Great Dane Outsmarts Owner’s Furniture Fortress in Hilarious TikTok Fail

Great Dane Outsmarts Owner's Furniture Fortress

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Great Dane Outsmarts Owner’s Furniture Fortress in Hilarious TikTok Fail


A family’s comical attempt to prevent their Great Dane from lounging on the couch has become a viral sensation on TikTok. Despite the father’s claim that he successfully blocked the dog’s access, the reality was quite the opposite, as revealed in a side-splitting video posted by user @thegreatdanefamily2020.

The Epic Furniture Battle

The TikTok clip showcases the couch strategically covered with stools, chairs, a crate, and blankets in an earnest effort to thwart the Great Dane’s climbing ambitions. However, the determined canine still managed to find its way onto the couch, defying all obstacles.

In the video, the Great Dane is seen half-lying on the couch, using its front paws for support. Uncomfortable or not, the dog displayed a relentless determination to claim its spot on the coveted furniture. The hilarious footage, posted on January 17, has already amassed nearly 700,000 views, 17,600 likes, and 120 comments.

“If there is a will, there is a way,” reads one comment, capturing the spirit of viewers who can’t help but be amused by the dog’s tenacity.

Community Reactions

The comment section is filled with shared experiences and anecdotes, with one user admitting, “We use our kitchen chairs too!” Another user humorously mentioned their Dane leaving a “lovely wet spot for days,” emphasizing the unique challenges of owning a Great Dane, including their drool.

Even the wife of the household attempted to foil the Great Dane’s couch conquest in a subsequent video. However, the gentle giant effortlessly found its way to the top of the cushions, proving that no obstacle could deter its determined mission.

Newsweek reached out to @thegreatdanefamily2020 via TikTok for additional insights into this canine saga.

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Insights on Dog Furniture Deterrence

Keeping Dogs Off Furniture: Tips and Tricks

Resisting those puppy-dog eyes and preventing your dog from claiming the couch can be a challenging task. The American Kennel Club offers some suggestions:

  1. Create a Desirable Alternative: Provide a comfortable dog bed next to the furniture and encourage your dog to use it with toys and chew bones.
  2. Aluminum Foil Barrier: Cover their favorite furniture with aluminum foil, making it uncomfortable and discouraging use.
  3. Use Obstacles: Place baby gates, laundry baskets, or even books strategically to deter access.

These strategies may help, but as the viral TikTok video proves, a determined Great Dane might find a way around any obstacle.


In the ongoing battle between pet owners and their determined Great Danes, it seems that creativity and persistence know no bounds. While the family’s attempt to block couch access failed hilariously, it has provided entertainment for thousands on TikTok.

For the original article, visit Newsweek.


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