Rescue Dog Heartbreak: Adoption Fails Due to Sky’s Energetic Spirit

Rescue Dog Heartbreak

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Rescue Dog Heartbreak: Adoption Fails Due to Sky’s Energetic Spirit


Sky, an American Staffordshire terrier mix, is on a quest for her forever home after enduring a heartbreaking failed adoption. Despite her exuberant energy, she remains hopeful to find a loving family that can match her spirited nature.

A Hopeful Journey Dashed

Sky’s journey began on December 19 when a compassionate Samaritan brought her to a local veterinarian in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was microchipped to Speedway Animal Rescue, where her path to adoption began.

What Led to Sky’s Return to the Rescue?

Although Sky had previously been found as a stray in 2016 and later reunited with her family, unforeseen circumstances brought her back into the rescue’s care. Her microchip information was never updated, making it challenging to locate her original family. Speedway Animal Rescue stepped in to offer assistance.

A Wider Problem of Pet Surrenders and Euthanasia

Every year, a staggering 6.3 million pets enter U.S. shelters, equivalent to an average of 17,260 animals a day. Tragically, around 920,000 of these surrendered animals face euthanasia. Organizations like Speedway Animal Rescue are tirelessly working to lower these numbers through adoption campaigns, spaying and neutering initiatives, and behavior rehabilitation.

Why Is Sky Special and What Home Does She Need?

Sky, estimated to be 8 to 9 years old, is a vibrant dog in search of a home that can match her spirited energy levels. Despite her age, she’s brimming with vitality. However, an attempted adoption recently faltered when Sky’s exuberance proved too overwhelming for the resident senior dog.

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A Failed Adoption and a Dog’s Hopeful Heart

Speedway Animal Rescue shared a poignant post on Facebook, showing Sky sleeping peacefully after the failed adoption attempt. The caption explained that her exuberance didn’t align with the senior dog’s calm demeanor, leading to the decision that it wasn’t a suitable match.

What Happened During the Failed Adoption?

The adoption fell through because Sky’s vivacity clashed with the senior dog’s tranquility. The rescue shared that she was “extremely excited to meet a new friend—a 160lb. Great Dane—and her energy was scaring him.”

Sky’s Search for the Perfect Home Continues

Despite the heartbreak of the failed adoption, Sky remains available for a loving family. Her vibrant spirit and love for play are undiminished. She seeks a home where she can bask in attention and is open to sharing it with other dogs or being the sole furry companion. However, she hasn’t been tested with cats.

How Can You Give Sky the Perfect Home?

If you believe you can provide Sky with the perfect home, filled with love and energy, Speedway Animal Rescue is ready to provide you with more information and help facilitate her adoption.


Sky’s journey may have faced a setback, but her hopeful heart still beats strongly. She’s an energetic and spirited dog, eager to find a loving family that appreciates her boundless enthusiasm. Speedway Animal Rescue continues to champion her cause, determined to secure her the forever home she deserves.


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