The Grim Reality of Thailand’s Factory Farms

Grim Reality of Thailand's Factory Farms

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The Grim Reality of Thailand’s Factory Farms: A Shocking Investigation by We Animals Media


In a shocking expose We Animals Media, in collaboration with World Animal Protection Thailand, unveils the brutal and hidden world of broiler chickens on industrial farms that supply major fast-food chains in Thailand.

Haig and Taichi Kaito, seasoned photojournalists, documented the harrowing conditions, revealing disturbing visuals, including the inhumane handling of birds, overcrowding, and the plight of sick and dying chickens.

This investigation, conducted in September 2022, shines a spotlight on the dark underbelly of Thailand’s poultry industry, an industry that accounts for nearly two billion bird lives each year and ranks as Thailand’s third-largest export.

Unveiling the Dark Secrets:

In their pursuit of truth, We Animals Media and World Animal Protection Thailand embarked on a mission to expose the grim realities hidden behind the closed doors of the poultry industry. Armed with cameras and unwavering determination, Haig and Taichi Kaito captured heart-wrenching moments, exposing the brutal treatment of chickens from birth to slaughter.

The Shocking Footage:

Capturing the Nightmare: On the sprawling industrial broiler chicken farms in Thailand, workers grab chickens by their feet, holding them upside down as they transport them to the dreaded crates that signify their journey to slaughter. This grim spectacle is a daily occurrence, starkly contrasting with the claims made by fast-food giants that their chicken suppliers ensure humane conditions.

Grim Reality of Thailand's Factory Farms

The Alarming Truth:

Despite corporate assurances of humane practices, the investigation uncovers the undeniable truth: the lives of these birds are filled with suffering and despair. This shocking revelation is detailed in World Animal Protection’s comprehensive report, “The Real Secret Recipe: Revealing the Hidden Secrets of Chicken Meat Production.”

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Raising Awareness:

“We want to bring the evidence, these videos and photos, to show Thai people the atrocity that really exists in the chicken industry,” says Orkorn Thanachalakorn, Head of Campaigns, World Animal Protection Thailand. This investigation serves as a call to action for change, not only in Thailand but globally, where animal exploitation remains a pervasive issue.

A Global Problem:

While this investigation focuses on Thailand, it’s crucial to recognize that animal exploitation is a global concern. Every country bears a responsibility to address this issue, and it’s a collective effort that will ultimately make a difference.

The Life of a Broiler Chicken:

On industrial farms worldwide, broiler chickens endure a life that’s a far cry from their natural existence. These birds, bred for meat production, are crammed into sheds with artificial lighting that remains on 24/7.

The constant illumination, coupled with controlled temperature conditions, forces them to consume continuously, leading to rapid weight gain. This unnatural growth puts immense pressure on their bodies, often resulting in heart attacks and lameness.

The Heartbreaking Reality:

During their assignment, We Animals Media’s photojournalists documented sheds housing 22,000 to 27,000 birds each. The broiler chickens are bred solely for their meat, with little regard for their well-being. The relentless pursuit of profit leaves these birds trapped in a mechanized production line, where their suffering is normalized.

A Chilling Discovery:

In one chilling scene, the decomposing body of a dead chicken lies near a wall teeming with black mealworms. These farms regularly find deceased birds, a grim statistic they are required to keep below three percent of their flock. The fate of these fallen birds is equally unsettling, with their bodies either incinerated or boiled to feed farmed catfish.

Demanding Change:

In response to these findings, World Animal Protection is urging KFC in Thailand to commit to better chicken welfare standards. Rojana Sungthong, Director of World Animal Protection Thailand, emphasizes the urgency, stating, “The suffering of food animals must not be normal… It starts with calling on the industry and businesses in the supply chain, such as KFC, to join the Better Chicken Commitment to improve chicken welfare policies and practices.”

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The horrors that unfold within Thailand’s factory farms are a stark reminder of the urgent need for change. We Animals Media and World Animal Protection Thailand have lifted the veil on a hidden world of suffering, urging us all to take a stand against the atrocities inflicted upon these birds. It’s a collective responsibility to ensure that the lives of these chickens are no longer marred by pain and despair.

Source: Read the full investigation here



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