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7 Things You Should Know Before Getting A German Shepherd Lab Mix

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The mix between a German Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever is known as a German Shepherd Lab Mix, German Sheprador or a Labrashepherd. It is a medium to big dog, standing between 22 and 26 inches tall and weighing between 55 and 80 pounds on average. The average lifespan of this mixed breed is between 10 and 14 years old.

Due to the fact that this hybrid was created by crossing two powerful and clever parent breeds – the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever – you will receive the finest characteristics from two of the most popular dogs in the world. You’ll also have an endless supply of energy, but you’ll also have a higher than average risk of developing certain serious medical problems.

So have a look at Seven Things You Should Know About Shepradors to make sure you’re prepared to care for this unusual canine.


German Shepherd Labrador Mix: Sheprador Puppies, Prices & More

Life Span

Shepradors live between 10 and 12 years on average, and they can survive up to the age of 14, as pointed out in the introductory paragraph.

Intelligence and trainability 

Due to the fact that their parents are from two of the most intelligent dog breeds, they are clever dogs that respond well to instruction.


They’re devoted, sociable, and always eager to spend time with their human family, no matter how far away they are. The fact that they are descended from German Shepherd dogs means that they are naturally wary of strangers.


Brushing is required on a regular basis due to their shorthaired coat, which should be done every day during the shedding season (spring and fall) and three-to-five times a week throughout the rest of the year. You will also need to take them to the doctor or a professional groomer on a regular basis to get their nails clipped since their nails are very strong.

Exercise is essential for them, including regular walks, vigorous playing and jogging, as well as cerebral stimulation.

In terms of feeding, remember that these dogs are voracious eaters who are susceptible to weight issues if fed excessively. It is possible that they may develop skin allergies to beef, chicken, and salmon.

Their lively and loving nature, similar to that of their Labrador forebears, makes them an excellent breed for families with young children. In general, they are friendly with other animals as well, although it may take some time for them to become accustomed to another dog.

Activity level

Because they are descended from two very energetic parent breeds, these dogs need a very active lifestyle, so be prepared to devote many hours each day to keep your companion entertained.


As previously said, they are big dogs, with males ranging between 55 and 80 lbs. (16-20 kg) and females between 35-45 lbs (16-20 kg). A Labrador Shepherd stands between 20 and 26 inches tall on average (50-65 cm).

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1. You’ll have to say goodbye to your comfortable sofa, even only for a few hours each day.

All dogs need to be exercised to keep them healthy and fit, but this hybrid, in particular, is a ball of energy that requires a family that leads an active lifestyle.

You’ll need to take her for a walk for at least one hour, twice a day, and then play with her to keep her intellectually and physically stimulated. The good news is that she makes an excellent jogging or hiking companion, and she can also be taught to participate in dog sports.

Due to the fact that excessive activity may lead to melancholy, self-destructive behaviour, and medical problems, you should choose alternative breeds with lower energy levels if you are a sedentary person or are already overburdened with work.

In addition to being physically active, you should have a big home with a yard to give her plenty of room to roam about.

However, we should not give up on the dream of having such a wonderful dog just because we have a tiny home, since there is always an option if we are willing to modify our lifestyle to meet the requirements of a dog. Due to the Labrador Shepherd’s preference for cold climes over hot ones, make sure you have the capacity to keep her comfortable throughout the year.

2. Keep your Shepherd Lab Mix occupied, or she will cause a mess in your home.

These dogs are very motivated to work. These individuals are born with the ability to do police duties, such as search and rescue operations and guard duty with distinction. As a result, if you don’t keep your pet occupied, she will find something to do for herself.

Digging holes is one of her favourite outside pastimes, so you’ll want to make sure your yard is pet-proof to prevent her from escaping.

If you are concerned about the health of your flowers and plants, you might consider constructing an enclosure to keep your dog away from them as well.

When you bring her inside, make sure she has plenty of toys and activities to keep her occupied. She will take pleasure in any activity that engages her mental faculties, such as dog puzzles or training sessions with her dog.

The benefit of having a clever dog that also enjoys pleasing its owner is that you won’t have to spend money on a professional dog trainer to teach her. The majority of Shepradors are simple to train, so you will be able to teach your dog some interesting skills while also assisting her in controlling her watchdog tendencies, like barking when outsiders come into the house.

The German Shepherd Labrador Mix: Sheprador - AllShepherd

3. Your vacuum cleaner is going to become your new best buddy

It is important to note that the German Shepherd Lab Mix is a double-coated breed, which means it has a short undercoat close to the skin and a longer coat on top. It is common for dogs from this crossbreed to shed a lot, particularly during the changing of seasons.

If you want to maintain her hair looking glossy and healthy, you should spend at least 10-15 minutes brushing it three to five times a week, three to five times each week. During the spring and autumn, she will need to be brushed on a regular basis, and the use of a shedding blade may be necessary at times.

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A regular brushing routine can assist you in reducing the quantity of hair that accumulates in your home. However, since you will be cleaning your house on an almost daily basis, you should start searching for a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for pet hair.

In addition to brushing, you should include the following in your schedule: cleaning her ears once a week, brushing her teeth at least three times a week, and cleaning her eyes once a week (when needed).

While this seems to be a significant amount of work, she only requires a bath approximately once a month.

Because her nails are strong and clear, and they include blood vessels and nerves, expert assistance is usually required while trimming them. The fact that she is exercising on a concrete surface may assist you in keeping her nails in excellent condition and reducing the frequency of vet appointments.

