9 Game Chicken Breeds used as Fighter Fowls (with Pictures)

9 Game Chicken Breeds used as Fighter Fowls (with Pictures)

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9 Game Chicken Breeds used as Fighter Fowls


Game chickens, also known as gamecocks, have a long and storied history as fighter fowls. These remarkable birds are known for their agility, strength, and fighting spirit, which has made them a popular choice for cockfighting enthusiasts for centuries.

While the practice of cockfighting has faced increasing legal restrictions and bans in many places, it’s essential to understand the unique characteristics of the game chicken breeds that have been used in this sport. In this exploration, we delve into the world of game chicken breeds and their historical role as fighter fowls.

Game Chicken Breeds

While animal fighting has been losing favor for decades, cockfighting persisted until recently, with only recent legislation and police efforts eventually virtually outlawing this unlawful activity. However, many fighting chicken varieties also need to be adapted, much like the many canine breeds, such as the Bulldog and the Pitbull, that need a new function. Join us as we list a variety of aggressive chickens that are used in cockfighting. To help you understand more about them, we’ll describe each and provide you with an example of how it looks.

The Top 9 Game Chicken Breeds


1. Albany

The Albany game bird has a huge red body, yellow legs, and black accent feathers. It can withstand a lot of harm and keep fighting since it has a strong fighting instinct. It can avoid assaults and hide in tight locations to buy time before striking at the ideal moment. To enhance its combat prowess, it is often crossed with other breeds.

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2. Asil

One of the most well-liked breeds for video games is the Asil. Its head is rounded, and its skin and feathers are yellow. It has a tiny beak and large shoulders. Since Asils are often mixed with quicker birds to boost their effectiveness in the game, they are typically slower than most other breeds. It rapidly dispatches an opponent with focused attacks.

3. Brown Red Game Fowl

The Brown Red Game Fowl has colorful feathers and is a beautiful bird. Breeders developed it in the 1870s, but since gambling has declined and these birds are too violent for most farms, it has become difficult for them to find new employment. It often has a spherical head and legs that are black or slate-colored. Before making a perfect blow, it travels swiftly and bounces about. Modern crossbreeding has further improved its fighting prowess.

4. Grey

The Grey breed, as its name implies, often has a body color of grey or off-white, with darker feathers adding to its distinctive look. It will have a square head and often yellow or white legs. Greys are strong birds that utilize their force to outclass their rivals. The sole drawback of this breed is that some owners claim their birds are too little compared to bigger birds.

5. Kelso Game Bird

The Kelso game bird is a wise creature that deliberates on an assault. It often has a turkey crest and yellow feathers on its head and neck. Yellow or white legs are both acceptable, although white legs are often chosen. It excels at dodging strikes and is effective at ground combat, but it is noticeably inferior in the air.

6. Lemon Fowl

A well-liked and widely-awarded gaming chicken breed is the Lemon Fowl. This German breed of bird can compete with more sophisticated breeds and is still quite close to its original heritage. Because of its yellow hecklers and yellow or green legs, you can identify a Lemon Fowl. On its back, it often has crimson feathers. Usually, they make a brief retreat from their victim before striking it fatally.

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7. Radio

The head and legs of the Radio Game Fowl are square. It gained its reputation for making a lot of noise, particularly while fighting. It’s so aggressive that every encounter seems like a battle to the death. Although some breeders combine it with other birds to make it a bit quicker, it will attack its opponent right away.

8. Roundhead

A skilled breeder may produce roundhead chickens who are excellent fighters, but if they make a mistake, they will lose quickly. You need to be well familiar with the lineage and have a solid grasp of genetics to be successful with this breed. It’s an Oriental bird with yellow or white legs and a pea comb. Intelligent, it gains the upper hand by dodging and moving quickly. It possesses devastating leg strength and is aggressive.

9. Whitehackle

The Whitehackle is a charming bird with a typically all-white coloration but may sometimes occasionally display numerous vivid colors that are constantly splattered. This bird is a skilled fighter who watches for openings to strike. Despite its speed, it can avoid assaults from birds that are quicker than it. This bird often prevails due to its intellect and capacity to read its adversaries.


Many of the birds on this list are quite handsome and will perform well in competitive exhibitions, despite the fact that laws banning cockfighting and other fighting sports have led to a drop in their popularity. Even while it’s not exactly the same, it nevertheless gives these creatures a positive purpose and a way to earn some money to offset the expense of ownership.

Asil, Brown Red Game Fowl, and Whitehackle chickens are guaranteed to win the competition. We really hope you’ve liked reading this list and have identified a few birds you’d want to purchase. Please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter about these nine chicken breeds that are used as fighting fowls if we have persuaded you to learn more about some of them.

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Questions & Answers


What Are Game Chicken Breeds?

Game chicken breeds are a group of chickens selectively bred for their combat abilities, agility, and tenacity. These breeds have been used historically in cockfighting, a sport where two roosters battle each other in a controlled environment.


How Do Game Chickens Differ from Other Chicken Breeds?

Game chickens stand out from other chicken breeds due to their distinct physical characteristics, including a more streamlined and muscular body, strong legs, and a fierce disposition. These traits make them well-suited for combat.


What Is the History of Cockfighting with Game Chickens?

Cockfighting has ancient origins and was once a widely practiced sport and form of entertainment in many cultures. Game chickens were bred and trained for cockfighting events, which often had significant cultural and social significance.


Are Cockfights Still Legal Today?

Cockfighting has faced increasing legal restrictions and bans in various countries and regions due to concerns about animal cruelty. In many places, it is now illegal to host or participate in cockfights.


What Is the Fate of Game Chicken Breeds Today?

While cockfighting has declined in popularity and legality, some enthusiasts continue to breed and raise game chickens for their historical significance, unique characteristics, and as a way to preserve these breeds. However, most game chickens are now kept for ornamental and exhibition purposes, rather than for fighting.




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