10 Best Sheep Shears And Clippers in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Sheep Shears And Clippers

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Sheep Shears and Clippers: Tools for Precision and Care


Sheep shearing is an age-old practice that requires the right tools for precision and animal welfare. Sheep shears and clippers are essential instruments in this craft. This article provides insights into these tools, their uses, and how they contribute to the well-being of sheep.

Sheep Shears and Clippers

Shearing is an essential part of the season, regardless of whether you have a small flock or a large one. You must make sure you have efficient, reliable, and secure shears if you want to shear your flock yourself as opposed to hiring a professional shearer. Dog clippers may finally succeed in shearing a single sheep, but they are unreliable for shearing wool because they lack the necessary force and their blades are not designed to pierce fleece.

Ten of the most popular sheep shears and clippers are mentioned here, spanning all price ranges and accommodating every farmer’s demands, regardless of the size of their flock. To help you pick the sheep clippers that best meet your needs, you will also discover a guide to some of the most crucial aspects.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

BEST OVERALLWinner Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers   6-speed variable shears  Vanadium steel blade is sharp  Decent list of accessories and extras
BEST VALUESecond place Dragro 2021 Upgraded Sheep Clippers 500W Dragro 2021 Upgraded Sheep Clippers 500W   Cheap  6 speeds to choose from  Good accessory kit
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine   Heavy-duty clippers suitable for big jobs  Variable speed up to 3,000 RPM  Shatterproof housing
  Premier 4000c Clipper Package Premier 4000c Clipper Package   Lightweight design  Doesn’t slow under load  Good looking carry case
  TakeKit Sheep Shears Professional Electric Animal Grooming Clippers TakeKit Sheep Shears Professional Electric Animal Grooming Clippers   Cheap  Includes a few accessories

The 10 Best Sheep Shears And Clippers

1. Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers – Best Overall

Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers (1)

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Power: 550W
Speed: 0-2,600RPM
Dimensions: 13.7” x 3.7” x 1.7”

Mid-range electric clippers with a 550W copper motor are the Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers. You may choose between conducting a thorough shear and merely cleaning up thanks to the shears’ variable speed up to 2,600RPM. Anbull claims that the vanadium steel blade that is part of the package can shear up to 2,000 sheep. In addition to a carrying bag and a variety of accessories, such as a replacement blade, brushes to clean the blade and motors, and lubricating oil, air vents prevent overheating.

The Anbull 550W is one of the finest all-around sheep shears and clippers available, despite the fact that there are less expensive electric shears on the market. It is still fairly priced, delivers respectable power, and has an excellent variable speed function. However, due to its weight, it might become exhausting after very little usage. They are better suited to experienced or professional shearers since it takes some skill to achieve a clean and clear cut.


  • 6-speed variable shears
  • Vanadium steel blade is sharp
  • Decent list of accessories and extras


  • Heavy
  • Takes practice to master

2. Dragro 2021 Upgraded Sheep Clippers 500W – Best Value

Dragro 2021 Upgraded Sheep Clippers 500W (1)

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Power: 500W
Speed: 0-2,400RPM
Dimensions: 13” x 32”

The Dragro 2021 Enhanced Sheep Clippers 500W are part of Dragro’s upgraded 500W sheep clipper line. They feature a variable speed setting range of up to 2,400 RPM with a 500 watt motor. With six speed settings, you may use a high speed to complete the majority of the shearing before lowering the speed for fine cuts and shearing around delicate regions. These are extremely well-priced specialized sheep clippers, and they perform a fair job of shearing one or two sheep at a time. This particular pair of clippers also comes with a carrying case, extra blades, a cleaning brush, a bottle of lubricating oil, carbon brushes, and a wrench.

The Dragro Upgraded Sheep Clippers heat up rather rapidly because to the 500W motor’s decreased output. You will need to take frequent breaks if you are shearing more than one or two sheep in order to oil the blade and prevent the engine from overheating.

As long as you aren’t shearing several sheep in a single day, the inexpensive cost and good accessory set make them the finest sheep shears and clippers for the money. They do have certain power limitations, and if used for an extended length of time, they heat up rapidly.

