Dad Dog’s Hilarious Attempt to Meet His Pups: A Viral TikTok Tale

Dad Dog's Hilarious Attempt to Meet His Pups

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Dad Dog’s Hilarious Attempt to Meet His Pups: A Viral TikTok Tale

The heartwarming yet comical encounter between a dad dog and his newborn pups took the internet by storm. In a viral TikTok clip shared on February 5 by @nativemama75, the mother dog displayed an unexpected protectiveness, denying the dad dog his chance to meet their adorable offspring.

The Unsuccessful Introduction

Setting the Scene

In the cozy blanket-covered whelping box, the mama dog reveled in the company of her nursing puppies. The atmosphere seemed joyous, but the dad dog, patiently waiting outside, sensed he was not welcome.

The Death Glare

As the dad dog entered, hoping for a heartwarming family moment, the mama dog shot him a formidable death glare. It became evident – this meeting was not going to be smooth. The dad dog, sensing the tension, refrained from making eye contact.

Mama Takes Charge

Shooing Attempt

Undeterred, the dad dog approached cautiously, but the mama dog, determined to protect her pups, attempted to shoo him away. The owners intervened, realizing the encounter was not unfolding as expected.

Exit Stage Left

With a swift exit, the dad dog excused himself from the room. The hope lingered that, with time, he would get another chance to meet his precious pups.

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TikTok Sensation

Viral Reception

The TikTok video quickly gained traction, amassing an impressive 2.3 million views, 225,600 likes, and 1,280 comments. Viewers couldn’t help but marvel at the mama dog’s unwavering commitment to guarding her brood.

Viewer Reactions

Commenters empathized with the dad dog, speculating on what he might have been thinking. One user humorously suggested, “He’s like ‘I told y’all she wasn’t gonna let me.'” Another playfully envisioned a custody battle, stating, “My man’s gonna have to fight for visitation. Literally.”

Understanding Maternal Aggression

Protective Instincts

It’s not uncommon for new dog mothers to display heightened protectiveness, even towards their owners. This maternal aggression stems from chemical changes in the mother’s brain and hormonal fluctuations.

Professional Insights

According to a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, providing a new mom with a safe and quiet space is crucial to alleviate stress. While the temptation to introduce friends and family to the adorable pups is strong, excessive activity might hinder the mother from meeting the pups’ needs.

Dealing with Aggression

Owners are advised not to ignore signs of aggression, such as growling or snarling. Desensitizing the mother by offering high-value treats gradually can help ease her anxiety. Patience is key – moving slowly towards petting her, then the puppies, can build trust.

The Passage of Time

Fading Aggression

If initial attempts fail, time becomes a valuable ally. Maternal aggression typically diminishes a few days after birth and is likely to be entirely gone by the time the puppies reach 2 or 3 weeks old.


The viral TikTok moment of the dad dog’s thwarted attempt to meet his pups not only entertained millions but also shed light on the fascinating world of canine parenting. As we await the next chapter in this furry family’s story, one thing is certain – the bond between a mother dog and her pups is a force to be reckoned with.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why was the mama dog protective of her pups?

The mama dog’s protectiveness is a natural instinct, driven by chemical changes in her brain and hormonal fluctuations after giving birth.


How can owners deal with maternal aggression in new dog mothers?

Owners can provide a safe and quiet space, desensitize the mother with treats, and gradually build trust by moving slowly towards petting her and the puppies.


Is it common for new dog mothers to be aggressive even towards their owners?

Yes, maternal aggression is not uncommon and can be directed even at owners who regularly care for the dog.


When does maternal aggression typically fade?

Maternal aggression tends to diminish a few days after birth and is usually gone by the time the puppies are 2 or 3 weeks old.


How did viewers react to the viral TikTok video?

The TikTok video garnered 2.3 million views, and viewers expressed empathy for the dad dog while appreciating the mama dog’s dedication to protecting her pups.

Source: Newsweek


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