“One-of-a-Kind Sussex Feline Seeks a Place to Call Home”


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“One-of-a-Kind Sussex Feline Seeks a Place to Call Home”

Meet Lily: The Quirky-Eyed Cat Winning Hearts in Sussex

Within the heart of Sussex, a unique cat named Lily is captivating hearts with her distinct features and is actively on the hunt for a permanent, loving home. Currently under the guardianship of Paws and Whiskers Charity (PAWS), this quirky cat is ready to leap into the hearts of a loving family.

A Rescue Cat with A Heartwarming Story

Lily came to be under PAWS’ care after her previous owner could no longer tend to her needs. PAWS, an animal rescue charity founded during the 2021 lockdown, originated when a group of compassionate animal lovers stepped away from another charity due to welfare concerns, prioritizing the health and happiness of animals.

The Search for Lily’s Forever Home

The PAWS staff, dedicated and passionate, have been working diligently to find a suitable home for Lily. Despite the great interest generated on Facebook, where her photos garnered significant attention, Lily’s search for her forever home continues.

Lily’s Unique Charm: A Tale of Resilience and Beauty

Lynda Humphrey-Stack, PAWS director and Lily’s current foster carer sheds light on the cat’s exceptional features: “Lily was born blind in her left eye. No one knows why, and there are no ongoing health needs associated with it. I think her quirky eye adds to her beauty.”

Lily’s Ideal Home: Safety and Tranquillity

When it comes to the perfect home environment for Lily, Lynda emphasizes the need for a quiet area away from bustling roads or a secure garden/patio for safety reasons. Furthermore, she adds that Lily would be perfectly content living an indoor lifestyle.

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Are You Lily’s Forever Family?

Lily, with her one-of-a-kind looks and heartwarming story, seeks a forever home in Sussex. The delightful feline promises to bring joy, love, and a touch of quirkiness to her future family.

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