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15 Best Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes - Fumi Pets

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Blue eyes are present at birth in kittens. They can remain that way, but as they get older and the pigment melanin is produced, their eye colour will most likely change. There aren’t many adult cats with blue eyes. When it does happen, it’s due to their DNA. They don’t produce pigment in their irises, so when light reflects off the rounded surface of their eyes, they seem blue. In terms of personality types and activity levels, cats with blue eyes span the gamut. Some breeds are quite similar, while others are very different.

Here are ten cat breeds with blue eyes as adults, either always or sometimes.


Balinese Cats | Pet Health Insurance & Tips

The Balinese is a pointed cat breed with intense blue eyes that will never change. A spontaneous genetic mutation in purebred Siamese cats resulted in the lengthy coat of these stunningly attractive felines. These medium-sized cats have a lot more to offer than simply a beautiful look. Balinese cats are known for being clever, curious, lively, and affectionate, making them ideal family pets.


Birman Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws

Another beautiful pointed cat breed with blue eyes is the Birman. This long-haired cat comes in six various colours, but its paws are always covered in white gloves. The precise origins of the breed are unclear, although it may have developed when cats brought from Burma were crossed with Siamese cats in France. Birmans are affectionate, lively, and playful. Despite being a talkative breed, their meows aren’t as loud as those of their Balinese and Siamese cousins.


Cats Wallpaper: Cats wallpaper | Himalayan persian cats, Cats, Himalayan cat

Siamese and Persian cats were crossed to produce the pointed Himalayan. Some organisations do not recognise the breed as distinct from the Persian. Himalayan eyes are usually bright blue, and its long, thick coat varies in a range of colours. Himmies are known for being very loving and playful. If they aren’t provided with enough stimulation and attention, they may get into trouble. The thick coat of this breed necessitates a high-maintenance grooming regimen.

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Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules Cat Breed Health, Grooming, Colors and Traits - PetGuide

The Ojos Azules (Spanish for “blue eyes”) is a rare cat breed whose breed standard is currently being worked out. Despite not having pointed or pure white colouration, its eyes are always an exceptionally intense shade of blue. The breed began in 1984 when a tortoiseshell cat from a New Mexico feral colony had a litter with vivid blue eyes similar to hers. These cats went on to have litters with a wide range of patterns and the darkest blue eyes of any cat breed.


What You Need to Know Before Bringing Home a Persian Cat | PetMD

Persian cats are one of the most popular and recognised cat breeds, with their smooth and silky coats, characteristic smushed features, and charming dispositions. Blue eyes are common among white Persians. Persians are renowned for being laid-back, peaceful, and affectionate. They like nothing more than cuddling up on their owner’s lap for some love and attention. Due to its luxuriant coat, you’ll need to be prepared for a high-maintenance grooming regimen.


9 Reasons Why Your Ragdoll Cat Is Always Hungry. – Catstourguide

The ragdoll is one of the most laid-back cats you’ll ever meet. And it’s easy to be seduced by these endearing felines with their huge blue eyes. They are often likened to dogs because of their loving and clever demeanour. Ragdolls are known to do tricks in exchange for goodies. To keep these active and sociable cats from getting bored, they need plenty of companionship throughout the day and plenty of at-home enrichment.


Siamese Cat Breed Complete Guide | AZ Animals

For decades, the popular Siamese has enchanted cat lovers all around the globe. Is it any wonder, given its stunning almond-shaped blue eyes, pointed colouring, exquisite body, and friendly nature? Meezers, as they’re fondly known, are very intelligent and inquisitive. They also like being the centre of attention and aren’t afraid to express their need for more cuddling. They don’t appreciate being ignored and have a broad variety of vocalisations as well as a loud meow.

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Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Cat Breed Complete Guide | AZ Animals

Siamese cats were crossed with American shorthair cats to produce the snowshoe cat. These cats are another pointed breed with blue eyes. Their name comes from their white mittened paws, which seem to have been dipped in snow. Snowshoes, unsurprisingly, have a lot in common with their Siamese cousins. They want to participate in everything. They’re also intelligent, outspoken, and quickly bored.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora Cat Breed Complete Guide | AZ Animals

The beautiful Turkish angora’s eyes are most often blue, but they may also be green, gold, amber, or even bicolour. This cat has a large body and a gleaming white coat. It is loving and sociable, and it thrives in a household where it will be surrounded by people for most of the day.


Tonkinese Cat: The Siamese Lookalike That's Full of Personality

The Tonkinese is a mix of Siamese and Burmese dogs. Its eyes may be blue, aqua, or yellow-green, and it has lovely soft pointed colouration. These cats are known for being both loving and playful. They are not as talkative as Siamese, yet they will express their emotions.


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