7 Best Natural Cat Litters in 2023 — (Reviews & Top Picks)

Best Natural Cat Litters

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7 Natural Cat Litters:


Natural cat litters have gained popularity among cat owners who seek environmentally friendly and safe alternatives to traditional clay-based litters. These litters are typically made from biodegradable materials, making them a sustainable choice.

  1. Eco-Friendly: Natural cat litters are often made from renewable resources like corn, wheat, wood, or recycled paper. This reduces the environmental impact compared to clay litters.
  2. Biodegradable: These litters break down naturally, reducing landfill waste. They can often be composted or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

  3. Dust-Free: Many natural litters produce less dust than clay litters, which can benefit both cats and their owners, especially those with allergies.

  4. Odor Control: Some natural litters incorporate natural odor-absorbing ingredients like baking soda or activated charcoal to control unpleasant smells.

  5. Variety: Natural cat litters come in various textures, including clumping and non-clumping options, to suit different preferences.


There are various types of cat litter available today, but not every cat will benefit from using every one of them. It may be challenging to choose one because of this. While they are a popular option, not all cats can use clumping clay litter.

Natural cat litters could work well for your feline friend if they are allergic to dust or have respiratory problems. Humans with allergies and dust sensitivity may also benefit from using these litters. Natural litters have the ability to effectively absorb and reduce smells. They are generally also biodegradable, sustainably sourced, and environmentally friendly.

We’ve compiled our top picks with reviews to help you decide which natural litter is best for you, whether you’re thinking about switching from clay litter or are searching for a new brand.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2023

BEST OVERALLWinner World’s Best Corn Cat Litter World’s Best Corn Cat Litter   Made from corn  Flushable Check Price
BEST VALUESecond place Arm & Hammer Corn Cat Litter Arm & Hammer Corn Cat Litter   Made from corn  Baking soda  Odor control Check Price
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place Next Gen Green Tea Litter Next Gen Green Tea Litter   Green tea smell  Antibacterial properties  Long-lasting Check Price
  Okocat Paper Pellet Cat Litter Okocat Paper Pellet Cat Litter   Made from paper  Safe for kittens and post-surgical cats  Low-tracking Check Price
  Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter   Dust-free  Absorbs odors better than clay Check Price

The 7 Best Natural Cat Litters

1. World’s Best Multi-Cat Corn Cat Litter — Best Overall

World’s Best Multi-Cat Corn Cat Litter (1)

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Weight: 28 pounds
Material: Corn
Features: Clumping, odor-control, multi-cat

World’s Best Multi-Cat Corn Cat Litter is our top pick for natural cat litter overall. This corn-based litter clumps tightly and is simple to shovel. Everyone in your home will be able to breathe better since it is 99% dust-free. It is flushable and safe for the majority of septic and sewage systems and is free of any additional colors, fragrances, or chemicals.

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To further suppress smells, this solution uses a natural plant component. While designed with multi-cat homes in mind, the litter would also be effective with a single cat.

To maintain your house as odor-free as possible, you’ll need to frequently scoop the box, just as you would with any litter. A complete litter change is required to prevent smells from accumulating. It’s essential to replenish the box when you detect an odor despite routine scooping.


  • Made from corn
  • Flushable


  • Needs to be completely changed regularly

2. Arm & Hammer Clumping Corn Cat Litter — Best Value

Arm & Hammer Natural Clumping Corn Cat Litter (1)

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Weight: 9 pounds
Material: Corn
Features: Clumping, scented, odor-control

We choose Arm & Hammer Natural Clumping Corn Cat Litter as the finest natural cat litter for the money. The odor-removing prowess for which Arm & Hammer is renowned also applies to this litter. For a home with several cats, this corn litter does a good job of controlling smells.

In order to regulate and reduce dust, mineral oil is also added to the litter along with a little artificial aroma. This corn-based mixture promises to absorb twice as much moisture as clay litter while weighing half as much. The clumping component of the litter is a plant-based substance, making it non-toxic and secure for your cat. Baking soda is included in the composition, much as in many other Arm & Hammer products, to neutralize smells instantly.

There have been complaints that the synthetic aroma is too overpowering for many. Also, it is said that the clumps are too loose to be effectively scooped.


