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Is It True White Persian Cats With Blue Eyes Are Born Blind - Fumi Pets

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Unveiling the Myth: White Persian Cats with Blue Eyes and Blindness


The captivating allure of white Persian cats with mesmerizing blue eyes has long fascinated cat enthusiasts. However, a prevailing belief suggests that these stunning felines may be born blind.

In this exploration, we dive into the myth surrounding white Persian cats, seeking to unravel the truth behind the connection between their coat color, eye hue, and visual impairment. Let’s embark on a journey to dispel misconceptions and shed light on the fascinating world of these enchanting cats.

White Persian Cats with Blue Eyes and Blindness

Despite the fact that Persian cats with blue eyes are not born blind, they may develop vision issues. Cats have a higher chance of being born deaf! While a blind or deaf Persian cat may be a loving feline companion, she will need particular attention and care.


White Persian cats with blue eyes do not have blue eyes at birth. While Persian cats are more prone than other cats to go blind, blue eyes have no bearing on their vision issues any more than brown or green eyes do. While some cats are born blind, Persians are more likely to develop Feline Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a rare disease. This disease affects just specific cat breeds and is unaffected by eye or hair colour.

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Persian Eye Problems

Feline Progressive Retinal Atrophy usually appears between the ages of four and eight weeks. Kitty’s vision deteriorates quickly, and by the age of 15 weeks, she may be blind. People used to believe that PRA only affected chocolate or Himalayan Persians, but research showed no link. This implies that any Persian, even white, blue-eyed Persians, may get the illness and become blind. However, there are plenty of sighted Persians!

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White Fur Health Problems

While there is no link between Persian fur colour and blindness, there is a link between white cats and hearing. Deafness affects 65 to 85 percent of white cats with two blue eyes. A white cat with one blue eye has a 40% probability of becoming deaf. Hearing loss is not breed-specific, therefore white, blue-eyed Persians are just as prone to go deaf as other cat species.

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Blindness Signs

Observe your white Persian’s behaviour if you’re worried she’s blind. If your cat is hesitant to go from one place to another or begins bumping into objects, she may be suffering from eyesight loss. She may be becoming blind if her eyes are hazy, irritated, or discoloured. If your cat is awkward or easily frightened, she may be suffering from eyesight loss. If any of these signs are present, your veterinarian may conduct an eye exam.

Q&A Section: Dispelling Myths About White Persian Cats and Blindness


Is it True that White Persian Cats with Blue Eyes are Born Blind?

The belief that all white Persian cats with blue eyes are born blind is a common misconception. While some white cats with blue eyes may experience deafness due to a genetic link, blindness is not an inherent trait associated with their coat color or eye hue.


What Causes Deafness in White Persian Cats?

The genetic factor responsible for deafness in white cats with blue eyes is linked to the presence of the white (W) gene. Cats with two copies of this gene may be deaf in one or both ears. However, deafness is not a universal trait among all white Persians.

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Are There White Persian Cats with Blue Eyes that Can See Normally?

Yes, many white Persian cats with blue eyes have normal vision. Visual impairment is not an automatic consequence of their coat color or eye color. Each cat is an individual with its own genetic makeup and health conditions.


Can Other Coat Colors in Cats Affect Their Vision?

Vision is influenced by various factors, but coat color alone is not a direct determinant of a cat’s vision. Other genetic and health-related elements play a role in a cat’s eye health and overall visual capabilities.


How Can Cat Owners Ensure the Well-being of White Persian Cats?

Regular veterinary check-ups, especially for white Persian cats, are essential. Monitoring for signs of deafness or vision issues, providing a balanced diet, and creating a safe environment are crucial for ensuring the overall well-being of these captivating felines.

Exploring the truths and myths surrounding white Persian cats with blue eyes allows us to appreciate the uniqueness of each cat while dispelling unfounded beliefs. While these cats may have captivating features, it’s essential to approach their care with accurate information and tailored attention to their individual needs.



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