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  • Cheap
  • 6 speeds to choose from
  • Good accessory kit


  • Get hot quickly
  • Blades break under heavy use

3. Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine – Premium Choice

Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine (1)

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Power: Unknown
Speed: 700-3,000RPM
Dimensions: 20.25” x 9.87” x 9.25”

A heavy-duty clipper with variable speed settings ranging from 700 to 3,000 RPM is the Oster Climpaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine. In its most recent model, Oster claims to have strengthened the clipper body and made it shatterproof while also making it lighter than previous iterations. When moving many sheep in a day, an additional 400 to 500 RPM makes a significant impact. They also provide the convenience of allowing you to slow down and take your time when you need to focus on cleaning up.

The new Clipmaster clipping machine is the most costly item on our list due to its increased durability and power, but if you’re shearing hundreds of sheep at once, the additional cash does speed up the process. You will need to lubricate often, but because the Oster clippers are a hefty set, you can utilize this time to relax your arms. Although it is fairly flimsy in comparison to the amount you are paying for the clippers, you do get a travel case. A brush, lubricating lubricant, and an intake screen are also included.


  • Heavy-duty clippers suitable for big jobs
  • Variable speed up to 3,000 RPM
  • Shatterproof housing


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Underwhelming accessories

4. Premier 4000c Clipper Package

Premier 4000c Clipper Package

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Speed: 2,700RPM

The 4000c slick shearing clippers are part of the Premier 4000c Clipper Package. Because slick shearing is most often used for exhibitions and allows you to display your muscling, you need a pair of shears that are accurate, efficient, and leave no trace of their usage. The Premier 4000c clipper bundle isn’t really designed for shearing in large quantities.

It requires lubrication every three minutes and has no adjustable speed settings. Although the engine is very noisy for a pair of smooth shears, it seldom slows down even under high load, allowing for a consistent cut all the way across the body. The clippers are pricey, but they come with a travel bag that is stylish enough for you to take to fairs and exhibits. It also comes with a quality bottle of lubricating oil, which will be needed often.


  • Lightweight design
  • Doesn’t slow under load
  • Good looking carry case


  • Expensive
  • No variable speed settings
  • Needs lubricating often

5. TakeKit Sheep Shears Professional Electric Animal Grooming Clippers

TakeKit Sheep Shears Professional Electric Animal Grooming Clippers (1)

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Power: 380W
Speed: 0-2,400RPM
Dimensions: 13” x 3”

TakeKit Sheep Shears Professional Electric Animal Grooming Clippers are inexpensive clippers with a somewhat weak motor that do a passable job shearing a single sheep but are not designed for shearing several sheep at once. You may choose the six-speed settings, up to 2,400 RPM, and high-grade steel blade according on your degree of experience, whether you’re working with a thick fleece or cleaning up around delicate regions. It will take longer and need more effort to cut through particularly dense fleece since the 2,400 RPM is a little slower than the highest speed of most other clippers. You get a carry kit, a screwdriver, and a cleaning brush as extras. You also get an oil bottle, but it comes empty; you must obtain the oil on your own.

The clippers may grow hot if you attempt to shear too many sheep at once, and you can anticipate some severe vibrations while you’re cutting due to the motor’s lesser power, but because of their affordable pricing and acceptable quality, they are adequate for shearing a single sheep.


  • Cheap
  • Includes a few accessories


  • Gets hot
  • Heavy vibrations

6. Apelila 6 Speed Sheep Shears Electric Clippers

Apelila 6 Speed Sheep Shears Electric Clippers (1)

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Power: 320W
Speed: 0-2,400RPM
Dimensions: 13.78” x 2.76” x 2.36”

The 320-watt motor of the Apelila 6 Speed Sheep Shears Electric Clippers has six variable speed settings that can reach 2,400 RPM. Although they warn that you should slow down to prevent overheating the engine, Apelila boasts that they can chop up to 10 sheep in an hour at a very reasonable price.

