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The sweet, innocent “mews” of newborn kittens capture your heart. You’ll be tempted to pick them up as soon as they’re born, but avoid the temptation. Petting kittens too soon may be harmful to their health and cause your mother cat to get irritated.

Dangers Of Touching

According to Animal Planet, mama cat licks her kittens to leave her unique smell on them. When you touch a newborn kitten, it develops a distinct scent from its mother. Humans stroking their young don’t bother some cats, while others get upset. Mama cats may be alarmed by the new smell and feel compelled to relocate her kittens to a secure place. Don’t be concerned if you return to the nesting box after a few hours and discover that the whole family has vanished. Your lovely queen was just attempting to safeguard her little ones by relocating them to a secure place.

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When It’s Safe

According to the ASPCA, you should avoid handling newborn kittens during their first week of life, no matter how painful it may seem. Because socialising kittens with people is an essential aspect of their early development, begin handling your new fluffy babies gently as soon as they are two weeks old. Make sure Mama Cat has a chance to smell your hand before you take them up. Pet her head and show her love to reassure her that you are not a danger to her. Gently pick up a kitten, one at a time, if she purrs, licks your hand, or otherwise accepts your stroking.

How to Take Care of Newborn Kittens & a Mother Cat | Animals.mom.com

Importance Of Warmth

Take care to keep your fuzzy buddies warm when it’s time to pick them up. Infant kittens are prone to hypothermia, or a drop in body temperature. Dr. Virginia Clemans, a veterinarian in Salt Lake City, Utah, says that newborn kittens take up most of their energy reserves to keep warm early in their lives. Cold felines have trouble digesting their food and are less inclined to suckle, which may lead to malnutrition. If you pick up one of the little fluff balls, you can keep him warm by wrapping him in a small baby blanket and keeping him away from draughts. Avoid hypothermia by touching him for brief amounts of time and returning him to his warm littermates.

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Take Precautions

Newborn kittens’ immune systems are still developing. To avoid transmitting germs, wash your hands well before touching the kittens, and keep other animals away from the little felines. Picking up and petting newborn kittens may be risky. Baby kittens, like newborn humans, are very vulnerable. When you handle them aggressively or drop them, you risk damaging your bones or critical organs. Be gentle, and if you have little children, keep an eye on them as they touch the kittens.


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