Dog Owner’s Urgent Warning: Collar Dangers at Home Exposed!

Collar Dangers at Home Exposed

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Dog Owner’s Urgent Warning: Collar Dangers at Home Exposed!


The Perils of Unattended Dog Collars Unveiled in Viral Video

In a chilling revelation, a responsible dog owner recently issued a stark warning about the potential dangers of leaving a dog’s collar on while unattended at home. The incident unfolded in a gripping TikTok video posted on January 22 by user @finneasandmilo, who experienced a heart-stopping moment after returning from a walk with her furry companion.

Caught in the Act: Collar Conundrum Unfolds

In the short clip, the owner noticed her dog attempting to remove his fleece by rubbing against the couch. However, the innocent act turned perilous when the collar got entangled, leaving the pup immobilized. Swift action from the owner ensured the dog’s safety, but the incident serves as a crucial reminder to all dog parents about the potential hazards of leaving collars on inside or unsupervised.

Caption from the TikTok video: “This wasn’t causing him any distress or danger, but a reminder that dogs can get caught on anything in seconds.”

Veterinary Expert Weighs In: Dr. Nick Horniman’s Perspective

Newsweek consulted Dr. Nick Horniman MRCVS, a distinguished veterinary surgeon and founder of the online pet pharmacy My Pets Vet, to shed light on the severity of the issue. Dr. Horniman emphasized that while leaving a dog’s collar on indoors might seem harmless, the associated risks are not to be underestimated.

“A major risk with keeping a dog’s collar on inside is an accident that could occur where your dog snags their collar on objects around the house such as furniture handles or door handles,” warned Dr. Horniman. “This can lead to a tragic situation where the dog, in panic, may tighten the collar around its neck, leading to suffocation or serious neck injuries.”

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According to Dr. Horniman, incidents of collar-related accidents are not extremely common, but they do happen. PetSmart, a leading pet supply company, reported approximately 26,000 collar strangulation accidents yearly in homes and establishments across the country. Common hazards include crates, kennels, fences, heating or cooling vents, shrubs, branches, and dogs playing with each other.

Beyond Accidents: Collar-Related Health Issues

Dr. Horniman also highlighted the potential health issues associated with prolonged collar wear. Collars, especially if improperly fitted, can cause skin irritation, hair loss, and even wounds in severe cases. Dogs with sensitive skin are particularly vulnerable to these problems. Continuous collar use may also result in matting, especially in long-haired breeds, leading to pain and difficulty in management.

Finding the Balance: Collars, ID Tags, and Alternatives

While the risks are evident, collars play a crucial role in providing a convenient place for attaching ID tags and leashes. Dr. Horniman suggested alternatives such as breakaway collars and body harnesses. However, he cautioned against relying solely on breakaway collars as a means of restraint.

“There is a fine line owners should consider. Collars can still be used but removed while playing and if not under supervision,” advised Dr. Horniman.

Viral Impact: Over 1.4 Million Views and Counting

The TikTok video swiftly garnered attention, amassing over 1.4 million views and 73,500 likes as of Friday. Viewers shared their own experiences and echoed the need for caution. One viewer emphasized the importance of removing the collar indoors, similar to treating it like a bra once inside, especially if the pet is microchipped.

Newsweek reached out to @finneasandmilo via TikTok for additional insights, underscoring the urgency of spreading awareness about this potential hazard to the wider dog-owning community.

Conclusion: Protecting Man’s Best Friend

In a world where pet safety takes center stage, this cautionary tale serves as a poignant reminder for dog owners to reassess their collar practices. By striking the right balance and staying vigilant, we can ensure our furry companions stay safe and happy at all times.

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Source: Newsweek



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