Although you may believe that drooling is only a canine habit, this is not the case. If your cat is drooling and purring at the same time, you probably have a very happy little fluffball on your hands — aww.

Purring And Drooling Together

Purring noises are adorable, particularly since they generally indicate that your cat is in high spirits. Your cat is definitely enjoying the touch and attention if she purrs as you pet her. According to the ASPCA, when a cat drools while touching, she may be remembering comfortable “feeding time” with mother cat when she was a kitten. If your cat is drooling and purring at the same time, that’s even better, since she’s feeling calmed and comfortable in your company, which is absolutely beautiful. It’s possible that the relaxation is so strong that all thoughts of swallowing vanish — hello, drool.

Drooling in Cats | PetCoach

Other “Happiness” Signs

A joyful cat may not only drool and purr at the same time, but she may also put on a complete display of “feeling good” behaviours, such as turning over on her back and showing you her belly, then headbutting your legs.

Why Do Cats Purr?

Drooling Medical Conditions

Even if accompanied by purring, don’t always assume that drooling is a pleasant activity. Drooling in cats may be a symptom of a medical issue, such as plant poisoning, feline herpes, halitosis, and a variety of upper respiratory diseases. If your cat seems to be drooling excessively, take her to the veterinarian to ensure that everything is in order and that her drooling isn’t caused by a medical condition.

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Purring Due To Sickness Or Fear

Surprisingly, purring isn’t always associated with happiness. According to the ASPCA, a cat’s purr may indicate that she isn’t feeling well or is extremely scared. The noise may be a way for the young one to cope and calm down — poor thing. To be cautious, have your cat checked out at the vet as soon as possible if you think her purring is linked to any kind of illness.

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