How to Soothe Your Pet’s Fireworks Anxiety this 4th of July

How to Soothe Your Pet's Fireworks Anxiety this 4th of July

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How to Soothe Your Pet’s Fireworks Anxiety this 4th of July


Fireworks: Fun for Us, Fear for Them

When it comes to Fourth of July celebrations, fireworks are indeed a key highlight. However, while we may enjoy the glimmering spectacle, our furry companions often find the loud noises terrifying.

This anxiety can lead to harmful consequences, especially for dogs. The Broome County Humane Society has come forward with some suggestions on how to help your pet during this festive period.

Distract, Muffle, and Mitigate

Amberly Ondria, the Shelter Manager for the Humane Society, highlights the importance of distraction. One effective strategy is to engage your pets during the fireworks display to shift their focus away from the alarming sounds. Keeping windows and doors closed can also help dampen the noise.

Additionally, Ondria recommends creating a more soothing soundscape for your pet. Playing calming music or switching on a fan or an air conditioner can help mask the booming noises of the fireworks.

Preventing Pet Panic

The extreme noise of fireworks can trigger severe stress and anxiety in pets. In some instances, this fear can even drive them to escape from home. Ondria noted that it’s not uncommon for pets who have fled during Fourth of July celebrations to be brought to their shelter.

To prevent such incidents, residents planning to use fireworks should alert their neighbors as a common courtesy. “Be a good neighbor,” Ondria advises. Even if you don’t own a pet, your neighbors might, so having a considerate conversation about your fireworks plans can go a long way.

For those who’ll be away from home during the holiday, Ondria suggests keeping an eye out for any stray or frightened pets and immediately contacting the Dog Control Office.

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By taking these steps, we can ensure a happy and safe Fourth of July celebration for both humans and pets alike.

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