The Best Pet Wellness Plans In 2023

Best Pet Wellness Plans

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Key Factors for Evaluating Pet Wellness Plans:


Pet wellness plans are comprehensive programs designed to ensure the health and well-being of your furry companion. They typically include regular veterinary check-ups, preventive care, and discounts on various services.

Here’s a summary of what to consider when evaluating the best pet wellness plans and answers to common questions about them:

  1. Coverage: Look for plans that offer a wide range of preventive care services, including vaccinations, flea and tick control, dental care, and wellness exams.

  2. Affordability: Consider the cost of the plan and whether it provides value by covering essential services while saving you money in the long run.

  3. Network of Providers: Ensure that the plan includes access to a network of reputable veterinarians and clinics in your area.

  4. Flexibility: Look for plans that allow customization to suit your pet’s specific needs and age.

  5. Emergency Coverage: Check if the plan includes emergency care or if it’s primarily focused on routine wellness visits.

Pet Wellness Plans

We can’t precisely give our own health insurance credentials to the doctor after an appointment, even though dogs are family members. Ah, what a bummer. Even if your animal friend is healthy and does not have any underlying diseases, pet maintenance is an expensive endeavor.

But there are methods to reduce the cost of your pet’s medical care and prescriptions. The two most common choices are canine health programs and pet insurance. Both types aim to lessen the pain of medical expenses, though they operate somewhat differently. It’s critical to comprehend the distinctions between the two and how they work in concert with one another before choosing the appropriate health coverage for your animal.

Pet Insurance vs. Pet Wellness

Although keeping your cat as healthy as feasible is the same objective of both pet insurance and pet wellbeing programs, their designs vary slightly.

Wellness programs are prophylactic and include specified goods and services. Examples of protected goods and services include routine yearly physicals, vaccinations, and antiparasitics. On the other hand, insurance assists in defraying costs associated with unexpected sicknesses and accidents.

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Consider it from the standpoint of providing healthcare for people: Preventative care includes things like annual physicals, whereas an urgent care appointment is usually unanticipated. It is simple to argue that having insurance for both possibilities is sage. 

Here, we list the top five canine health programs and explain how each one differs in terms of advantages. Before enrolling in any of the plans listed below, you should, of course, speak with your veterinary about the kinds of treatment that your companion is most likely to profit from.

Best Pet Wellness Plans of 2022

  • Best for Preventative Service Coverage: Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Best for an Easily Accessible Emergency Fund: Pawp
  • Best for Pre-Existing Condition Coverage: Pet Assure
  • Best for Discounts on Prescriptions & Supplements: PetPlus

Best for Preventative Service Coverage: Banfield Pet Hospitalbanfield pet hospital


Key Specs

  • Enrollment Fee: $57.95
  • Average Premium: $50.62/month
  • Multi-Pet Discount? Yes

For pups, babies, and mature canines and cats, Banfield Pet Hospital provides bundles known as Optimum Wellness Plans (OWPs), which include complete prophylactic care coverage. companion owners have the option to tack on a variety of additional services if their companion needs them in addition to the pre-set bundles (see below).

Benefits of the plan include savings on different Banfield services, two remote office visits, and limitless in-office trips. OWPs vary from pet insurance in that they pay for preventative measures that are required to keep your cat healthy all year long rather than unforeseen trips to the doctor for diseases and mishaps. Banfield contracts can be purchased yearly or with no additional fees divided into 12 monthly installments.


  • Multiple plan options
  • Virtual pet health services
  • Dental care coverage
  • No interest on monthly payments
  • Extra support for chronic pet conditions


  • Plans can only be used at Banfield locations
  • Not available in all states

Plans & Pricing

Note: Prices vary by location. The prices below are based on a Des Moines, Iowa ZIP code.

Plan Name Price Description
Dog Active Care $33.95/month For dogs without extra dental care needs
Dog Active Care Plus $44.95/month For dogs with extra dental care needs
Dog Special Care $56.95/month For older dogs with chronic health issues
Cat Active Care $26.95/month For cats without extra dental care needs
Cat Active Care Plus $39.95/month For cats with extra dental care needs
Cat Special Care $47.95/month For older cats with chronic health issues
Puppy Early Care $37.95/month Designed to help protect your puppy from diseases as they grow
Puppy Early Care Plus $47.85/month Same as Early Care, but also includes a spay or neuter procedure and a bigger discount on Banfield products and services
Kitten Early Care $34.95/month Designed to help protect your kitten from diseases as they grow
Kitten Early Care Plus $41.95/month Same as Early Care, but also includes a spay or neuter procedure and a bigger discount on Banfield products and services

Best for an Easily Accessible Medical Emergency Fund: PawpPawplogo


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Key Specs

  • Enrollment Fee: $0
  • Average Premium: $24/month
  • Multi-Pet Discount? No

Pet health crises can put a huge hole in your finances, so setting up a fund specifically for unforeseen medical costs can be game-changing. Pawp members have access to a financial safety net that pays one medical expense per year, up to $3,000, for $24 per month.

Although cat insurance can be used several times a year, most insurance plans have a cost, so they don’t always provide a full refund. If the total of your payment is less than $3,000, Pawp will cover the complete amount. Additionally, membership offers savings on prescribed drugs as well as limitless video or text talks with veterinarians. Pet owners typically combine Pawp with a second pet health plan, like Banfield, that offers prophylactic services because the money can only be used for emergency treatment.


