Toledo Hemp Center Steps Up: CBD Pet Giveaways to Ease Firework Anxiety

CBD Pet Giveaways to Ease Firework Anxiety

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Toledo Hemp Center Steps Up: CBD Pet Giveaways to Ease Firework Anxiety


The Toledo Hemp Center (THC), a champion in alternative health solutions, is taking a significant step to support local pets during the bustling 4th of July festivities. Understanding that fireworks displays, a regular feature of the holiday, can trigger significant anxiety in pets, THC is gearing up to host its annual CBD pet packets giveaway.

Addressing the Firework Anxiety Epidemic in Pets

The 4th of July is synonymous with unity, celebration, and spectacular fireworks shows. However, for an estimated 45% of dogs, these fireworks can lead to intense anxiety and distress.

In response to this widespread issue, THC is hosting its Free CBD for Fur Babies with Firework Anxiety giveaway. This initiative is designed to offer relief to our four-legged friends, allowing them to experience a more peaceful holiday.

The Details of the Giveaway

The event is scheduled for July 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Toledo Hemp Center, located at 4925 Jackman Road. According to THC, they plan to distribute over 1,000 CBD liquid packets free of charge, with each pet eligible for one packet.

“We have been running this initiative for several years, and every year we exhaust our supply,” says Kevin Spitler, the owner of THC. “We are hopeful that this year we have enough to accommodate those in need.”

Adding a touch of festivity to the day, Puff Palz LLC will also be on-site, offering to capture memorable snapshots of your beloved pets.

The Toledo Hemp Center continues to exemplify its dedication to both the community and pet well-being with this annual giveaway. Through providing natural alternatives like CBD, they aim to make the 4th of July a more enjoyable experience for all family members, including our furry friends.

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