Unveiling the LaPerm Cat: A Comprehensive Guide

LaPerm Cat

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Unveiling the LaPerm Cat: A Comprehensive Guide


The article “LaPerm Cat: Everything You Need To Know” serves as a comprehensive guide, offering readers a detailed exploration of this captivating feline breed. With an engaging and informative approach, the article aims to provide a holistic understanding of the LaPerm cat, from its unique appearance to its personality traits and care requirements.


Introduction to the LaPerm Cat

The article opens by introducing readers to the enchanting world of the LaPerm cat, a breed known for its distinctive curly coat and charming demeanor. It highlights the allure of this breed and the curiosity it sparks among cat enthusiasts.


Distinctive Appearance: The Curly Coat

One of the central focuses of the article is the LaPerm’s hallmark feature – its curly coat. The article delves into the genetics behind the breed’s unique fur texture, shedding light on how these endearing curls come to be. Readers gain insight into the different variations of the LaPerm coat and the mesmerizing patterns and colors it can exhibit.


Personality Traits and Temperament

Moving beyond physical traits, the article provides an in-depth exploration of the LaPerm’s personality. It discusses the breed’s reputation for being affectionate, social, and interactive. Readers gain a glimpse into the playful and engaging nature of the LaPerm, emphasizing its penchant for forming strong bonds with its human companions.


Care and Grooming Considerations

Practical advice takes center stage as the article guides readers through the care and grooming needs of the LaPerm cat. It addresses topics such as proper coat maintenance, bathing, and brushing techniques to ensure the well-being and comfort of these curly-coated companions.


Health and Wellness

Readers are also educated on the health and wellness aspects of the LaPerm breed. The article touches on potential genetic health concerns and encourages regular veterinary check-ups to maintain the cat’s overall health.


Integration into Your Home

For those considering bringing a LaPerm cat into their home, the article offers valuable insights into creating a welcoming environment. It provides guidance on introducing a new LaPerm to existing pets and the essential steps to ensure a smooth transition.


The LaPerm Cat

LaPerm cats are attractive, have curly fur, and have loving dispositions. They are a relatively recent breed, and their wavy coat is the product of a DNA mutation that was found in the 1980s.

This breed is an easy, affectionate cat to live with because of its loving, lap cat inclinations and low-maintenance coat. LaPerms are excellent companion animals and appreciate spending time with their devoted owners.

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A trustworthy breeder will usually charge you between $300 and $600 for a LaPerm cat.


LaPerm cats are distinguished by their curly coats, which are often a mixture of gentle waves and bouncy curls that resemble the perm hairstyle used by people (thus the name).

The majority of LaPerms have loose waves on the rest of the body and tight ringlets of hair close to the stomach, neck, and ears. Although the LaPerm is not truly linked to the Devon rex or Cornish rex, the genetic mutation present in rex breeds is what gave rise to their distinctive coats.

The mixed-texture coats of this breed, whose standard is the product of a defective gene, may be short or long and appear in every shade and pattern imaginable, including tortoiseshell, tabby, red, calico, or black LaPerm cats. Contrary to popular belief, LaPerm cats have a low shedding and mat-resistant undercoat, making them often simple to groom.

Although some people claim that LaPerm cats are hypoallergenic, the Mayo Clinic states that no cat is really hypoallergenic. LaPerm cats are a wonderful breed for prospective cat parents with allergies since they don’t shed much at once.

These medium-sized, curly-haired kitties often weigh 8 to 10 pounds. Long-legged LaPerms have broad ears, long, plumed tails, and long legs. Any hue may be seen in their almond-shaped eyes, which have a vibrant, alert look. LaPerm kittens typically mature physically in two to three years, with female cats developing a little more slowly.


LaPerm is a loving, calm cat that like cuddling with people. This breed will take every chance to join you on the sofa for a cuddle, and they’ll purr heartily to show it. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, these affectionate cats often reach out to brush your face with their paws and nuzzle their heads against yours to express their devotion.

The LaPerm Cat Club’s secretary, Carol Evans, claims that LaPerms are often house cats that like spending time with their owners. They are curious, like being active, and adore physical touch (some don’t so much, although this is unusual). They are pretty peaceful and easy back, and they will approach people rather than flee.

The vivacious LaPerm enjoys playing when they’re not hogging your attention. They are bright, inquisitive cats that love to retrieve toys, according to Evans. Kids, other cats, and canine playmates who get along with cats are all good for them.

“‘Aloof’ is not a word I use to describe LaPerms,” explains Evans. They are outspoken lovers of people. They constantly surround you and follow you around the home.

Living Needs

LaPerms are a relaxed, adaptable breed that can live well in a variety of settings. These inquisitive kittens are content as long as they have somebody to adore and spoil them, toys to play with, and something to climb.

Despite their extreme activity, they are more than content to spend the majority of their time inside. The LaPerm are excellent apartment life companions because of their indoorsy happiness and quiet nature.

Your LaPerm will probably be playing, climbing every bookcase in sight, or attempting to position himself on your shoulders when they are not curled up on your lap.

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He enjoys watching over his kingdom from a great height, so giving him a towering cat tree in the middle of the living area will make him feel like the ruler of the realm. If he meows and chirps down at you while he’s up there, don’t be shocked.

Some LaPerms are particularly noisy since their ancestors were talkative cat breeds, according to Evans. My children converse with me and let me know when they need anything.

