How Much Does a Box Turtle Cost? (2023 Price Guide)

Box Turtle Cost

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How Much Does a Box Turtle Cost?


The cost of acquiring a box turtle can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the species, age, and where you obtain it. This summary provides insights into the costs associated with box turtles and answers to some common questions about them.

Box Turtle Cost

Just because they are little and live in an enclosure doesn’t mean that box turtles are simple or inexpensive to raise as pets. Box turtles are becoming more and more popular as pets, and although they are entertaining, you must be ready to take on a lot of responsibility before getting one.

Turtles live in a small place where their optimum circumstances must be provided, unlike conventional cats and dogs. Lighting, humidity, temperature control, wholesome food, and a place to work out are some of these requirements.

The majority of box turtles are reasonably priced, but they also need a lot of items and materials to live a healthy existence. What exactly does a box turtle cost? To assist you in determining if you can afford to have one of these reptiles in your house, we will break down every expense associated with keeping a box turtle.

How Much is a Box Turtle?

A box turtle would probably cost roughly $50 if you rushed to the neighborhood chain pet shop, but it doesn’t account for the many variables that might affect the price. The price of the turtle alone may vary depending on its subspecies, size, age, availability, and location.

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Remember that this cost does not even begin to cover all the things you will need before bringing the items home. It should be mentioned that it is unlawful to sell a box turtle that was captured in the wild. Before buying a box turtle, perform a thorough investigation, including finding out where the vendor got the creatures.

There are several distinct subspecies of turtles, and they are all unique from one another. Some are more common as pets, and those varieties are often less expensive than the rarer ones. Here is a short overview of the price ranges for several box turtles:

Aquatic Box Turtle  $30 – $100
Eastern Box Turtle  $140 – $260
Desert Box Turtle  $300 – $400
Chinese Box Turtle  $300 – $380
McCord Box Turtle  $7,000 – $8,000
Indonesian Box Turtle  $50 – $120
Asian Box Turtle  $90 – $130
Three-Toed Box Turtle  $140 – $430
Ornate Box Turtle  $200 – $350

The price is not only influenced by the subspecies. Age, size, location, and availability fall within these parameters and may have an impact on the turtle’s price. Box turtles are not always widely accessible where you live, bigger ones cost more than smaller ones, and baby box turtles are often less expensive than adults. They could be more affordable than more expensive species, like McCord turtles, if you reside near habitats for aquatic box turtles.

Shopping for Box Turtles

Local pet stores and fish markets are the most probable places to discover box turtles for sale. Some establishments do offer turtles specifically, but such are less common. Prepare yourself for the possibility that you may need to do extra study to discover a trustworthy business and it might be somewhat more expensive than chain shops if you’re seeking a certain species.

You can now get certain turtles online and have them delivered to you thanks to the rise in popularity of online shopping over the last ten years. It is ultimately up to you to decide where you want to buy your box turtle, but make sure the shop has a license before shopping there. When you do purchase a turtle, find out whether it has a warranty policy. Most reputable retailers will refund your money if you have any health issues within two weeks of your purchase.

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Extra Costs of Owning a Box Turtle

A secure location to keep a box turtle must be available before you can purchase one and bring it home. The average person spends between $80 and $200 on an aquarium setup. In order to allow you to set up their habitat with only one purchase, several retailers now offer them aquarium kits. Floating rocks, filtration systems, water conditioners, heat lamps, and large tanks are often used in these. If you buy everything individually, budget anything between $20 and $50 for each item.

It is crucial to provide your turtles with a secure environment in which to live. They risk becoming sick or dying if their environment, food, and water aren’t suitable. As omnivores, box turtles consume fruit, insects, flowers, and amphibians. They like to consume snacks on top of food sticks that are nutritious. Each month, you should budget around $40 for turtle food and treats.

Additionally, turtles need annual exams and veterinary appointments when their behavior is abnormal. The majority of first exams last around an hour and cost about $50.

Owning a turtle involves many considerations, and you want to be sure you are fulfilling all of their requirements and providing them with the most comfortable, secure habitat possible. Let’s examine the price of purchasing a box turtle up front.

Initial Cost of Owning a Box Turtle

Turtle: ~$75
Aquarium with filter: ~$100
Turtle dock: ~$20
Turtle pebbles: ~$20
Heat lamps: ~$40
Fake plants: ~$15
Thermometer: ~$50
Turtle food: ~$40
Water conditioner: ~$10
Vet price: ~$50

Remember that the given costs are just approximations and might change depending on the brand and retailer where you purchase them. When you do the arithmetic, you soon learn that getting a box turtle for the first time will set you back around $420. You must continue to replace their water, clean their tank, and feed them pleasant goodies that will balance out their diet.

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It’s common for individuals to believe that keeping a turtle would need less time and money than other types of pets, but caring for reptiles requires a lot of commitment. They have extremely particular needs, and if those needs aren’t met, they quickly become sick. Make sure you can afford to keep a box turtle as a pet and that you’ll be committed to caring for it for the rest of its life before making the purchase. Owning a box turtle is a serious commitment since they may live up to 20 years in captivity.

Q&A: How Much Does a Box Turtle Cost?



What is the average cost of purchasing a box turtle as a pet?

The cost of a box turtle can range from $50 to $300 or more. It depends on factors like the species, age, and whether you acquire it from a breeder, a pet store, or a rescue organization.


Are there differences in the cost based on the turtle’s species?

Yes, the species of the box turtle significantly impacts the cost. Common North American species are generally more affordable, while rarer or exotic species can be much more expensive.


What other expenses should I consider when getting a box turtle as a pet?

In addition to the initial purchase price, you should budget for ongoing expenses, including habitat setup, proper nutrition, veterinary care, and potential equipment like heat lamps and enclosures.


Can you legally buy and keep box turtles as pets?

Laws regarding the keeping of box turtles vary by location. It’s essential to research your local and state regulations, as some areas may have restrictions on keeping box turtles as pets.


Are there alternatives to buying a box turtle?

Yes, adopting a rescued or rehomed box turtle from a reputable organization can be a more cost-effective and ethical way to acquire a pet turtle. It also provides a home for turtles in need.




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