  • Up to six pets can be covered under one membership
  • Total bill amount is eligible for reimbursement
  • 24/7 access to Pawp veterinarians
  • No restrictions for pre-existing conditions
  • Can be used at any vet clinic


  • Authorization is required to activate fund
  • Money can’t be split between multiple vet bills

Plans & Pricing

  • Monthly Pawp membership: $24/month

Best for Pre-Existing Condition Coverage: Pet AssurePet Assure pet wellness


Key Specs

  • Enrollment Fee: $0
  • Average Premium: $9.95/month for cats; $11.95/month for dogs
  • Multi-Pet Discount? Yes

It might be challenging to locate coverage if your companion has a pre-existing illness. However, creature Assure is all-inclusive, so regardless of the kind of creature you own, their age, or their present health state, you will receive veterinarian savings. Pet Assure can be used for routine veterinary services like immunizations, dental work, spay and neuter operations, and more, in addition to providing cancer care, diabetes management, and allergic therapy. 

Pet Assure provides the discounts up front and requires no fees to be met, as opposed to paying members back after the fact. For a single animal, the cost ranges from $9.95 to $11.95 per month. Alternatively, you can choose the Family package, which includes two to four animals of any size for $16.95 per month. There is also an Unlimited option ($21.95/month) if your canine group has more than four members. The fact that Pet Assure is presently only offered as an employee perk prevents you from purchasing a plan on your own if your workplace has not joined the program.


  • All types of pets are covered
  • No waiting period to use coverage
  • No procedure exclusions
  • Unlimited plan usage 
  • Discount provided upfront


  • Only available through select employers
  • Cannot be used at all vet offices
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Plans & Pricing

Note: All plans are subject to employer approval.

  • Price for one small animal (cat, bird, rabbit, etc.): $9.95/month
  • Price for one large animal (dog, horse, pig, etc.): $11.95/month
  • Price for two to four animals: $16.95/month
  • Price for an unlimited amount of pets: $21.95/month

Best for Discounts on Prescriptions & Supplements: PetPlusPetPlus pet wellness


Key Specs

  • Enrollment Fee: $0
  • Average Premium: $139.95/year
  • Multi-Pet Discount? Yes

Making ensuring our dogs receive the medicines they require to live their best lives is a crucial component of keeping them healthy. These consist of medications to avoid fleas and ticks, parasite remedies, and specialized meals if your animal friend has specific nutritional requirements. Hundreds of medicines are available at bulk prices for PetPlus users, which is a benefit not always provided by pet insurance. A further perk is free transportation.

The promise that members will save more than the annual membership charge ($139.95) and receive a refund if they don’t (on average, members save $198 annually) is one of the pet owners’ best features of the program. For inquiries about your pet’s health or medicine, you’ll also have a direct connection to a veterinarian expert who is available 24/7 by phone, email, or chat.


  • Guaranteed savings
  • Free delivery
  • 24/7 vet specialist helpline
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • Monthly price comes out to less than $12


  • Only covers dogs and cats

Plans & Pricing

  • Price for one pet: $139.95/year
  • Price for each additional pet: $100/year


Plans for pet health help pay for the regular prophylactic care that animals need, which lowers the overall cost of receiving this care. A few strategies are also made to lessen the financial strain of unforeseen costs.

As always, consult your veterinary before registering for any kind of policy, whether it be health or insurance. Since they are familiar with your pet’s past, they can make particular suggestions and respond to inquiries about various insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Do Pet Wellness Plans Work?

Pet wellness plans are created to pay or provide users with savings for a variety of health expenses, including shots, dental work, surgery, medications, and more. Talk to your doctor about the benefits, which differs based on the source.

It is crucial for pet owners to comprehend the full extent of what their pet insurance policy includes so they are not taken by surprise if it does not offer coverage.

While some canine wellness plans, like Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans, help pay for preventative care services, others, like Pawp, offer discounts on emergency treatment. The wonderful thing about canine health programs is that they frequently work well together. A cat owner might join Banfield, Pawp, or PetPlus, for instance, which would pay for their companion’s regular treatment, emergency care, and medicine expenses, respectively. Everything relies on the level of protection a parent desires and a companion needs.

Are Pet Wellness Plans Worth the Money?

If your cat is covered, the overall medical cost may come as quite a jolt. The best method for reducing costs? Veterinary professionals advise using prophylactic treatment. 

The cost of treating a severe disease can be 25 times higher than the cost of prevention.

Regular veterinarian appointments and a dedication to preventive care can help keep expenses down and more dependable while identifying issues early on, when they are less expensive to address.

The American Veterinary Medical Association does advise discussing cat insurance with your doctor, though. Owners of pets should always be ready for unforeseen costs. Pet insurance and health programs can reduce a pet owner’s medical costs, especially for more expensive procedures like complex operations or the detection and treatment of cancer.


Are pet wellness plans the same as pet insurance?

No, pet wellness plans are focused on preventive care and routine services, while pet insurance covers unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Do pet wellness plans cover pre-existing conditions?

Typically, no. Pet wellness plans are for preventive care and may not cover pre-existing conditions.

Can I use any veterinarian with a pet wellness plan?

Many wellness plans have a network of preferred providers, so it’s essential to check if your preferred veterinarian is included in the plan.

Do pet wellness plans include spaying/neutering?

Some wellness plans may include spaying and neutering, but it varies by plan, so review the details.

Is a pet wellness plan worth it for senior pets?

Yes, wellness plans can be beneficial for senior pets as they often require more frequent check-ups and preventive care to maintain their health.



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