These cats are probably friendly to both people and animals. Spending a lot of time alone is something this breed doesn’t handle well, so make sure you have lots of time with them and think of creative methods to improve their quality of life once they join the family. They are a wonderful option for first-time pet owners since they need little upkeep, are devoted, and are quiet.



Despite having curly (and even lengthy) hair, Evans claims LaPerm cats are quite simple to maintain. Short-haired LaPerms shouldn’t need much brushing at all, whereas long-haired LaPerms require weekly combing to maintain their coats clear of mats and tangles. Your cat’s curls will stay in excellent shape with the occasional wash, too. 

Like any cats, LaPerms need regular grooming of their nails, cleaning of their ears, and upkeep of their litter box.

You won’t need to do much to encourage LaPerm cats to walk about since they often have a lot of energy. LaPerms still benefit from frequent play and exercise since they like imitating their owners. One of this breed’s favorite methods to burn off energy is to play interactive cat games, particularly when they are kittens.

It’s crucial to understand that a bored LaPerm is a bad LaPerm when bringing a new cat home, advises Evans. Be ready to provide kittens toys, activities, and a lot of your time since they love to play, explore, and have limitless energy. They give you so much in return that the effort is worthwhile.

These cats are often simple to teach and enjoy a mental challenge since they are so clever. It should be easy to train a cat to use a litter box or a scratching post. Once kids get the fundamentals down, they are eager to learn trickier ones that are more difficult.

With this easygoing breed, socialization should be straightforward. Early socialization with humans and other animals makes LaPerm cats more sociable and accepting of strangers.

The LaPerm should consume a diet of premium cat food as advised by your veterinarian. LaPerms are quite active, but you should still keep an eye on your cat’s food consumption to avoid obesity.



The majority of LaPerm cats are in good health and are not particularly vulnerable to any genetic conditions. The average lifetime of this breed is 10 to 15 years.

Kurt Venator, DVM, PhD, Chief Veterinary Officer of Purina, asserts that if properly nourished and given room to move about and play, the breed is not known to develop certain problems.

Responsible Breeders in LaPerm will screen their kittens for genetic disorders, but it’s crucial to maintain all of your planned checkups and follow your cat’s vet’s recommendations. Health problems might arise later in life and need to be regularly checked.

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A genetic mutation that manifested in a litter of six kittens born in Oregon in the early 1980s served as the inspiration for the LaPerm breed. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, one of the six kittens was born hairless, with big ears, and with a tabby pattern of skin color.

The kitten was given the loving name “Curly” when it was around two months old and had begun to develop silky, curly hair. Curly wasn’t immediately identified as the start of a new breed since the owner of the kittens maintained them as barn cats and wasn’t acquainted with breed kinds and mutations.

The farm’s owner didn’t begin researching the breed until 10 years had passed and additional litters of barn kittens had begun displaying the rare, bald-then-curly trait. The owner started to separate, breed, and exhibit the curly-haired cats as they started to appear more often.

The breed soon gained popularity as other breeders became aware of it. This breed was given the name “LaPerm” by the farm owner and unaware breeder in reference to its curly coats, which resemble a permed hairdo.

Conclusion: Embracing the LaPerm’s Charms

In its conclusion, the article emphasizes the joy and companionship that the LaPerm cat can bring into the lives of its owners. It underscores the uniqueness of the breed’s appearance, personality, and interactions, leaving readers with a sense of appreciation for the enchanting world of the LaPerm cat.

In essence, “LaPerm Cat: Everything You Need To Know” offers a comprehensive and engaging resource for anyone intrigued by the allure of this extraordinary feline companion. It equips readers with a wealth of knowledge to understand, care for, and cherish the captivating presence of the LaPerm cat in their lives.


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What is a LaPerm cat, and what makes it unique?

A LaPerm cat is a distinctive breed known for its curly coat. This unique feature sets it apart from other feline companions. The breed’s name, “LaPerm,” is derived from its wavy or curly fur, which gives it a charming and one-of-a-kind appearance.

2. What are the personality traits of a LaPerm cat?

LaPerm cats are known for their affectionate and social nature. They are often friendly, and playful, and enjoy interacting with their human family members. These cats tend to form strong bonds and are known for their loving and gentle demeanor.

3. How do you care for a LaPerm cat’s curly coat?

Caring for a LaPerm cat’s curly coat involves regular grooming to prevent tangles and matting. Brushing a few times a week helps maintain the coat’s texture and appearance. Additionally, providing a balanced diet, proper hydration, and regular veterinary check-ups contribute to overall coat health.

4. Are LaPerm cats suitable for families with children or other pets?

Yes, LaPerm cats are generally well-suited for families with children and other pets. Their sociable and friendly nature makes them adaptable to various household dynamics. Proper introductions and positive interactions can help ensure a harmonious environment for both the cat and other family members, including furry ones.

5. What should potential LaPerm cat owners consider before bringing one into their home?

Before bringing a LaPerm cat into your home, it’s essential to consider factors such as the time and commitment required for grooming, playtime, and companionship. Understanding the breed’s characteristics, including its curly coat, temperament, and exercise needs, will help ensure a fulfilling and enriching relationship.

These FAQs provide valuable insights into the comprehensive guide “Unveiling the LaPerm Cat: A Comprehensive Guide,” offering readers a glimpse into the captivating world of the LaPerm breed. As you embark on your journey with these charming felines, remember that each LaPerm cat has its own unique personality and preferences, contributing to a special and rewarding companionship.




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