4. You’ll have to keep your shoes hidden since these dogs are voracious chewers.

Both of the Sheprador’s parent breeds have a voracious appetite for chewing, so you’ll need a substantial supply of dog toys to prevent your furniture and shoes from being destroyed. Always purchase non-toxic toys and replace them with new ones as soon as they begin to show signs of wear in order to prevent mishaps.

Your dog will need some durable toys that are appropriate for her age. In general, you should avoid the following:

It is not advisable to give your dog soft plush toys, particularly if they are just one layer of material; filled toys, since the stuffing will wind up in your dog’s stomach; toys smaller than 3 inches (8 cm), if you have an older dog, due to the increased danger of choking.

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5. You rarely get to know exactly what you’re buying

A hybrid may be a fantastic option, but it is still a long way from being purebred. The International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and the Dog Registry of America, Inc. have both accepted this crossbreed as a legitimate breed. The American Kennel Club, on the other hand, does not recognize it as a recognized breed.

We understand that it is not all about pedigree and status, but crossbreeding may have certain drawbacks, as follows:

It is impossible to predict how big a puppy will grow after it has been purchased. If you have the opportunity to observe her parents, you can get a general idea of her size; however, there is a high likelihood that the dog will grow to be larger than you anticipate. 

No one can guarantee a specific temperament for this dog, primarily because the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever are two different breeds. Most hybrids have a well-balanced disposition, but since your puppy may be the product of several crossings, she may not acquire the precise traits you want in a dog;

in addition, your future dog may be susceptible to a number of health problems caused by her lineage. In addition to the usual conditions such as obesity, hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease, and diabetes, she may also be prone to other ailments like seizures, skin allergies, bloat, and cardiovascular disease, since they are prevalent in Labradors and German Shepherds.

Because only a few of these problems are apparent in pups, you will learn more about your dog once you have taken her home. Each of these drawbacks is sufficient justification for giving up your dog, but doing so is unfair to both her and your family, so make sure you take into account all of the dangers before making a final choice.

6. Keeping a Sheprador is costly

In general, hybrid pups are more expensive than purebred puppies (ranging between $150 and $600), but there is always the option of adopting a puppy, which may significantly decrease your initial expenditures and expenses.

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However, this represents just a tiny portion of the total amount of money you will spend over the course of your career.

Because you intend to have a big dog with a history of severe health problems in her family, you will need to feed her the finest food for large breeds, which will significantly raise your projected expenses in this instance.

And don’t forget about her chewing propensity – you’ll have to spend a lot of money on expensive chew-resistant toys to keep her occupied else you’ll have to spend a lot of money on new shoes and furnishings on a regular basis.

Not only is it emotionally draining, but it is also financially draining to provide treatment for a sick pet. Therefore, don’t underestimate the significance of medical insurance for this dog. According to the level of coverage you select, pet insurance will add between $200 and $700 to your yearly expenses each year.

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7. You should buy your dog from a responsible breeder

The breeder from whom you purchase your dog should be trustworthy.

An average Labrador Shepherd has tremendous potential and would be an excellent contender for the title of “ideal family dog” in most circumstances.

In contrast, as previously said, hybrid dogs may exhibit unexpected coat colours, temperaments, and health problems, so purchasing your puppy from an established supplier is the closest you can get to having a clear picture of your future dog.

Find a reputable breeder and make certain you get detailed information on your dog’s family, including the following:

  • if both of the dog’s parents have received an OFA certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals; 
  • if the dog’s grandparents have any inherited medical issues; 
  • if the dog has an OFA certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals;

Whether or not the dog you’re considering purchasing has been tested for genetic health problems.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the maximum size of a German Shepherd Lab mix?

In general, this hybrid may grow up to 26 inches (66 cm) in height and weigh up to 88 pounds (60 kg) (40 kg). Taking into consideration the height and weight of its German Shepherd and Labrador mix parents, this crossbred dog is considered to be a medium to large-sized dog.

As a result, measurements can still deviate slightly more or less from the specified range. Since of its size, it may be difficult to deal with at times, but because you adore this breed, you are unlikely to be bothered by this peculiarity and the responsibility it entails.

What is the cost of a German Shepherd Lab mix?

The Sheprador is more affordable, with prices ranging from $150 to $600 depending on the model. There is, however, a snag to having this customised canine companion.

Are German Shepherd Lab mix a nice breed?

Yes, since they’re one of the most family-friendly canines out there. This creature will shower you with affection and devotion, and it will make you proud with its intellect and sense of humour. But, let’s face it, every pet has his or her unique idiosyncrasies. Do you believe you’ll be able to handle this?

What is the life expectancy of German Shepherd Lab mixes?

It is estimated that Shepradors have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years, although some of them may live to be beyond this age. We all want our dogs to have longer lives and spend more time with us, so take a look at this section to learn how to prevent and better prepare for hereditary diseases.

German Shepherd Lab Mix: Pros & Cons


As you can see from the examples above, when you purchase a Sheprador, you are getting the best of two excellent breeds. A German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever cross, it makes for the ideal family dog: gentle, loyal, and tolerant with children while also being protective.

But since they have an unlimited supply of energy and demand a great deal of time and care, they are only appropriate for families with active lifestyles.

So, are you prepared to deal with such a dog? The majority of Sheprador owners are pleased with their purchase, however, every one of us has different expectations when it comes to purchasing a dog.


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