Rescue Corgi’s Mischievous ‘Smirk’ After Trapping Cat in Kennel

Corgi's Mischievous 'Smirk'

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Rescue Corgi’s Mischievous ‘Smirk’ After Trapping Cat in Kennel


In a heartwarming yet mischievous tale of pet antics, a rescue corgi wasted no time in playing a prank on his new owner’s cat. The result? A scene that left everyone amused, except for the cat itself.

Meet Wayne the Corgi and Patrick Swayze the Cat

The story unfolds in Austin, Texas, where Tiffany Hale, posting under the TikTok handle @yallternatiff, introduced the world to her newly adopted corgi, Wayne, and her 8-year-old rescue cat, Patrick Swayze. Little did she know that Wayne had a trick up his furry sleeve.

The Curious Incident: Cat Trapped in a Kennel

In a video shared on TikTok, Hale captured the moment when Wayne managed to trap Patrick Swayze in a kennel. Astonishingly, Hale admitted, “I honestly don’t know how he got him in there. I know he didn’t chase him, so it must have been a casual follow, but once he was inside, Wayne did close the door.

This peculiar incident occurred just ten days after Wayne became a part of Hale’s family. She adopted him from a family that couldn’t provide the care and exercise he needed. Wayne’s favorite activities include wrestling with Hale’s other dog, Garth (yes, they’re named after “Wayne’s World”), tearing up toys, and snuggling.

The Unfazed Cat and the TikTok Sensation

On the other hand, Patrick Swayze has been with Hale for a considerably longer time. She adopted him from Austin Pets Alive a month before adopting her first corgi, Garth. Patrick Swayze, despite his feline nature, is unfazed by any dog he encounters.

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The amusing footage of Wayne’s antics quickly became a sensation on TikTok, with Hale’s video titled “Wayne is up to no good” garnering over 1.9 million views at the time of writing. What truly steals the show is the “smirk” Hale spotted on Wayne’s face as he turned to face her—a cheeky expression that tells a story of a prank well-played.

Cats and Dogs: Not Always Foes

While Wayne’s escapade seems to perpetuate the stereotype of cats and dogs being mortal enemies, it’s essential to note that real-life interactions between them are often far more harmonious. Research published in the journal PLOS ONE in 2020 revealed that cats and dogs not only coexist but also frequently engage in playful interactions.

The study, involving 1,270 pet owners who had both cats and dogs, found that over 64 percent of these pets played together, sometimes even “ambushing” each other in playful exchanges.

Friendship Amid Pranks

Despite the initial shock of Patrick Swayze’s unexpected confinement, Hale assures that her pets are, in fact, good friends. “Both of my dogs love the cat,” she shared. “They can frequently be found in a cuddle puddle together.”

However, Patrick Swayze might think twice before venturing near a kennel when Wayne is nearby. After all, as the famous line goes, “nobody puts baby in the corner”—especially not a corgi with a knack for playful mischief.

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