Opal, the Cheese-Loving French Bulldog, Dashes Home at the Sound of ‘The Magic Word’

the Cheese-Loving French Bulldog

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Opal, the Cheese-Loving French Bulldog, Dashes Home at the Sound of ‘The Magic Word’


A Hilarious TikTok Video Reveals Opal’s Quirky Cheese Obsession

Unveiling Opal’s Unstoppable Cheese Dash

In the heartwarming world of dog antics, Opal, the adorable French Bulldog from Hudson Valley, New York, has stolen the show with her undeniable love for a particular magic word: cheese. A recent TikTok video posted by user Andy Pagana showcases the comical lengths Opal goes to when summoned by her owner’s cheese-laden call. Let’s delve into the cheesy details of this heartwarming tale.

The Cheeky Frenchie’s Reluctance and the ‘Magic Word’ Revelation

Tackling the challenge of getting Opal’s attention, Mike Pagana, Opal’s owner, revealed to Newsweek that Opal can be quite stubborn, listening only when it suits her whims. With ample space for Opal to explore, Mike resorted to a clever strategy: using the magic word, “cheese.”

A Sprinting Success: Opal’s Love for Cheese Unleashed

In a delightful video captured by Mike’s brother, Andy, Opal is seen wandering in the neighbor’s field, seemingly indifferent to conventional calls. However, as soon as Mike shouts, “Opal, let’s get a piece of cheese,” the magic unfolds – Opal sprints back to the house with unmatched enthusiasm.

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Cheese – The Key to Opal’s Heart and an Effective Training Tool

Witnessing Opal’s swift response to the cheese call, Mike Pagana recognized that cheese holds the key to Opal’s heart. Beyond being a delectable snack, cheese proves to be an effective training tool for dogs, as it is irresistibly enticing. However, the American Kennel Club cautions that moderation is key due to its high-fat content.

Opal’s Cheese Dash Goes Viral on TikTok

Capturing Opal’s cheese-loving sprint, Andy Pagana couldn’t resist sharing the adorable video on TikTok (@thenonsensebox). The video has since garnered over 1.8 million views and 155,100 likes, making it Andy’s most viewed TikTok post to date.

Opal’s Unique Charm – A Reverse Cross-Eyed Wonder

Opal’s charm extends beyond her love for cheese. Despite being reverse cross-eyed, with eyes pointing outwards, Opal’s unique appearance has endeared her to many. Purchased for a mere $200 due to her disability, Opal has become the best investment in the eyes of Mike Pagana.

Opal’s Disability Doesn’t Diminish Her Priceless Value

Opal’s unique charm stems from being the runt of the litter, with a breeder’s initial concerns about her survival. Sold for a fraction of the usual French Bulldog price, Opal’s disability only adds to her allure, making her the best $200 ever spent by Mike Pagana.

Opal’s Viral Fame – A Testament to the Power of Cheese

Beyond the heartwarming video, the TikTok post has sparked a wave of positive responses. Andy Pagana expressed his delight, noting that Opal’s quirky connection to food resonates with viewers, making her an online sensation.

Conclusion: Opal’s Endearing Tale Continues to Win Hearts

Opal’s viral cheese dash has not only showcased her love for a particular snack but has also revealed the charming personality of this unique French Bulldog. As social media users continue to shower Opal with love, it’s evident that her playful spirit and love for cheese have made her an internet sensation.

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Join Opal’s Fan Club – A Delightful Blend of Quirkiness and Cheese Love

Opal’s journey, from a $200 purchase to a viral sensation, highlights the enduring appeal of unique personalities in the pet world. For more delightful moments with Opal, follow Andy Pagana’s TikTok account (@thenonsensebox) and witness the magic word in action.

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