A clean home is appealing to everyone, but keeping your castle clean is more challenging if your dog has muddy paws. Because she can’t leave her shoes at the door, it’s up to you to clean up the messes before she tracks them around the house.

Step 1

To keep the dog clean and dry, fence off mud-prone areas or tether her to a cable. If you live in a location where there is a lot of rain or snow, consider putting down a concrete pad and utilising it as a mud-free toilet place for your dogs.

5 Tips on Keeping your Dog Clean between Baths - K9Clean

Step 2 

Line the pathway leading up to your entrance with a succession of outdoor rugs. These carpets absorb moisture and remove mud and filth from the dog’s paws before it enters the home. To get the most filth out of your rug, choose one with a thick, stiff fabric.

How to Clean Dog Paws After a Walk - Quick and Easy Guide

Step 3 

As you approach the home, put a collar and leash on the dog and lead her down the rugs. Before opening the door, ask her to sit and give her a reward. Repetition of the method each time the dog goes out to pee will teach her to go down the mats and wait before leaping through the door.

Step 4

Stop the dog as soon as she enters the home, and allow the dirt and wetness from her paws soak into the rug.

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Step 5 

To eliminate stubborn dirt, clean your dog’s feet using baby wipes. Place her on the mat and clean the top and bottom of her feet carefully. Spread the dog’s toes and clean between her pads with your fingertips. Baby wipes are strong enough to remove even the toughest stains while being soft enough not to hurt your dog’s delicate skin.

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