Brave ‘Apollo’ Triumphs: Rescued After Being Thrown from SUV

Rescued After Being Thrown from SUV

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Brave ‘Apollo’ Triumphs: Rescued After Being Thrown from SUV


Dog Thrown out of SUV in Front of Animal Shelter Found Days Later, Charges Filed

In a heart-wrenching incident that highlights the resilience of animals and the compassion of those who came to their rescue, a puppy, affectionately named ‘Apollo,’ was found days after being callously thrown from an SUV outside a North Carolina animal shelter. Charges have been filed against the individual responsible for this cruel act.

A Heartless Act Caught on Camera

The shocking event unfolded when surveillance cameras captured a man opening and closing the passenger door of an SUV. In a matter of seconds, he pointed at the ground and callously tossed the defenseless puppy out of the window.

The incident was shared on social media by PAWS Bryson City, an animal shelter that operates with an open gate policy. They expressed their dismay, stating, “This morning, even though our gate was open, he chose to sling a puppy out the window.”

Community Unites to Find Apollo

Appalled by this cruel act, the community rallied to identify the perpetrator and locate the puppy. The suspect was swiftly identified as 35-year-old David Paul George Jr. by Bryson City police. This incident shocked everyone, and PAWS Bryson City lamented that the person responsible didn’t seek their help through the open gate.

A Brave Puppy’s Ordeal

Days later, the puppy, Apollo, was found. He was in poor condition, suffering from malnutrition, fleas, parasites, and minor injuries, including two small fractures. A Facebook post from PAWS Bryson City reflected the concern and care extended to Apollo, stating, “This little guy has no idea how much he’s worried us all. We’ve all had sleepless nights, but that’s nothing compared to what he’s been through.”

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Justice for Apollo

The motives behind George’s heartless actions remain unknown. He now faces charges of cruelty to animals and abandonment of an animal. A court date has been scheduled for September 26 in Swain County.

A Beacon of Hope

Despite the adversity Apollo faced, his story captured the hearts of many. Interest in adopting him has surged, but he will remain at the shelter for a few more months before undergoing neutering.

Source: Fox News


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