Loyal Canine Love: Dog Waits for Owner Outside Mortuary in Heartwarming Tale

Dog Waits for Owner Outside Mortuary

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Loyal Canine Love: Dog Waits for Owner Outside Mortuary in Heartwarming Tale


Heartwarming Loyalty: Dog’s Unwavering Wait for Departed Owner

In a touching display of loyalty, a pet dog in India has captured hearts by waiting for his owner for an astonishing four months outside a mortuary. The faithful canine, having trailed his owner to a district hospital in Kerala’s Kannur, sits patiently, seemingly hopeful for his master’s return.

A Tale of Unbroken Bond:

The poignant story unfolded when a patient, accompanied by the loyal dog, arrived at the hospital four months ago. Despite the owner’s unfortunate demise, the canine continued his vigil at the mortuary’s entrance. Hospital staff noticed the dog refusing to eat, fixated on the locked doors, and saw the unwavering loyalty of a pet mourning its human.

Guardian in Grief:

Vikas Kumar, a staff member at the hospital, shared, “The dog feels that the owner is still here. The dog does not leave this place and has been here for the past four months.” There’s a possibility that the patient’s body was taken through another gate, leading the dog, now affectionately named Ramu, to believe his owner might still be inside.

New Name, Same Devotion:

Hospital staff, touched by the canine’s loyalty, now cares for Ramu. Despite the heartbreaking circumstances, a glimmer of warmth emerges as the loyal dog, initially nameless, finds solace and a home-cooked meal from Dr. Maya Gopalakrishnan, a compassionate doctor at the hospital.

A Hopeful Vigil:

Ramu’s story echoes the legendary loyalty of canines like Hachiko in Japan and Fida in Italy. The dog’s nightly return to the mortuary, occasional visits to the physiotherapy department, and selective eating habits paint a picture of unwavering hope and devotion.

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Social Media Praise:

Similar to iconic loyal canines worldwide, Ramu’s story resonated on social media. Users expressed admiration for the depth of a dog’s love, with one writing, “A dog loves you more than he loves himself.” The tale serves as a testament to the incredible bond between humans and their furry companions.

In a world often filled with challenges, Ramu’s steadfast vigil becomes a heartwarming symbol of love, loyalty, and the enduring connection between pets and their owners.




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