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Originated from Germany and subsequently developed in the United States, the White German Shepherd is one of many varieties of German Shepherd distinguished by their white coat. It’s a big dog, standing 22 to 26 inches in height and weighing between 77 and 88 pounds, depending on the breed. The White Shepherd has a lifetime of 12 to 14 years, depending on the environment.

Is the White German Shepherd different from the Standard German Shepherd?

Technically, it isn’t. Yet, it is recognized as a distinct breed in its own right. 

The recessive gene that enables this breed to be white has always been present in the original genetic structure of the German Shepherd, simply put, White German Shepherds are direct descendants of German Shepherd.

However, since the 1930s, the White German Shepherd dog has been deemed a flaw and has so far failed to be recognized or acknowledged as a distinct breed of German Shepherd.

After decades of effort, supporters of the White German Shepherd were able to establish their own breed clubs and registries for the dog. Eventually, the United Kennel Club (UKC), the second largest dog breed registry in the United States, recognized the White German Shepherd as a distinct breed in 1999.

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Comparing the white German Shepherd and a regular German Shepherd?

The colour difference between the White German Shepherd and the regular German Shepherd is the sole thing that distinguishes them. 

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In terms of similarities, they both possess a large muscular stature and erect ears. They grow to as much as 26 inches (65 cm) in height and weigh close to  88 lbs (40 kg) when fully mature. Shedding is excessive for both breeds, and grooming is very important. Also, they are both loyal, intelligent, protective and energetic.

They usually differ in colour (white or cream), and the white German Shepherd has a stiff, long fur. Also, most white German Shepherd don’t have a double coat and are not recognized within the breed standard.

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What makes the White German Shepherd white?

The White German Shepherd, like the Black German Shepherd, is the result of a recessive coat colour gene that was passed down through the generations. In contrast to the Black German Shepherd, whose actual colour is completely black, the recessive white gene works as a mask, concealing the dog’s true colour and pattern and causing it to look white in appearance.

Can a White German Shepherd produce standard coloured offspring?

The answer is a resounding yes!

The only method to produce 100 per cent solid white progeny is to breed two White German Shepherds together; however, if a White German Shepherd is mated to a coloured German Shepherd, they will produce colourful pups instead of solid white. Whether or not the non-white Shepherd also has the recessive white gene determines what percentage of the breed is white.

Depending on whether the non-white dog has the recessive white gene or not, the pups will have a 50/50 chance of becoming white or coloured.

If the non-white dog does not inherit the recessive white gene, all of the puppies will be coloured regardless.

The fact that we cannot see what colour or pattern a White German Shepherd is masking makes predicting what colours the puppies will be when they are born to non-white German Shepherds challenging.

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Does the White German Shepherd have genetic disorders?


In reality, Max Von Stephanitz, the man credited with establishing the German Shepherd as a recognized breed, publicly rejected this assertion. When he wrote The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture (1923), he said that the colour of the dog had no relevance for service.

Unfortunately, history has not been kind to this breed, and many people still believe that she has genetic flaws.

Here are a few myths about the genetics of a White German Shepherd that has been debunked:

1. The White German Shepherd is NOT an albino German Shepherd. 

Many times, people refer to the White German Shepherd as an albino German Shepherd, which is a misnomer. Despite the fact that there are albino German Shepherds, the White German Shepherd is not one of them.

An albino is a kind of creature that lacks pigmentation, resulting in pink eyes, pale skin, and colourless hair in its natural state. The White German Shepherd has pure white fur and pink or black skin. It has gold or brown eyes, a dark nose, and gold or brown ears.

2. Breeding a White German Shepherd with a coloured German Shepherd does NOT produce ‘colour paling’

If you crossbreed a White German Shepherd with a normal German Shepherd, some people believe that the white gene will cause the pups to be born a lighter shade of brown. This is, however, not the case.

The white gene is not a dilute gene, as are the liver and blue genes; rather, it is a masking gene (which means that the recessive gene conceals the dog’s actual colour). In order for diluted colours such as liver or blue to appear, the White Shepherd in question must be concealing the diluted colour in issue.

3. The White German Shepherd has NO separate health issues

Recessed genes are solely responsible for the dog’s colour; there is no evidence that they are linked to ill health or a negative disposition. The White German Shepherd is susceptible to the same health problems as the normal German Shepherd, with hip and elbow dysplasia being the most serious worry.

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Finding a reputable White German Shepherd breeder

Unfortunately, as was the case with the Black German Shepherd, some breeders are just interested in making a profit. Due to the fact that these canines are somewhat uncommon, breeders may demand a higher price for a White German Shepherd puppy. While the typical puppy price for a regular German Shepherd begins at about $300 and may go up to $900, White German Shepherd pups can cost anywhere from $750 to $1,500 on average.

To find a reputable breeder and learn how to identify one, it is critical to do extensive research. They should be able to give you with complete information on the puppy’s paternity, as well as any health problems that the dog may have and the puppy’s immunization history. They should wish to meet with you in order to ask you questions about your dog-owning experience and why you believe you would be a good fit for the White German Shepherd puppy they have available.

If you’re looking for a reputable breeder, the American White Shepherd Association, the biggest White Shepherd dog organization in the United States, is a good place to start. Breeders of White German Shepherds from throughout the United States and Canada are listed on their website, and they are all members of the organization.

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The White German Shepherd is regarded as a distinct breed from the regular type.

Physical distinctions include a white coat that is typically longer and may or may not be doubled in length.

Her white complexion is produced by a recessive gene known as a “masking gene,” which conceals her actual colour and pattern.

In terms of disposition, life span, and overall health, she is no different from the typical German Shepherds on the market.

She has the ability to breed colourful German Shepherd pups.


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