When compared to professional machines, the 320-watt motor is underpowered. As a result, it is more likely to heat up rapidly and have more vibration than motors with higher output. It’s also the reason why the shears’ maximum speed, which is a touch lower than other items on the list at 2,400 RPM, was chosen. Along with your purchase, you receive a good travel bag, a cleaning brush, an empty oil bottle, and a screwdriver for maintenance.

Even though these shears are cheap, they do heat up rapidly, necessitating frequent pauses if you’re shearing more than one or two sheep. Additionally, because of their lack of power, they struggle with very thick wool.


  • Cheap
  • Decent carry case


  • Maximum speed 2,400 RPM
  • 320W motor gets hot quickly
  • Only really suitable for one or two sheep

7. Beetro 550W Electric Professional Sheep Shears

Beetro 550W Electric Professional Sheep Shears (1)

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Power: 550W
Speed: 0-2,600RPM
Dimensions: 13.59” x 3.9” x 3.25”

These Beetro 550W Electric Professional Sheep Shears are one of many versions of electric sheep shears made by Beetro, including one with a 500W engine. Professional sheep shears have a little bit more power, allowing them to operate at a maximum speed of 2,600 RPM and maintain less heat than shears with less power.

There are six options for the variable speed. Lower power levels give better accuracy and detail, while higher power settings are excellent for cutting through the bulk of the wool. You also get a screwdriver, lubrication oil, a new copper brush, a spare steel cutting blade, and a durable carrying bag. The Beetro runs quietly than many versions and is fairly priced, but not exactly the lowest on our list.

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Although the extra power is beneficial, the lower speed settings are somewhat weak and will struggle to cut anything but the thinnest covering. Additionally, the extra power does not completely prevent these shears from overheating, so if you are shearing several sheep, you will need to take regular breaks to allow the cutters to cool.


  • Cheap
  • Decent accessories
  • Maximum speed 2,600RPM


  • Lower speed settings are weak
  • Does overheat

8. Sheep Shears Pro 110V 500W Professional Heavy Duty Electric Shearing Clippers

Sheep Shears Pro 110V 500W Professional Heavy Duty Electric Shearing Clippers (1)

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Power: 500W
Speed: 0-2,400RPM

A 500-watt motor powers the Sheep Shears Pro 110V 500W Professional Heavy Duty Electric Sharing Clippers, which can cut at up to 2,400 RPM at six different settings. It is made particularly for agricultural animals, but it can also be used to shear goats, alpacas, and llamas simply switching out the blade. You get a replacement blade, a travel case, a container to put lubricating oil in (no oil supplied), a pair of carbon brushes, and a blade that is suited for shearing sheep.

These shears cost more than many clippers with comparable features and the same power and speed range. The accompanying blades are also prone of breaking quickly, despite the fact that the shears themselves are robustly constructed. If you’re cutting a lot of sheep, you’ll need to take many intervals to let the engine to cool down. You should also plan on frequent blade oiling operations to maintain a nice cut.


  • Shears themselves are durable
  • Comes with a spare blade


  • Blades dull quickly
  • More expensive than similar models
  • Overheats and needs a break

9. Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Sheep Shears

Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Sheep Shears (1)

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Power: 380W
Speed: 2,500RPM

A set of electric shears with a medium to high price range, the Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Sheep Shears include a 380W copper motor spinning at 2,500 RPM. Since there is no changeable speed option, beginning shearers could first struggle with the pace.

Pet & Livestock asserts that despite having a considerably weaker motor than other shears at a lesser price, these shears quickly complete a thorough shearing and are not prone to overheating. The shears come with a portable bag, an extra skin-safe blade, and a power cord that is somewhat longer than many other versions at little over 18 feet. You can shear comfortably and without having to continually moving yourself and your sheep around thanks to the longer cable. Additionally, the skin-safe blades are effective in shielding your animals from nicks and wounds.

These shears are pricey and don’t have various speed settings like others. Additionally, even if the shears don’t overheat, certain of its components are prone to shattering. They are also hefty, so if you are used to clippers that are less in weight, it can take you some time to get used to them.


