Giant-Pawed Kitten Bullies Every Animal in the House: ‘Chosen Violence’

Giant-Pawed Kitten Bullies Every Animal

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Giant-Pawed Kitten Bullies Every Animal in the House: ‘Chosen Violence’


A tiny black cat named Mittens has taken the internet by storm with his comical and mischievous antics. Known for his extra toes that give him unusually large paws, Mittens lives in Canada with his owner, Sonia Strickland. Despite his small size, Mittens has a larger-than-life personality, often seen terrorizing his furry housemates. This article dives into the story of Mittens, his viral TikTok fame, and insights into the behavior of polydactyl cats.

Mittens’ Story: From Tragedy to Terror

A Rocky Start

Mittens’ journey began under tragic circumstances. As a tiny kitten, Mittens lost his mother to a coyote. Strickland, a 40-year-old from Canada, adopted him into her family, where he quickly became a beloved, albeit mischievous, member.

Embracing His Uniqueness

Mittens’ extra toes, a result of polydactylism, make his paws appear much larger than usual. While some might have considered this a drawback, Strickland and her family loved him even more for it. His large paws are not just for show; they have become his primary tools for causing chaos and entertainment.

Viral Fame: Mittens’ Rise to Internet Stardom

The Viral Video

A video shared on Strickland’s TikTok account, @isntshelovely25, showcases Mittens’ daily antics, demonstrating how he “chooses violence and chaos every day of his life.” The clip, which has amassed millions of views, shows Mittens attacking his dog and cat siblings, much to the amusement of viewers.

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Hilarious Antics

In one part of the video, Mittens is seen leaping onto a sleeping golden retriever, claws out and back arched, before retreating only to attack again. The dog, unfazed, continues to ignore the playful kitten. In another scene, Mittens sneaks up on an older tabby cat, launching surprise attacks as she tries to rest. Despite being smaller, Mittens holds his ground, often getting batted for his troubles but never backing down.

Understanding Polydactyl Cats

What is Polydactylism?

Polydactylism is a genetic mutation that results in cats being born with extra toes. If one parent has polydactylism, there is a 50% chance their kittens will inherit the trait. This condition poses no health issues, although it requires more frequent nail trimmings to prevent overgrowth.

Legend of Good Luck

There’s a charming legend that polydactyl cats bring good luck to their owners. While Mittens’ antics might seem more chaotic than lucky, his unique paws and playful nature certainly make him a memorable companion.

Mittens’ Behavior and Interaction with Other Pets

Initial Introduction

When Mittens first arrived at Strickland’s home, he sought the company of their older tabby cat, possibly looking for a maternal figure after losing his own mother. However, the tabby was not interested, leading to a dynamic where Mittens would chase her around the house, turning it into a game.

A Playful Relationship

Over time, Mittens and the tabby have developed a more amicable relationship, though they still have their moments of playful conflict. Despite their differences, they coexist with a balance of playful aggression and mutual respect.

Advice for Introducing a New Kitten

Take It Slow

Strickland advises those looking to adopt a new kitten to introduce them to existing pets gradually. A slow introduction allows the animals to adjust to each other’s presence and establish their own spaces within the home.

Regular Checkups

For owners of polydactyl cats like Mittens, regular veterinary checkups are crucial to ensure their unique needs, such as nail trimming, are met. This helps prevent any potential issues related to their extra toes.

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Mittens, with his giant paws and playful personality, has brought joy and laughter to his family and millions of viewers online. Despite his mischievous behavior, he is a perfect mix of crazy and sweet, embodying the unique charm of polydactyl cats.

FAQs About Polydactyl Cats and Kitten Behavior


1. What is polydactylism in cats?

Polydactylism is a genetic mutation that causes cats to be born with extra toes. It is not harmful and does not cause health issues, although it requires more frequent nail trimmings.

2. How can I introduce a new kitten to my home with existing pets?

Introduce the new kitten gradually to existing pets, allowing them to have their own spaces and slowly become accustomed to each other’s presence.

3. Do polydactyl cats require special care?

Polydactyl cats need regular nail trimmings to prevent their extra claws from overgrowing. Otherwise, they do not require any special care different from other cats.

4. Why does my kitten behave aggressively towards other pets?

Kittens often play aggressively as a way to explore their environment and establish social hierarchies. Ensure they have enough toys and stimulation to redirect their energy.

5. Can polydactyl cats bring good luck?

While it is a charming legend, there is no scientific evidence that polydactyl cats bring good luck. However, their unique appearance and playful nature certainly make them delightful companions.

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