Dealing with Pet Anxiety during Fourth of July Fireworks: Ensuring a Fear-Free Celebration

Dealing with Pet Anxiety during Fourth of July Fireworks

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Dealing with Pet Anxiety during Fourth of July Fireworks: Ensuring a Fear-Free Celebration


As the Fourth of July approaches, Douglas County gears up for a celebration marked by dazzling lights and thunderous fireworks. While this spectacle promises a feast for human senses, it could be a source of intense anxiety for our household pets.

Understanding Pet Anxiety during Firework Season

At the Nebraska Humane Society, pets like Gouda the cat are often frightened by loud noises and bright lights synonymous with the holiday season. Pam Wiese, the vice president of marketing and PR at the Nebraska Humane Society, explains that fireworks can cause pets a different kind of distress than they experience during a thunderstorm, where they can sense the pressure changes.

“This is such a new thing for them,” says Wiese. “A lot of times they simply have no idea what’s happening, and it can be really scary for them.”

Preparing Pets for the Fireworks Show

To ensure that pets feel secure during the firework displays, Wiese suggests preparing them sooner rather than later. If pets want to hide, let them. Pets typically seek out spaces where they feel protected when frightened. Familiar items like toys, a special blanket, or their bed can also provide comfort and ease anxiety.

Efforts should be made to minimize the firework noise as much as possible. A fan, TV, or radio can be effective in creating background noise that drowns out the startling sounds of fireworks.

Effective Tools and Techniques to Combat Anxiety

There are various products designed to calm pets during stressful situations. Pheromone sprays and collars mimic the comforting scents a mother animal gives off. Similarly, thundershirts can be very helpful to both dogs and cats.

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However, it’s crucial not to associate these aids with stressful events only. As Wiese points out, “If you only put it on when the scary stuff is going to happen then they associate that jacket with the scary stuff.”

The Importance of Pet Identification

Despite precautions, the stress of fireworks can sometimes lead pets to run away. In the aftermath of fireworks, the Humane Society often sees an influx of lost pets. As such, Wiese stresses the importance of properly identifying your pets.

“A tag on the collar with a phone number or address can make a difference,” she advises. All pets that come to the Humane Society are scanned for microchips as well.

By following these guidelines, pet owners can ensure a safer, less stressful holiday for everyone, including our beloved pets.

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