Brave Pup Takes a Plunge: German Shepherd’s First Encounter with the Pool

German Shepherd's First Encounter with the Pool

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Brave Pup Takes a Plunge: German Shepherd’s First Encounter with the Pool


In a heartwarming tale of curiosity and canine courage, an 8-week-old German Shepherd puppy named Charlie embarked on an unexpected adventure when he encountered a swimming pool for the very first time.

Like a page out of a delightful children’s storybook, Charlie’s curiosity led to a heartwarming and humorous incident that quickly captured the hearts of many, including yours truly.

A Pawsitively Unexpected Dive

Puppies, much like adventurous toddlers, have an uncanny ability to find themselves in places they shouldn’t be. But it’s the quick thinking and protective instincts of their parents that ensure these little furballs stay out of harm’s way. In this enchanting story, Joanne Krickovic, a devoted dog mom from Clarksville, Georgia, showed her inquisitive German Shepherd puppy, Charlie, around their property to familiarize him with his new home.

A Splash of Puppy Adventure

As they strolled around, something must have clicked in Charlie’s inquisitive mind. With an almost scripted internal monologue, he decided it was time for a little aquatic exploration. The moment was perfectly captured by a security camera as Charlie made a beeline for the pool, followed closely by his vigilant owner, Joanne Krickovic.

A Heroic Rescue

The heart-pounding moment was filled with suspense as Joanne swiftly intercepted Charlie just before he took the plunge. It was a remarkable display of maternal instincts and love in action. In her own words, “My natural instinct kicked in. I grabbed him right before he got in the water.”

The Birth of ‘Aquadog’

The TikTok video of this delightful encounter quickly went viral, amassing nearly two million views. Observers couldn’t help but admire Charlie’s determination as he leaped towards the water, leaving everyone amused and astounded. His playful antics earned him a new nickname – “Aquadog.” He’s become utterly enamored with the pool, where he frolics, swims in circles, and plays with his cherished ball.

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Safety by the Pool

While Charlie’s enthusiasm for the pool is infectious, it’s essential to remember that not all dogs are natural swimmers. Some breeds, particularly those with short legs or long bodies, may find it challenging to stay afloat. It’s crucial for dog owners to practice pool safety, even if their pets seem at ease in the water.

German Shepherd's First Encounter with the Pool

Tips for Pool Safety

Owners can ensure their furry friends are safe around the water by gradually introducing them to it and providing positive reinforcement. Installing a pool fence, teaching dogs how to swim, and employing life jackets are also recommended steps for pool safety. Joanne Krickovic and her husband, Bill Chen, even designed their pool with Charlie’s safety in mind, including a dog-friendly ramp to help him enter and exit the pool safely.

A Happy and Safe Swim

Charlie’s pool adventures bring joy and laughter, but it’s crucial for owners to be vigilant and prioritize their pets’ well-being. Regular checks for signs of irritation or dryness on their dog’s paws, skin, and ears are essential. Ensuring water safety will result in more sunshine-filled moments of fun for everyone.

As we revel in Charlie’s aquatic escapades, we celebrate the bonds between humans and their beloved canine companions, showcasing the enduring courage and curiosity that make these fur babies an irreplaceable part of our lives.

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