  • Don’t overheat
  • 18-ft power cord


  • Expensive
  • Some instances of broken parts
  • Heavy

10. HONGNAL Pro Pet Clippers Grooming Kit

HONGNAL Pro Pet Clippers Grooming Kit (1)

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Power: 5,000mAH
Speed: 7,000RPM

The HONGNAL Pro Pet Clippers Grooming Kit is very affordable—the least expensive item on our list. They’re also marketed as being safe for sheep. A 5,000mAH Li-ion battery, which HONGNAL says can operate these rechargeable battery-powered clippers for up to 8 hours, is used. It employs a battery instead of a louder, more powerful engine to run at speeds up to 7,000 RPM and is quieter than other clippers. You get the clippers, battery, charging cable, 5 combs, and grooming kit when you purchase it, allowing you to trim to the proper length.

Although the clippers are marketed as being good for sheep, unless you cut extremely often or are wanting to just tidy up and clip away a few random hairs, they aren’t strong enough to cut through wool effectively. The motor does struggle with the thick hair when used on sheep, which means that it is likely to become extremely hot, need many pauses, and perhaps result in uneven and messy cuts.


  • Cheap
  • Battery-powered so cordless
  • Includes 4 blades


  • Not powerful enough for wool
  • Overheats when used on thick wool

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Sheep Shearers

Shearing sheep is necessary for the upkeep and continuous health of your flock in addition to allowing you to sell or process the fleece. Shearing sheep, which is typically done once a year, is a time-consuming and difficult process, particularly if you have a flock of several dozen or hundreds of sheep. Farmers with large flocks sometimes hire professional shearers to at least assist in the operation, but they may still need electric shears to cut any sheep who missed shearing day or to clear away any matted hair.

How Often Do Sheep Need Shearing?

Shearing is the procedure used to remove the sheep’s dense wool. Usually, it is carried out once a year, just before the hot summer months. In any event, shearing should wait until after the chilly winter season is through.

You may need to shear more often if you exhibit your sheep or raise club lambs. It is common for a show sheep to be cut regularly, necessitating the use of shears that give higher accuracy but do not necessarily need to handle so thick wool. These cuts need to be accurate not for the quality of the removed fleece but rather to allow you to show the sheep off correctly.

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What Happens If A Sheep Doesn’t Get Sheared?

Shearing is crucial for the wellness of your flock since too much wool interferes with a sheep’s ability to control its body temperature. T he wool, particularly at the rear end, might get covered with excrement and drenched in urine. This can cause overheating and dehydration, and can even prove deadly if the temperature increases too high. This is not only painful, but it is also unclean and may attract pests like flies.  Some sheep have so much wool that it actually restricts their mobility, which may happen when there is a flystrike, which can result in infection, which can make sheep extremely unwell and create illnesses. A long fleece offers the very real danger of being hooked on fences and impeding the sheep from passing through narrow passages if the wool is allowed to grow down to the legs, which may make general mobility difficult.

Shearer Features

Shearing is crucial, so if you want to do it yourself, you’ll need a good set of shearers since they help the process move more quickly and efficiently. They may shield the sheep from harm and stress, and they will function well without requiring you to take frequent stops to allow the engine cool down. Some of the most crucial characteristics to consider while purchasing electric sheep clippers are listed below.

Motor Power

The majority of high-quality shearers use an electric motor for power. This does indicate that you will need to operate with a power wire, but it also indicates that they have a more effective motor than cordless, battery-powered equipment.

Although it varies somewhat, motor power might be anything from a relatively weak 300 watt motor to a potent 600 watt or even more powerful motor. A more powerful motor will often operate at lower temperatures, lowering the chance of overheating. Additionally, it will work at faster rates, making it simpler to cut through thick wool without encountering any problems or challenges.

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Speed, which is expressed in rotations per minute, is another significant component. 2,600 RPM is regarded as a high speed, whereas 1,000 RPM is a low speed at low power levels.

High power is best utilized for cutting a complete fleece, but it’s also best reserved for skilled shearers since at these rates, errors are simpler to make and harder to fix.

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Lower speeds are ideal for cutting precisely, reducing the strain on the motor if you’re having problems with overheating, and cutting around delicate regions. It is recommended for new shearers to start off at a slower pace before increasing their rotations.

