Cane Corso Attack Sparks ‘Innate Instinct’ Police Warning

Cane Corso Attack

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Cane Corso Attack Sparks ‘Innate Instinct’ Police Warning


In a startling incident that unfolded on a fateful morning in Barnsley, northern England, a 10-month-old baby found himself in a life-altering situation when he was attacked by a Cane Corso X, prompting a profound warning from the local police regarding the “innate instinct” of these powerful animals.

The Distressing Incident

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) reported that the baby fell victim to a violent encounter with a family dog at a residence in Barnsley. The consequences of this unfortunate incident are grave, with the baby now in serious condition and undergoing preparations for surgery. An SYP spokesperson conveyed the concerning news, saying, “The 10-month-old baby is due to have surgery, and their condition is described as serious. The dog has been disclaimed by the owner and is currently in police kennels.”

The Ongoing Issue of Dog Attacks

This incident adds to a growing list of dog attacks in the U.K., prompting lawmakers to consider legislative action. Cane Corsos, known for their strength and loyalty, have been involved in attacks on both animals and people, leading to heightened concerns. In particular, the American Bully XL breed is under scrutiny due to a series of brutal maulings, including an attack on a toddler in southwest London.

Police and dog legislation officer PC Paul Jameson from SYP emphasized, “An incident like this is a stark reminder that regardless of a dog’s nature or previous interactions with children, other dogs, and people, they are animals, and their innate instinct is to protect themselves, which can result in serious injuries and sometimes fatally.”

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The Owner’s Perspective

In an unexpected turn of events, the owner of the Cane Corso X described the dog as “pleasant” and “affectionate” towards children. The family, while in conversation with officers, revealed that the dog had displayed signs of stress in response to fireworks set off in the area ahead of Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, a traditional autumn bonfire celebration in the U.K.

The Impact of Fireworks and the Importance of Awareness

While it is not definitively confirmed that fireworks caused the dog’s aggression, the incident underscores the importance of providing a calm environment for pets and being vigilant about any behavioral changes. Police recommend creating a peaceful atmosphere for pets and keeping them away from children during periods of increased stress, such as fireworks displays.

PC Jameson suggested practical steps: “If you know your dog does not accept people knocking at the door, put up a sign ahead of Halloween to stop people from knocking. If your dog becomes unsettled when fireworks are set off, walk your dog in daylight hours, close the windows, draw your curtains to help muffle the sound, and put the radio or TV on. Leave toys in the area your dog associates with feeling calm and safe.”

Legislative Response

In response to the escalating issue of dog attacks, U.K. Home Secretary Suella Braverman recently announced her intent to seek a ban on the breed in the country, reflecting the gravity of the situation.

Keeping Children Safe Around Dogs

To avoid incidents involving dogs, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) offers vital advice for dog owners and those around them:

  • Educate yourself and children on how to interact with dogs safely.
  • Establish zones in your home to separate children and dogs, ensuring continuous supervision.
  • Teach your dog to respect boundaries and gates.
  • Supervise interactions between your dog and unfamiliar people, intervening if signs of anxiety or agitation arise.
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The incident serves as a reminder of the need for responsible pet ownership, understanding the instincts of our animal companions, and maintaining awareness of potential triggers that may lead to unexpected behavior.

Source: Newsweek


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