The Peril of Improper Pet Food Storage: Dog Owner’s Urgent Warning to Fellow Animal Lovers

Dog Owner's Urgent Warning to Fellow Animal Lovers

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The Peril of Improper Pet Food Storage: Dog Owner’s Urgent Warning to Fellow Animal Lovers


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Michelle Gomez, a devoted dog owner, has recently made a startling discovery that prompted her to raise an urgent red flag about pet food storage practices.

Discovering the Mold Menace in Pet Food

Michelle shares her life with two adored dogs: a four-year-old Golden Retriever and a three-year-old Dalmatian. After a shocking find in her pet food container, she turned to the internet to publicize the incident and the video has since amassed nearly half a million views.

“I just found mold in my dog’s food and I have to show you,” she begins the video, expressing her concern. She confesses, “I know you’re not supposed to put food in a container that’s not airtight or food safe but I didn’t really think it was that serious.”

The Importance of Proper Pet Food Storage

Michelle owned up to her mistake. She had carelessly stored her dog’s food in a non-airtight container and the results were distressing. She showcased the container in the video—a white tub with a lid that flips up, which had remained empty for around two weeks before she decided to transfer a new bag of food into it.

To her dismay, she found mold growing on the dog food nuggets inside. Recognizing the potential danger to her pets, she apologized to her Golden Retriever and emphasized the significance of proper pet food storage.

Her advice to fellow dog owners is simple yet crucial: refrain from storing pet food in a container without its original bag. The original packaging or a container that can hold the bag intact is recommended to keep the food fresh and safe.

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Pet Owners Weigh in on the Discussion

Michelle’s video ignited a wave of conversations among viewers, with many sharing their own insights and experiences about pet food storage.

“I usually wash mine right after the next bag,” one viewer wrote. Another shared professional insight: “I worked at a vet. I learned that you are supposed to keep the food in the bag it came in. It’s the best way to keep the food fresh.” A third viewer agreed, advising others to use any dog food container but ensure that the food remains in its original bag.

In Other News: The Threat of Parvovirus

In a related pet health concern, 25-year-old dog owner Amy Riley from Darwen, Lancashire, recently revealed that her beloved pet, Cookie, had contracted parvovirus, a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus. Cookie, a six-month-old puppy, is believed to have caught the virus during a neighborhood walk.

Despite initial suspicion of a stomach problem when Cookie began vomiting, further deterioration in the puppy’s condition led to the diagnosis of parvovirus. The incident serves as a sobering reminder for all pet owners to be vigilant about their pets’ health and well-being.

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