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In recent years, at-home DNA testing have become more popular, and the reason is not far fetched.  Who hasn’t wished to discover more about their family’s ancestors or to unearth previously unknown aspects of their own personal history at some point in their lives? When you use a service like 23&me, you are tapping into something really human—but if you believe that’s all there is to DNA testing, think again. However, it has been discovered that there are many services available that also tap into something inherently, well, canine.

If you’re the happy owner of a mixed-breed puppy, you’ve undoubtedly spent a lot of time thinking about the genetic composition of your dog. Dog DNA testing provides you with the opportunity to find out—as well as to discover important health data, develop a better diet plan, and uncover a variety of other relevant facts.

In this article, we are going to review the best four DNA test kit available.

1. The Embark Breed & Health Kit 

Embark Breed and Health Kit

It goes without saying that the Embark Breed & Health Kit is the ideal choice if you want the most up-to-date information available on your pet’s health. The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine collaborated in the development of the kit. You will get information on your pet’s breed breakdown as well as information on ancestors dating back to great-grandparents when you purchase the Embark Breed & Health Kit.

A social component to this kit is also included: you may connect with other dogs who have been tested with Embark and who share DNA with your own dog via the use of this kit. Finally, in addition to screening for breeds, there are genetic health tests that are performed on the DNA of the animals. You may see all of your findings on Embark’s website, which has a beautifully designed dashboard, or you can download a report (which is useful if you have information you want to share with your veterinarian).

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Embark will conduct testing on your dog’s cheek swab, which you will send to them for analysis. Results are usually available within two to four weeks after the test. Reviews have noted that, despite the lengthy wait, the company does an excellent job of giving status updates, making it apparent that significant work is being done at all times. One thing that several reviewers did notice was that the number of emails received after the test results were sent out was very high.

Overall, the majority of reviews were very pleased with the outcomes, as well as with the level of customer service. The findings are presented in full in the report, which includes visually appealing and easily understandable graphs and charts that illustrate the findings. One or more reviewers stated that when a geneticist received a report on their dog that included a potentially worrisome result, the geneticist would personally contact them before releasing the report to discuss the ramifications.

2. DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit

Are you turned off by the lengthy wait times and high costs associated with many of the dog DNA testing kits available? The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit may be the best choice for you since the results are ready in about one week. In addition, the price is considerably less expensive than before.

With this kit, you will swab your dog’s cheek to get DNA, send the sample in, and then receive information about your pup’s ancestor. You will get information on your dog’s breed composition, as well as information on your dog’s dominant breeds and the personality characteristics and health problems that are linked with those breeds.

Many reviews praised the quickness with which the findings were sent, the simplicity with which the test was administered, and the legible information given in the results.

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3. Wisdom Health Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test

Wisdom Panel

If your dog’s breed is really mysterious—or if you believe that several or uncommon breeds are involved—the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit is most likely your best choice for determining its origins. It examines 350 different breeds, kinds, and varieties of plants.

In addition, the testing procedure is very straightforward: each test includes two DNA test swabs. Using these, you’ll be able to collect a sample from the inside of your dog’s mouth. For a couple of hours before collecting the sample, make sure your dog does not lick, chew, or consume anything. (According to the reviews, this procedure may be somewhat more difficult than it seems.) After that, you’ll send the sample back to the company using pre-paid postage (which is also provided). This DNA sample will be analysed in a lab for hundreds of markers that can assist in identifying your dog’s breed heritage all the way back to the dog’s great-grandparents, if that is possible. Within three weeks, you will get an email with the findings of your dog’s examination.

The majority of reviews were pleased with the outcome, as well as the opportunity to indulge your curiosity and discover more about your dog’s history. Additionally, you will get information on your dog’s genetic history, weight range estimates for your dog, and information on your dog’s mix of breeds. The majority of reviewers agreed that the findings were correct; they also advised contacting the business if they had any concerns or were confused, and they complimented the company’s response.

4. Orivet Mixed-Breed Identification & Life Plan Dog DNA Test Kit

Mixed Breed

The process of learning about your dog’s breed may be both educational and entertaining. However, it is not just a question of curiosity: gaining knowledge into your dog’s past may also help you become more aware of the health concerns associated with particular breeds.

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With the Orivet Mixed-Breed Identification & Life Plan Dog DNA Test Kit, you’ll get a customised Life Plan that includes comprehensive information on inheritable health concerns, as well as what you can do to mitigate those risks in your dog. Please share this information with your veterinarian as it may be beneficial. The Life Plan outlines recommended regular care for your dog according to his or her age, as well as advised testing depending on your dog’s or cat’s health indicators.

What to Look for in a Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA Collection | Veterinary Genetics Laboratory


The kind of test you choose will be determined by the reasons for which you are doing the testing. Some simple tests are available for those who are just interested about their dog’s ancestry, while others offer a more in-depth study of how their DNA may contribute to their overall disposition. Others can tell you whether or whether your dog is more or less at risk for a variety of health problems, including as cancer.

Results speed

How long do you want to be patiently awaiting the results of your dog’s DNA test? In the event that time is essential to you, there are tests that may provide findings fast (within a few of weeks), while other testing firms can take months to provide answers. The purpose for your testing as well as your degree of patience will play a role in determining which kind of exam you should take.


Without a doubt, accuracy is the most essential characteristic you should seek for in a dog DNA test, especially if you are searching for information about their health. Certain tests promise accuracy rates of over 100 percent in some instances.


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