25 Most Common Chihuahua Mixes

25 Most Common Chihuahua Mixes - Fumi Pets

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Exploring Diversity: 25 Most Common Chihuahua Mixes


Chihuahuas, known for their petite size and vibrant personalities, are often chosen as companions due to their adaptability and charm. However, the world of canine companionship has seen a delightful array of Chihuahua mixes, blending the characteristics of this tiny breed with others to create unique and captivating hybrids.

In this exploration, we uncover the most common Chihuahua mixes, celebrating the diversity and distinctive traits that arise when these little dogs join forces with other breeds.

Most Common Chihuahua Mixes

The Chihuahua has several advantages. It is a flexible dog that is kind toward its family. Even though it might be a little fiery, it is fun and simple to maintain. If the quantity of hybrids is any indication, many people have attempted to enhance these desirable characteristics, and it makes an outstanding parent breed. The puppies themselves are gorgeous, and their names are almost as creative and sweet. Think you know the Chihuahua? Rethink!

The 25 Most Common Chihuahua Mixes

1. Cheagle (Beagle x Chihuahua Mix)

The Cheagle combines the friendliness and upbeat demeanor of the Beagle with some of the fierceness that certain Chihuahuas possess. The latter also adds extra vigor and liveliness for a potent combination. Did we mention that it’s cute?

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Common Chihuahua Mixes

2. Chi-Poo (Poodle x Chihuahua Mix)

It’s impossible to miss the Toy Poodle’s intelligence in the Chi-Poo. Of course, the Poodle does not shed, as you would see in a dog with several generations. Enjoy this breed’s charming disposition in the meanwhile.

3. Chizer (Chihuahua x Miniature Schnauzer)

The Chizer is the only breed to consider if you want a canine with attitude. Even its name is derogatory. This mix gains tenacity and intellect from the Miniature Schnauzer. The breed is at the top of its game in every way.

4. BoChi (Boston Terrier x Chihuahua Mix)

This pairing is a natural given the comparable body forms of the two parent breeds. This attractive combination benefits from the sweet-natured Boston Terrier’s drive to please. The BoChi has so many wonderful qualities!

5. Chug (Pug x Chihuahua)

The Chug mixes the pugnacious behaviors of the Pug with the snark of the Chihuahua. You end up with a clown that isn’t sure when to quit performing! This animal is a keeper and would make a wonderful companion.

6. Chion (Papillon x Chihuahua)

The Papillon’s kind disposition and lovely ears in the form of butterflies help the Chion. Although it may also bring on seasonal shedding, this intelligent dog will make training simpler. We like the sophistication the Papillon adds to the mix.

7. Chi-Apso (Lhasa Apso x Chihuahua)

The Chi-Apso, a dog intended to steal the show, blends the sassiness of the Chihuahua with the endearing nature of the Lhasa Apso. Even if this cross grows a coat, grooming is only necessary once a week to remove matting.

8. Bolo-Chi (Bolognese x Chihuahua)

The Chihuahua may benefit from the correct degree of tranquility added by the Bolognese, which may even lead you to believe the dog is a laid-back canine. The focus of the combination is on closeness to and love for their families.

9. Silkyhuahua (Silky Terrier x Chihuahua)

Compared to other terrier breeds, the Silky Terrier is a more delicate puppy. Because of this, the Chihuahua and this situation go along so well. The combination may need more frequent grooming, but it will also soften the edges to produce a lovely pet.

10. Chi Chon (Chihuahua x Bichon Frise)

With its adorable appearance and amiable nature, the Bichon Frise enhances the charm and personality of the Chi Chon. You might almost imagine that this hybrid half had a management and coach. We consider it to be excellent!

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11. Chorgi (Chihuahua x Corgi)

The Chorgi is not your typical canine. The Corgi adds spice to the situation with his strong energy and aggressive demeanor, which go well with the Chihuahua. In the end, this mix is unquestionably a cuddler who is eager to show you affection.

12. Affenhuahua (Affenpinscher x Chihuahua)

The Affenhuahua appears just when you thought the vigor and bravery of the Chihuahua had no limit. With its surprising behaviors, the Affenpinscher keeps things entertaining. We wonder why this cross didn’t occur sooner.

13. Chi Chi (Chihuahua x Chinese Crested)

Even just pronouncing “Chi Chi” is entertaining enough and suggests a crazy journey. The Chinese Crested carries with it an illustrious heritage and a Dr. Seuss connection. In this intriguing combination, the energy component also increases.

14. Jack Chi (Jack Russell x Chihuahua)

Once you have a Jack Chi in your life, life will never be dull again. It’s the Chihuahua with a double dose of espresso and the Jack Russell’s work ethic. For active families, it’s a great option.

15. French Bullhuahua (Chihuahua x French Bulldog)

Given the popularity of the French Bulldog, you could have trouble locating this puppy. If you’re fortunate, you’ll get to appreciate the cute puppy who softens the ferocity of the Chihuahua. When you take your dog for a stroll, people will inevitably question you about that particular dog.

