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All You Need To Know About Delaware Chicken Breeds - Green Parrot News

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Delaware chickens are a generally new type of chicken to the chicken world.

During the 1940s it was set to become the broiler industry ‘superstar’, yet things turned out badly and the Delaware fell into haziness.

They are just around today because of a couple of committed people who kept and raised this breed.

In this article, we investigate the historical backdrop of this dazzling bird. We will likewise convince you to allow this dual-purpose hen an opportunity in your herd. It truly is an extraordinary bird.

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The creation of the Delaware chicken was in many ways a coincidence. Everything began with the Rhode Island Red breed.

As the Rhode Island, Red breed was being refined for better eggs and meat, a few white ‘sports’ were made.

During the 1940s an individual called George Ellis saw potential in these birds and began working with them. He needed a bird that would keep up great egg creation yet increased meat creation as well.
Likewise, a white bird would be actually the thing the industry was searching for since any leftover pin feathers would not look unattractive after plucking.

As with their parent birds they were chosen for quick feathering and fast development rate so that they were competitive in the broiler industry.

He worked with them for quite a long while and his original birds were called Indian Rivers. It was additionally called the Ohio Beauty for a while before it was finally changed to Delaware.

His work with the variety was a tremendous achievement.

The Indian Rivers were the most common bird in the Mid-East.

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Their popularity went on for around 15-20 years before they were sidelined by the considerably faster-growing Cornish Rock cross.

Since the Delaware had initially been reproduced for the broiler industry, scarcely any farm kept these birds thus started a consistent decrease in their popularity.

A number of devoted folks made all the difference for the breed, yet in 2009 the American Livestock Breed Conservancy had listed it as critical status.

Delaware Chicken


To fully understand the need for a chicken like the Delaware, we have to understand a little of what was happening at the time they were created.

During the early 1940s, the UK and the majority of Europe was at battle with Germany. Although the US didn’t join the war until 1941, they provided materials including food to the UK and allies. Furthermore, during the post-conflict years (1940s and 1950s) supermarkets really gained in popularity.

Farmers could not keep up with the day to day running of their farms let alone the work involved in raising, selling, packing and transporting livestock. These problems were to be solved by the rise of the agricultural industry.

Big warehouses for chicken production were built by enterprising new companies like Perdue. The supply and life of chickens was now forever changed; the small farms could not hope to compete with this large scale operation and so turned to other produce to keep the country fed.

The Second World War changed farming perpetually to the advantage of humanity, but certainly not for the animals involved.

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The Delaware is a medium-sized, dual-purpose bird with a long, expansive and profound body. You should anticipate that the male would weigh around 3-4 kilogrammes and the females around 2-3 kilogrammes.

There is additionally a bantam variety and this tip the scales at 900g for the males and 800g for the females.

They are for the most part white/silver with black barring on the hackles, wings and tail. Despite the fact that you may hear individuals say it is a Columbian pattern it isn’t so. The Columbian pattern has solid black feathers not barred, so similar, however, not the genuine thing.

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The rooster is particularly attractive with the neck and tail barring.

Their comb ought to have 5 points and will be red just like the wattles and ear lobes. Combs are very enormous so Vaseline might be necessary if you live in a cool region.

Eyes are a reddish bay colour and the beak is a reddish horn colour.

Skin and legs are yellow, the legs are spotless and each foot ought to have four toes.


Breed Standard

They were accepted by the American Poultry Association standard in 1952. There is just one variety – white with black barring on their hackles, tail and occasionally wings and body.

Unfortunately they never truly had an impact anywhere but the US as their stardom was short-lived, so no other breed standards exist.

Disposition and Behavior

Delawares have been portrayed as quiet, amicable, inquisitive and smart – all of which is quite correct. It has also been depicted as peaceful

They can be assertive but definitely aren’t as assertive as Rhode Island Reds. They are always curious to find out what you are doing.

While not known for being ‘lap’ chickens, it actually depends on the individual bird; some will cheerfully sit on your lap and rest.

Eggs Laying and Hatching

Delawares can lay up to four enormous brown eggs each week. They truly are not extremely keen on being broody, so in the event that you need to hatch some yourself, you will just require either a broody or a hatchery.

You might be lucky and get a hen that appears to need to brood, yet be ready and have your hatchery on reserve.

Day-Old Chicks: Delaware

Sex Linkage

Much as the New Hampshire and Barred Rock breeds were used to create the Delaware, the Delaware can be used with certain different varieties to deliver sex-linked chicks.

• A Delaware chicken over a New Hampshire Red or Rhode Island Red hen will create Delawares.

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• A New Hampshire Red or Rhode Island Red chicken over a Delaware hen will give you red sex-joins.

Health Issues

Aside from the usual parasites (which is quite normal), they are an exceptionally healthy bird.

The only thing you need to focus on is their comb. The combs can be dependent upon frostbite so a little Vaseline might be needed.

Is The Delaware An Appropriate Breed?

The Delaware is appropriate for the small urban/suburban homesteads. It lays ample eggs and can be a family meal in a short space of time.

They are people-oriented and quite friendly, they love to talk with you and let you realize how their day is going. In the event that you have children, they are said to be very good with them also and some will tolerate being picked up and cuddled, but this is definitely an individual thing.

This chicken loves to free roam in the yard, taking out any bugs or other tasty treats along the way; they can even assist you with your gardening.

They are a low maintenance breed which makes them reasonable for amateurs or a 4H task.

Unfortunately, it is said they are difficult to breed to ‘standard’ and many folks have to use the double mating system to get good quality birds.

They do well in exhibitions and shows since they stay an uncommon case.


Fortunately, they are presently on the watch list for the ALBC because of renewed interest in a portion of the more established chicken varieties.

The Delaware is unfathomably appropriate for small farms and homestead. They lay very well and are quick to mature, which makes them an economical table bird too.

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