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Do Pugs Get Along With Cats; Tips and Everything You Need to Know - Fumi Pets

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Pugs are tiny canines that belong in the toy dog category. They are, nevertheless, somewhat bigger than other toy dogs. Pugs come in a range of sizes, depending on the breed mix. Pugs are renowned for being friendly and easygoing creatures. But how can they get along with the cat, one of the dog’s biggest foes?

Fortunately, pugs and cats get along pretty smoothly. This is made possible by a few important characteristics, including their tiny stature and calm, loving nature. There are several methods that may help a pug get along with a cat and make the transition simpler for both dogs.

Pugs are one of the easiest dog breeds to introduce to cats, which is good news for you. Let’s look at those elements first, and then at the methods that will make it simpler afterwards.

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Pugs History

The breed is said to have originated in China in the 200s B.C. since there are records of dogs with comparable characteristics. In the late 1500s and early 1600s, they were transported to European nations, where they were very popular.

Numerous breeds were owned by European royal families, and many painters portrayed them in the backgrounds of their paintings in the 1700s. For as long as they’ve existed, their beautiful features have captivated the human heart.


Pugs are much tiny than many other dog breeds. When introducing a dog to a cat, this is a positive thing. The cat will be less frightened and will be able to establish the necessary limits without trouble.

The pug will be unable to drive the cat insane due to its size. The dog will be placed lower than the cat, which may be beneficial to their relationship since pugs are easier to handle when they are placed lower. Cats do not function well when they are physically or socially inferior to someone. Cats, in general, have a strong sense of self-worth.

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Pugs lack the innate hunting urge that other dogs possess. The hunter/prey drive has not been passed on due to the manner this dog was bred. Preying on other animals is not a prey instinct. This will keep the pug and the cat on good terms. Hopefully, the pug’s inclination to not attack the cat can be developed.

Because the pug is tiny and does not pose a danger to the cat, the cat will usually ignore it. This is a positive development. Unlike the pug, most cats do not have the urge to befriend anything that moves.

The pug is the concerned mother, while the cat is the disappointed father.:  funny


Pugs have the ability to love and be friendly to other animals, including cats. They will want to befriend the cat in the same way that they do people. This implies that they will attempt to play with the cat.

This can help the cat determine where that line is, and it will let the pug know exactly where that line is. The pug will have many chances to understand where that line is drawn and hopefully will not cross it in the future.


There are certain ground rules you should establish before introducing your pug to your cat or vice versa. If the pug is a new pet, make sure the cat, who has been around for a long, has places to hide from the pug, particularly if it is a puppy.

Safe places

Ideally, every room should have a high point where the cat may escape the puppy’s antics. This will make it easier for the cat to accept what the puppy wants to do. The pug will almost always want to play with the cat. This is OK, but the cat will not be pleased.

Command Phrase

Make sure you have a command or phrase in place to tell the pug to stop doing whatever it is that he shouldn’t be doing. It is unavoidable that the puppy will be simpler to teach than the cat.

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Things will be a bit more difficult if the pug is your first pet and you’re also bringing home a kitten. Kittens will be more energetic than an adult cat, therefore the pug must stay cool and not become too enthusiastic. If scared, kittens may get agitated and lash out.

This is terrible for your pug since their eyes are in an easy-to-injure position.

Pug puppy is worried about cat behind him - video Dailymotion

Puppy Energy

When your cat has been reared with dogs, it is simpler to introduce your cat to a puppy, although it may still be fascinating. The puppy will bring new dynamics into the home, which may annoy the cat.

There isn’t much you can do other than create safe zones and teach the dog. Make sure the puppy and cat are never left alone together, although it will take some time for the cat to adjust to the puppy.

Because pugs and cats may be protective, it’s crucial to be aware of any tension or reactionary responses.

Pugs, like anybody else, may be possessive of items they believe are theirs. Food, toys, people, and even cats may fall into this category. If the mother and the pug were close or got along, there have been reports of pugs ‘adopting’ a litter of kittens. Not usually, since they are one of the friendliest breeds.

Tire Out Your Puppy

You may wear out your puppy by taking him/her for walks and continuously playing with him/her, which will aid in the introduction of the cat to the puppy.

This may also aid in socialisation training for your dog. Bring him to the dog park or locations where there are a lot of people, such as the supermarket. Introducing him to a variety of scenarios will not only help him adjust to his new surroundings, but it will also thrill him and burn off some energy before he returns home and attempts to annoy the cat.

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Pay Attention to Your Cat

Just because you’ve got a new puppy doesn’t mean you should forget about your cat. Make certain he understands that he is still loved. Give your cat the option to refuse human contact if he doesn’t like it. I assure you, cats enjoy this. After a brief interrogation, allow him his personal space.

Take your cat to the vet if you suspect he is stressed. There is a soothing medicine that may help your cat adjust to the puppy lifestyle. This will relax him and allow him to be more open to change.

If your cat enjoys human interaction, give him as much as he will allow. This will not only help him cope with his stress, but it will also help you maintain a healthy and strong relationship.

Feed Them in Separate Places

Even after the cat has grown accustomed to the pug or puppy, there is still the possibility of a feeding conflict. Feeding them at the same time will be more convenient for you, so don’t change it. Feed them in separate areas instead.

Keep the dog’s food on the ground, but provide a higher-up area for the cat to consume. This will keep them apart while they eat and make them happy. Despite the fact that pugs lack a hunting instinct, they have a strong need to defend their food.

This is a universal characteristic shared by all animals, and even humans feel compelled to defend their food. And when you have pals like pugs and cats, you do.

Pugs and cats can be excellent companions even if they don’t live together. All it takes is patience and your cat’s trust. Train your pug to be friendly and respectful of the cat, and the cat will reciprocate.


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