Variable Speed

A limited percentage of contemporary shears have set speeds, which means they, for instance, will always run at 2,600 RPM. The whole shearer has been built and configured at this pace, so it should provide reliable power and productive outcomes quickly. In the hands of a skilled shearer, it is great for processing dozens of sheep at once. It may not be appropriate for precise work.

Other shearers feature variable speed settings that let you choose from up to six different speeds, which is great for beginners since it allows them to practice at slower rates before moving up to the faster ones. These adjustable shears have another advantage in that they may be used quickly to cut most of the fleece and then slowly to finish delicate areas.

Choosing A Shearer

Consider the following elements to make sure you receive the greatest electric shearer for your requirements when selecting one.

How Many Sheep Are You Shearing?

A few sheep may be sheared at a time, taking around an hour per animal. Because there is less risk of overheating, a lower power motor could be appropriate. If you need to shear dozens or even hundreds of sheep, you’ll want to spend as little time as possible on each one while yet doing an excellent job on all of them. A motor with more power provides reliable performance and shouldn’t falter while under strain. The quality of the blades that come with the shearer is another thing to take into account since low-quality blades will rapidly get dull.

Are You An Experienced Shearer?

In addition to being speedier, skilled shearers are also more accurate and less likely to nick the skin. The most knowledgeable and talented shearers may use a high-speed setting to cut a full sheep, even the challenging parts. Shearers who are just starting out should start with a lower power motor and work their way up to a higher power motor as they develop expertise and become more proficient at shearing.

What Type Of Cut Do You Need?

A general cut entails shearing a sheep while keeping it as comfortable as possible and removing as much of the fleece as you can in one pass. This minimizes the total shear time while increasing the fleece’s usefulness and selling value. Sharp blades and rapid cutting are necessary. The wool is maintained shorter and sheared more often on club lambs. They should be clipped to a consistent length and at a much shorter length, which calls for a more accurate electric clipper.

Can You Shear A Sheep With Horse Clippers?

Horses are the intended users of horse clippers. A special sheep blade for horse clippers could be available, but the engine won’t be powerful enough to handle more than one or two sheep, and they might still have trouble with thick wool.

Do Shears Cut Sheep?

Because flock welfare and shearing outcomes are important, shepherds and shearers work to avoid giving the sheep any cuts or nicks. There are, however, a few minor nicks. These often disappear without any issues and recover rapidly.

Can I Use Sheep Shears On A Dog?

Dog clippers offer more safety measures than sheep shears, which helps avoid injuries to your puppy. This is one of the main distinctions between the two. As a result, even if it would be feasible to trim the hair, it is often preferable to use special dog clippers for the job.


Shearing sheep is a crucial component of flock upkeep and management. It keeps sheep healthy, keeps them looking nice, and helps in preserving the integrity and quality of the wool if the fleece is being sold or processed. Choosing the proper shears is crucial, but there is a wide range of electric clippers available, some of which are suited and others of which are not.

We hope that our evaluations have assisted you in locating the set that best meets your needs. If you can afford it, the Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers are worth the extra cost because they have a good blade and a good selection of speed settings. However, for those on a tight budget or with a manageable number of sheep to shear, the Dragro 2021 Upgraded Sheep Clippers 500W are affordable, come with some decent accessories, and have a good selection of speeds.

Questions & Answers:


What is the purpose of sheep shears and clippers?

Sheep shears and clippers are designed to efficiently and safely remove the wool from sheep, promoting their health and preventing heat stress.


How do sheep shears differ from clippers?

Sheep shears are manual tools that require hand operation, while clippers are electric or battery-operated, offering a faster and more automated shearing process.


Are there different types of blades for shears and clippers?

Yes, various blade types are available for different wool types and shearing needs. Blades can vary in size and sharpness.


What is the importance of proper shearing for sheep?

Proper shearing helps prevent discomfort for sheep, especially during hot seasons, as it removes excess wool. It also ensures the quality of wool for commercial purposes.


Is shearing and clipping a skill that requires training?

Yes, shearing and clipping require training to ensure the well-being of the sheep and the quality of the wool. Improper shearing can cause harm to the animals and damage the wool.



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