Midnight Surprise: Louisiana Couple Discovers Alligator Slithering In Via Dog Door

Louisiana Couple Discovers Alligator Slithering In Via Dog Door

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Midnight Surprise: Louisiana Couple Discovers Alligator Slithering In Via Dog Door


An Unusual Nocturnal Disturbance: The Intruder Alert

In the quiet town of New Iberia, Louisiana, nestled in the heart of Cajun country, a typical midnight slumber was disrupted by an unexpected visitor. Don and Jan Schultz were startled awake by the growling of their Australian cattle dog, Panda, at 1:30 am on June 24. The couple initially dismissed the disturbance as their overzealous guard dog sounding a false alarm.

However, when Panda’s growl deepened and was soon accompanied by a distinct thud echoing through the hallway, the Schultzs realized an uninvited guest had infiltrated their home.

Confronting the Intruder: A Stunned Discovery

Equipped with his trusty Glock .40-caliber pistol, Don braved the dimly lit hallway, leaving his wife Jan and Panda in the safety of the bedroom. He spotted what initially appeared to be a dog toy on the white rug. But as his eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness, he realized with a start that the object was, in fact, a 5-foot-long alligator, lurking just inches from his bare feet.

The Schultzs had recently migrated from Yuma, Arizona, to New Iberia. Though their dog Panda had previously defended their home against rattlesnakes, an indoor confrontation with an alligator was entirely unanticipated, despite their residence being a mere 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana Couple Discovers Alligator Slithering In Via Dog Door

Encounter with the Alligator: A Hissing Threat

The alligator initially remained still until Don switched on a light, causing it to hiss menacingly and puff up defensively. Despite Don’s reputation as a practical joker, the situation proved all too real as he returned to the bedroom with photographic evidence of the intruder.

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Upon alerting local authorities, the dispatcher, understandably skeptical of the claim, confirmed, “In the house?”. In less than five minutes, three deputies arrived, eager to witness the unusual scenario.

Resolving the Issue: Safe Removal of the Gator

Fortunately, Don had previously installed an electronic keypad on the front door. Through the dispatcher, he provided deputies with the access code, allowing them to safely enter the house. Approximately 45 minutes after the initial call, a trapper from the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries arrived and efficiently lassoed the alligator.

Aftermath: Enhanced Home Security Measures

In the aftermath of their unexpected midnight visitor, the Schultzs have installed a motion-activated Ring camera focusing on the back door. They’ve also upgraded their doggy door to an electronic version that only opens when Panda’s collar is in proximity, ensuring such an incident won’t recur.

The Schultzs can breathe a sigh of relief, thankful for their alert canine who alerted them before the situation escalated. In Jan’s words, “I’m glad the Lord gave us a smart dog.”

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