16. Cheenese (Havanese + Chihuahua)

This hybrid’s parent breed of choice should be the Havanese. The Cheenese are simpler to teach and have more fun as a result. Attempting to pronounce this dog’s name is only the beginning of its entertaining antics, so we defy you not to chuckle!

17. Chat Terrier (Chihuahua x Rat Terrier)

Giving the Chihuahua a place to direct its feistiness on vermin and other pests is the Rat Terrier. Make careful to keep a watch on this one to prevent it from escaping the backyard with its prey drive! Terriers will always be terriers, after all.

18. Chi-Spaniel (Cocker Spaniel x Chihuahua)

The Cocker Spaniel is the perfect parent breed since it increases lovability and contentment. Who could possibly resist its large, brown eyes? With a loving and devoted companion, the Chi-Spaniel catches it all. The children will always have a dog available for a game of fetch.

19. Italian Greyhuahua (Italian Greyhound x Chihuahua)

The Italian Greyhound’s dainty exterior betrays its toughness and suitability as a parent breed. It also offers the independence that comes from a dog that has some high-up buddies, like royalty.https://i.pinimg.com/474x/49/f8/62/49f862158339d0192eea2b2d17bcab8a–miniature-italian-greyhound-puppy-pictures.jpg

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20. Toxirn (Cairn Terrier x Chihuahua)

The Cairn Terrier injects some life into the mixture. This pup also stimulates curiosity. The Toxirn is a stocky dog with the toughness to go along with the Chihuahua’s temperament. The Toxirn is your dog if you have a mouse issue.

21. Taco Terrier (Toy Fox Terrier x Chihuahua)

You will undoubtedly giggle at the name. You’ll agree with us after taking one glance at this pup that it’s perfect. This hybrid has a long history as a circus performer, nevertheless. If there are rewards involved, it will pick up tricks just as quickly as if it were still competing in shows.

22. Scotchi (Scottish Terrier x Chihuahua)

They would undoubtedly appreciate one other’s determination and persistence if the Scottish Terrier and Chihuahua were people. That is what makes the hybrid as a pet so special. The terrier provides the weight to support the bark.

23. Chipin (Miniature Pinscher x Chihuahua)

The Miniature Pinscher’s name is accurate in conveying whatever connections you may have with its larger relative. This puppy has the guts and the confidence to live up to its moniker. It covers all the basics and is a perfect transition to the Chipin.

24. Chorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Chihuahua)

The Chorkie is the epitome of what a toy breed should be thanks to the Yorkshire Terrier. The Chihuahua is even more endearing because of another sweetie. The Yorkie serves as the Chihuahua’s authority figure in their relationship as pets and owners.

25. Chiweenie (Dachshund x Chihuahua)

The Dachshund views new people as pals it hasn’t yet met, in contrast to the Chihuahua who is leery of strangers. This makes the dog a wonderful pet. This hybrid has a high prey drive and an acute sense of smell.


The Chihuahua is a great parent breed option. It emphasizes friendship and devotion, creating a suitable basis for a combination with this toy dog. To avoid the possibility of improper crosses that might worsen health problems, we advise keeping with breeds of similar sizes. Fortunately, there are several more options available to you besides those on our list.

Q&A on Common Chihuahua Mixes



What Are Some Popular Chihuahua Mixes?

Among the most popular Chihuahua mixes are the Chihuahua Pomeranian mix (Chiranian), Chihuahua Dachshund mix (Chiweenie), Chihuahua Terrier mix (Chihuahua Terrier), Chihuahua Beagle mix (Cheagle), and the Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix (Shichi). Each mix brings its own blend of characteristics, both in appearance and temperament.


What Traits Can be Expected in a Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix?

The Chihuahua Pomeranian mix, or Chiranian, typically inherits a compact size, a plume-like tail, and a mix of fur colors from both parent breeds. They are known for being lively, alert, and affectionate, often forming strong bonds with their owners.


How Energetic Are Chiweenies (Chihuahua Dachshund Mix)?

Chiweenies combine the Chihuahua’s vivacity with the Dachshund’s playful demeanor. They are generally energetic, curious, and intelligent dogs. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are crucial to keep these hybrids happy and content.


What Makes Cheagles (Chihuahua Beagle Mix) Unique?

Cheagles are a blend of the Chihuahua’s loyalty and the Beagle’s friendly nature. They often exhibit a mix of coat colors, and their keen sense of smell inherited from the Beagle makes them alert and inquisitive companions.


How Does the Shichi (Chihuahua Shih Tzu Mix) Behave as a Companion?

The Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix, or Shichi, is characterized by a charming appearance with a luxurious coat. Shichis tend to be affectionate, sociable, and adaptable, making them excellent companions for families and individuals alike.



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