A Dog’s Heroic Cry Saves a Kitten Trapped in a Car Engine

Dog's Heroic Cry Saves a Kitten

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A Dog’s Heroic Cry Saves a Kitten Trapped in a Car Engine


Canine Alerts Owners to Feline in Distress

In a heartwarming tale of interspecies rescue, a dog’s persistent whining alerted his owners to a kitten trapped in their car engine. The couple, Savannah Piccini and her husband, were awakened by their puppy’s continuous cries at their vehicle in the driveway starting at 6 a.m. After searching everywhere and finding nothing amiss, they decided to spray down the car with a hose. To their surprise, a tiny black kitten scurried out from under the car, and the couple immediately took her inside, providing food, water, and a litter box.

A Series of Unexpected Rescues

This wasn’t the first time the Piccinis had encountered a stray animal in need of help. In the TikTok video posted to their account @coastal.cowgirl, Savannah reveals that this kitten is the third baby animal they have found in just 35 days. Last month, they rescued a puppy, and a week ago, they discovered a stray dog. The couple was shocked by the string of rescues, with Savannah joking that “every time I step outside somehow I find more animals to rescue. I secretly love it.”

Seeking Help from the Community

With their hands full from the recent rescues, the Piccinis turned to social media for assistance. Savannah’s TikTok account, which features posts about past rescues, has a following of animal lovers. Thanks to these followers, the couple received messages offering to adopt the kitten almost immediately. One follower, Cody, who had been following Savannah for years, expressed interest in providing a safe home for the kitten.

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The Heroic Dog’s Viral Rescue

The TikTok video of the cat rescue has gone viral, amassing over 1.3 million views, 113,100 likes, and 285 comments. Viewers praised the dog for his persistence in alerting his owners to the kitten’s plight, with one commenter writing, “Smart doggie… thank you for saving the baby,” and another exclaiming, “Your dog is a hero!”

Preventing Cats from Seeking Shelter in Car Engines

While the rescue was a heartwarming success, it also highlighted the dangers that cats face when seeking shelter in vehicle engines. Strays, in particular, will often seek out the warmth of an engine in colder months, sitting between the engine and the car’s hood for relief from the weather or protection from predators. To prevent cats from climbing into your car’s engine, consider parking in an enclosed garage, using a car cover, sprinkling cayenne pepper or spraying cat repellent around the vehicle, or installing motion sensor alarms.

In conclusion, this story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of being attentive to our pets’ behavior and the potential dangers that animals face, even in seemingly safe environments. Thanks to the dog’s heroic cries and the Piccinis’ quick action, a kitten in distress was rescued and given a second chance at life. By working together as a community and being vigilant about potential animal welfare issues, we can make a real difference in the lives of our furry friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What should I do if I suspect an animal is trapped in my car engine?

If you hear unusual noises or suspect an animal may be trapped, do not start your car. Gently tap on the hood and make noise to scare the animal away before starting the engine.

How can I prevent cats from seeking shelter in my car engine?

Park in an enclosed garage, use a car cover, sprinkle cayenne pepper or spray cat repellent around the vehicle, or install motion sensor alarms to discourage cats from climbing under the hood.

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Is it safe to keep my cat as an indoor pet?

Yes, keeping your cat indoors ensures it lives a long and healthy life by avoiding the dangers of predators, injuries, parasites, and diseases.

What should I do if I find a stray animal in need of help?

Contact your local animal shelter or rescue organization for guidance on how to safely capture and care for the animal until it can be placed in a foster home or adopted.

How can I get involved in animal rescue efforts?

Consider volunteering at your local animal shelter, fostering rescue animals, or supporting animal welfare organizations through donations or advocacy work.

Source: Newsweek article


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