  • Made from corn
  • Baking soda
  • Odor control


  • Scent is strong
  • Forms loose clumps

3. Next Gen Green Tea Clumping Litter — Premium Choice

Next Gen Green Tea Clumping Wood Litter (1)

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Weight: 11.5 pounds
Material: Wood
Features: Unscented, clumping, flushable, odor control

Next Gen Green Tea Clumping Wood Litter, which is constructed of wood and green tea powder, is our top pick for all-natural cat litter. Green tea offers an astringent called catechin in addition to odor control. This antibacterial and antioxidant substance prevents bacterial development before it may produce smells.

This litter should last 4-6 weeks in a single bag. The clumps you scoop may be flushed, and any leftover waste that you remove from the box before refilling it can be composted entirely.

Tracking is a problem that has been mentioned with this litter. Cats may easily follow this litter around the home due to the size of the pellets. Under the box, a litter-catching mat could be required.


  • Green tea smell
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Long-lasting


  • High-tracking

4. Okocat Non-Clumping Cat Litter — Best for Kittens

Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter

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Weight: 12.3 pounds
Material: Paper
Features: Flushable, odor-control, dust-free

Our top pick for kittens is the paper-based Okocat Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter since it’s gentle on their paws and simple to use. This litter’s odor control is plant-based, making it non-toxic and all-natural for quickly getting rid of ammonia smells. For kittens who are still learning how to use the toilet, this is safe. For kittens that like playing in their litter and could unintentionally ingest part of it, it’s the best alternative.

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This litter’s white paper fiber is low-tracking and free of pesticides, dyes, and genetically modified organisms. This litter is safe for fragile kittens, but it’s also a good choice for allergy-prone cats or cats who are healing after operations or wounds.

The biodegradable and flushable litter pellets. According to some accounts, this litter smells awful even when it is clean and pee scents aren’t completely absorbed.


  • Made from paper
  • Safe for kittens and post-surgical cats
  • Low-tracking


  • Foul odor when clean
  • Doesn’t provide long-lasting odor control

5. Naturally Fresh Clumping Cat Litter — Best Low Dust Option

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Non-Clumping Cat Litter

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Weight: 26 pounds
Material: Walnut
Features: Clumping, multi-cat, odor control, dust-free

While designed for multi-cat households, the Naturally Fresh Clumping Walnut Cat Litter is suitable for your solitary kitty. It is made from walnut shells and is naturally better at absorbing smells than clay litters. Three bags of clumping clay litter fit into one bag, although it weighs significantly less.

Tight clumps start to develop when this litter is applied in as little as 15 minutes. It may also be composted. This litter is a good alternative for cats and those who have respiratory conditions since it is low-tracking and free of silica dust. This litter is safe for cats to use, and changing the litter is possible without inhaling silica dust.

There have been recent changes to this recipe, and the litter may now also include a new fragrance.


  • Dust-free
  • Absorbs odors better than clay


  • New scent is unpleasant to some

6. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

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Weight: 36 pounds
Material: Wheat
Features: Clumping, odor control, flushable

For one or more cats, the sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Clumping Litter is effective. This litter eliminates ammonia smells and inhibits odors on touch. It is made from renewable and biodegradable wheat. The odor is kept under control, and the clumps are simple to scrape out even when used often by multiple cats.

No synthetic fragrances or colors are introduced. To avoid smells accumulating over time, this litter should be thoroughly replaced. There have been instances of this trash high-tracking. Moreover, it may be flushed, simplifying cleaning. If it is changed and refreshed often, it will help to keep smells at bay.


  • Neutralizes odors
  • Flushable
  • Low dust


  • High tracking
  • Must be changed often

7. Feline Pine Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Litter

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Weight: 40 pounds
Material: Pine, wood
Features: Non-clumping, odor-control, unscented

The shavings from the manufacture of recycled timber are used to make the wood in the Feline Pine Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter. To produce this garbage, no new trees are chopped down.

The texture of the sawdust is both very absorbent and gentle on your cat’s paws. It keeps away scents and rapidly neutralizes them. Pine fibers absorb liquids by acting as sponges. There are no additional chemicals or scents in this litter. You and your cat can breathe comfortably since the wood shavings don’t create much dust.

This alternative doesn’t clump, therefore the litter can’t be scooped. Just empty, clean, and restock the litter box with new litter when it’s time to replace it. If this litter isn’t changed often, it will become wet sawdust when moist, and the pee may begin to collect on the bottom.


