Kedi - B0714FJ4RZ

The intriguing documentary “Kedi” tells the tale of thousands of homeless cats that roam Istanbul’s streets. These cats have no actual possession and easily straddle the line between domestic and feral, entering and exiting the lives of city dwellers. The cats are the main subject of the film, but the true tale is one of community and the worth and happiness that these animals bring to the lives of the city’s residents. The generosity and welcome of the residents make for a touching experience, and it is a genuinely intriguing and captivating tale.

4. The Lion in Your Living Room

The Lion In Your Living Room - B073DLT6DS

This exceptional video provides fresh insight into the perceptions and interactions of your cat. The movie explores the biology, development, and history of cats, as well as the reasons behind their peculiar behavior and the ways in which they have become so closely entwined with people over the ages. This is a detailed documentary that explores how contemporary cats evolved into what they are today if you want to learn more about what makes your cat interesting.

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5. The Private Life of a Cat

Cat enthusiasts must view the ancient masterpiece “The Private Life of a Cat.” It is a brief, 22-minute, wordless, black-and-white picture from 1947 that is filmed from a “cat’s eye view.” In the movie, a male and female cat pursue each other and eventually give birth to puppies. The movie then tracks the puppies as they grow older and concludes there. We adore the black-and-white, “cats-eye-view” documentary’s distinctive and striking style of filming.

6. The Science of Cats

A intriguing look at how your beloved kitty became one of the most well-liked companions on the globe can be found in this National Geographic video. The documentary explores the lengthy past of household cats and how people and cats came to form such a close bond. Cats are the only creatures to domesticate themselves, and the movie begins by explaining why. A interesting in-depth look at how people and cats interact.

7. The Secret Life of Cats

The Secret Life of Cats - B07S4F8KTT

This fascinating short film chronicles the amazing journey of a baby pup as they mature into full-grown cats and how they pick up survival skills along the way. The film provides answers to some of the most common queries cat owners have, including why their pets bring us rodents, why their features are less emotive than canines’, whether they can sense our feelings (they can! ), and training. It’s a thorough examination of all the most pressing issues that cat caretakers would value having resolved.

8. The Story of Cats

The Story of Cats About Premiere date: November 9, 2016 | 0:00:33 The two-part mini-series “The Story of Cats” premieres  November 2 & 9, 2016 at 8 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings). Spy Shows, Emotional Photos, Emotional Abuse, Sand Cat, Clouded Leopard, Cat Today, Serval, Cat Family, Domestic Cat

The evolution of feral cats into the lovable felines we know and adore is the subject of this two-part PBS program. The first part of the book describes how the first cats appeared in Southeast Asia, how they adapted to their surroundings to become isolated, tree-climbing animals like leopards, and how lions realized that they could control hunting areas if they cooperated. The second section describes how cats first arrived in North America millions of years ago and how they developed into the cherished rat-catching pets that people started domesticating. It’s an interesting glimpse at the lengthy past of cats in general.

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9. The Ultimate Guide: House Cats

This medium-length film explores the role of the tamed house cat in society and the reasons why people adore them. The documentary explores some of the most intriguing features of household cats while also tracing the evolution of the contemporary housecat. For those who are interested in learning more about their household cat, it is an intriguing glimpse into felines in general.

10. The Wonderful World of Cats

The fantastic movie “The Wonderful World of Cats” explores the appeal of household cats and how large cats in the wild evolved into the tiny, fluffy, and lovable pets we have today. It delves deeply into the societal impact of cats on society as well as the human and environmental factors that shaped the household cat’s evolutionary course. It’s an interesting timepiece, and you can get it without paying the makers!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the best cat documentaries available for cat lovers?

There are several outstanding cat documentaries that offer a fascinating look into the world of felines. Some of the best include “The Lion in Your Living Room,” “The Secret Life of Cats,” “Kedi,” “Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit,” and “The Paw Project.”

What is “The Lion in Your Living Room” documentary about?

“The Lion in Your Living Room” explores the history and evolution of domestic cats, delving into their behaviors, genetics, and the special bond they share with humans.

Can you tell me more about “The Secret Life of Cats” documentary?

“The Secret Life of Cats” uncovers the hidden world of domestic cats through the use of innovative technology and cameras attached to cats’ collars, revealing their mysterious nocturnal activities and interactions.

What is the focus of the documentary “Kedi”?

“Kedi” provides an enchanting glimpse into the lives of street cats in Istanbul, Turkey. The film follows the daily routines and unique stories of several cats and the people who care for them.

How does “Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit” explore the world of cat shows?

“Catwalk” offers a behind-the-scenes look at the competitive world of cat shows, following the journeys of dedicated cat breeders and their prized felines as they compete for top honors.



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