Collie Dog Banned from Belfast Parks: Two Men Convicted in Child Dog Attacks

Collie Dog Banned from Belfast Parks

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Collie Dog Banned from Belfast Parks: Two Men Convicted in Child Dog Attacks”

In a recent development highlighting the importance of responsible pet ownership and public safety, two separate incidents involving dog attacks on children have led to convictions in West Belfast. These distressing incidents occurred in May 2022, with one taking place at the picturesque Woodvale Park and the other in the serene neighborhood of Poleglass.

First Incident: Collie Attack at Woodvale Park

The first case involves Michael Elton, a 68-year-old resident of Cambrai Street. His Border Collie unleashed a terrifying attack on an innocent 11-year-old boy at Woodvale Park, Belfast. The young victim endured injuries as a result of this harrowing ordeal. Following the incident, stringent measures have been put in place, including a ban on Elton’s dog from all Belfast City Council parks.

Elton was convicted under Article 29 of The Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1983, as amended by the Dangerous Dogs (NI) Order 1991. The court ruled that he pay £1,000 in compensation along with a fine of £500. Additionally, specific conditions were set for Elton’s dog to ensure public safety:

  • Secure fitting of a muzzle to prevent any potential biting incidents.
  • Control of the dog in public spaces through a sturdy leash held by a responsible individual.
  • Mandatory confinement within a secure building, yard, or enclosure when not under control.
  • Exclusion from all Belfast City Council parks.

Second Conviction: Belgian Malinois Attack

The second distressing incident involves Eamon McGauley, a 19-year-old resident of Ardcaoin Place, Poleglass. In this case, an eight-year-old boy suffered injuries due to an attack by a Belgian Malinois in Ardcaoin Place. As a consequence of his actions, McGauley has been handed a conditional discharge for three years. He was also ordered to pay £250 in compensation to the injured child and an additional £92 in costs.

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Both cases underscore the critical importance of responsible pet ownership, community safety, and stringent legal consequences for individuals who fail to adhere to these vital principles.

The convictions serve as a reminder that pet owners bear the responsibility of ensuring their animals do not pose a threat to others, especially vulnerable children. The court’s decisions in these cases highlight a commitment to safeguarding public spaces and preventing future incidents.

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