  • Highly absorbent
  • No trees are cut down to make this litter
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  • Must be changed often

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Natural Cat Litter

Why Use Natural Cat Litter?

Some compounds included in clay kitty litter may be harmful to the environment. This trash is then thrown away since a landfill cannot decompose it. If you care about the environment, natural, biodegradable kitty litter can be a better option.

As cats breathe in the clay dust in the litter box, they may react if they have allergies or dust sensitivities. The dust from the litter may also cause respiratory problems in humans. The best litter is natural, which keeps everyone’s breathing better.

Some cats like consuming their waste. There are several reasons why somebody would do this, but one of them might be health-related. Take your cat in for a health check with your veterinarian if you spot them eating their litter. They could suggest a safe natural litter that, if consumed, won’t hurt the pet.

Choosing the Right Natural Litter

Natural litters vary widely from one another. Here are some factors to think about while choosing the best one for you and your cat.


Since clumping litter is simpler to sweep, many people prefer it. Clumps of litter shouldn’t be used for all cats. For instance, clumping litter shouldn’t be used for kittens or cats who are recuperating following a spay or neuter procedure. Non-clumping litter is excellent for kittens since they may play in it and could inadvertently eat some of it.


Odor management shouldn’t be compromised by natural litters. Although some litters have additional or natural fragrances that cover odors, others have no scent at all. The mix for your litter need to include some odor-controlling properties.


When it comes to litter, various cats have varied tastes. Some enjoy a delicate, silky texture, while other people like bigger granules. While selecting a new litter for your cat, try to bear in mind what they like most.

False Advertising

Several goods make false claims that they are natural. You may not want such poisons or chemicals near your cat or in your house. Before making a decision, always check the formula’s components to learn precisely what is in the batch.

Choose the Right Type

Natural cat litter is made from a variety of ingredients.

Common Types of Natural Cat Litter


The absorbent and fibrous walnut shells are used to make this litter. Sand-like particles are created by processing the shells. This litter lacks significant natural odor protection and is lightweight.


Grass seed is used to make grass litter. Low quantities of dust are produced, and they have a rough texture. They disguise smells with an aroma that is similar to real wheat.


Wood litters are odor-controlling and very absorbent, with a natural pine aroma. These litters often don’t clump as well as other litters do.

Corn or Grain

Corn kernels or other grains, including wheat, are used to make this litter. For odor control, these litters often have a cereal aroma and solidify into clumps. If your cat were to accidentally consume the litter, they would not be poisonous to them.

Recycled Paper

Your cat’s feet will feel smooth and absorbent when using recycled paper litter. It shouldn’t clump, therefore frequent scooping is necessary. This litter should be changed often to get rid of smells. If it isn’t, pee may begin to collect underneath it and turn it into a soggy mess.

Is All Natural Litter Flushable?

Not all natural poop can be flushed. Make sure you locate the information on the label that indicates if your litter is safe for flushing before switching from the trash can to the toilet. Some natural litters are simple pipe cloggers.


World’s Best Multi-Cat Corn Cat Litter is our top pick when it comes to all-natural cat litter. It is advantageous for the environment and your cleaning time since it is composed of maize and flushable. Our budget-friendly pick is Arm & Hammer Natural Clumping Corn Cat Litter. We enjoy the pricing and the additional odor control provided by the baking soda. We hope that our evaluations have assisted you in making the best natural cat litter decision for both your family and your cat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s explore some common questions and answers about natural cat litters:


Are natural cat litters safe for cats?

Yes, natural cat litters are generally safe for cats. They are made from non-toxic materials, reducing the risk of ingestion or skin irritation.

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Do natural litters clump like traditional litters?

Some natural litters offer clumping properties, making it easier to scoop waste. However, the clumping ability can vary depending on the brand and materials used.

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Are natural cat litters more expensive than clay litters?

Natural cat litters can be slightly more expensive, but the cost difference is often justified by their eco-friendly and safer nature.


Can natural litters effectively control odors?

Yes, many natural litters are designed to control odors naturally, often using ingredients like baking soda or activated charcoal.


How should I dispose of used natural cat litter?

Used natural cat litter can often be composted or disposed of in accordance with local waste disposal guidelines. Check the product’s instructions for specific recommendations.

Choosing a natural cat litter is not only beneficial for your feline friend but also for the environment. These litters offer a sustainable and safe alternative to traditional options.



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