Elderly Canine Hero, Buddy, Rescued After Brazen Shelter Theft

Buddy Rescued After Brazen Shelter Theft

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Elderly Canine Hero, Buddy, Rescued After Brazen Shelter Theft


In a heartening turn of events, Buddy, the elderly dog with health complications stolen from a Christchurch dog shelter, has been located and rescued, thanks to swift police intervention and the influence of social media.

A Close-Knit Community Rallies Around

The Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue facility and its many followers breathed a collective sigh of relief after their beloved resident, Buddy, was found safe and in good health following a distressing theft. The incident underscores the potent influence of social media in rallying communities around common causes.

The Audacious Act

Buddy, a ten-year-old dog with severe arthritis and multiple tumors, was taken from the Woolston-based facility on a seemingly ordinary Thursday afternoon. In an audacious act, an individual broke into the facility, stole Buddy, and allegedly threw him over two fences to make a swift exit.

The Emotional Plea

Abbey van der Plas, the founder, and director of the shelter, previously issued an emotional plea for Buddy’s safe return. “I walked Buddy yesterday, and he was limping after a 10-minute walk. I can only imagine how much pain he was in after being thrown over these fences,” she said. “We just want him back. We want to find him a retirement home where someone’s going to love him and treat him well for his final days.”

Buddy Found Safe

With the assistance of Timaru District Council Animal Officers and valuable CCTV footage, police identified a suspect and vehicle of interest, leading to a successful search warrant execution in Timaru. A 47-year-old man now faces burglary charges and is due to appear in Timaru District Court on Tuesday, July 11.

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Buddy’s Journey Continues

While in the care of the Timaru District Council, Buddy eagerly awaits his return to Christchurch and, hopefully, a generous serving of dog biscuits. A Police spokesperson expressed their best wishes for Buddy, who is due for surgery to remove his tumors, and hopes that he soon finds his forever home.

In a world where negative headlines often dominate, the story of Buddy’s rescue serves as a reminder of the impact a committed community can make. It also underlines the role of law enforcement in ensuring the safety of all community members, even the four-legged ones.




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