Pippin the Corgi’s Breakfast Tantrum Takes the Crown

Corgi's Breakfast Tantrum Takes the Crown

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Pippin the Corgi’s Breakfast Tantrum Takes the Crown


In the delightful world of pet antics and endearing quirks, one corgi has taken center stage. Pippin, an 11-year-old corgi, has been crowned as the “Pet of the Week” for a heartwarming yet hilarious reason. Pippin’s uproarious tantrum over breakfast has captured the hearts of pet lovers worldwide.

The Breakfast Dilemma

In an endearing and entertaining video shared by his owner, Karin Irvin, Pippin the corgi demonstrates his strong opinions about breakfast arrangements. The spirited corgi made it abundantly clear that he wasn’t pleased about having to relocate to the kitchen for his morning meal.

Karin Irvin explained, “He had to go eat in the kitchen by himself. He and his brother have a sibling rivalry about getting attention. He is very talkative. He will randomly grunt or audibly sigh.”

The Tantrum Unleashed

Pippin’s tantrum, though comical, was primarily about the inconvenience of moving from his cozy spot to reach his breakfast. However, this spirited corgi didn’t hold out for long—within moments, he joyfully headed to the kitchen to savor his meal, demonstrating his food-driven nature.

Karin Irvin humorously remarked, “I think he ate less than 15 seconds later.” She contrasted Pippin’s food enthusiasm with his brother’s attention-seeking behavior, emphasizing that the corgi clan is quite the character-filled household.

Meet Pippin, the Family Comedian

Pippin isn’t just a source of laughter in the Irvin household; he’s an integral part of the family. Karin Irvin’s children are equally charmed by Pippin’s antics. She described him as “very sweet and lovey,” highlighting his amusing sleeping positions. Despite the breakfast-related tantrum, Pippin is generally well-behaved and endearing.

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Finalists in the Pet Spotlight

Alongside Pippin, several other pets graced the spotlight as finalists for the “Pet of the Week.”

  • Jazz, the Energetic Rescue: Jazz, aka Sassafras, lives with owner Ada Gonzalez in Green Bay. Jazz’s journey began as a rescue dog, and despite some minor mischief, she is an intelligent and inquisitive pup who brightens every walk with her enthusiasm.
  • Zara, the Mood Lifter: Zara, a 1-year-old mixed breed, resides in Missouri with owner Elizabeth Stump. Zara was adopted as a puppy and has been a constant source of comfort and humor for her owner.
  • Oliver, the Playful Frenchie: Oliver, a 3-year-old French bulldog from Ontario, Canada, recently underwent knee surgery. His owner, Linda Matthews, describes him as lovable and playful, with a particular fondness for running and swimming after his frisbee.

Each of these pets has a unique story and personality, reminding us of the joy and companionship that our furry friends bring into our lives.

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