St. Bernard’s Remarkable Rescue: Minnesota Canoers Save Dog from Mud Trap

Minnesota Canoers Save Dog from Mud Trap

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St. Bernard’s Remarkable Rescue: Minnesota Canoers Save Dog from Mud Trap


An Adventure turned Rescue Mission on the Minnesota River

For nearly 14 years, Ed, George Niskanen’s St. Bernard, has been living an adventurous life. This free-spirited pooch enjoys the liberty of wandering across acres of lush, hilly, and forested terrain, which borders the scenic Minnesota River in Carver County. But this month, a terrifying twist threatened to interrupt Ed’s peaceful existence when he didn’t return home one night, sending Niskanen into a whirlwind of worry.

However, an unexpected group of saviors rowed by on Saturday, completely changing the course of events.

Canoers Discover a Canine in Crisis

“I was jubilated and excited to learn that he was found. However, the fact that he was stuck down there left me astounded,” shared an emotional Niskanen. His farm dog was trapped in a life-or-death mud trap along the Minnesota River banks. In such perilous circumstances, every second mattered in rescuing Ed.

Carver Fire Department’s Capt. Chad Rausch recounted, “He was visibly exhausted and stressed, but he was still alive, and that’s the main thing. When the canoers discovered him, he let out a small bark to get their attention. They described him as almost completely submerged in the mud, with only his head and front paws sticking out.”

Minnesota Canoers Save Dog from Mud Trap

The Heroic Rescue of the Stranded St. Bernard

Armed with determination and their canoe paddles, the group of more than a dozen canoers, alongside three selfless volunteer firefighters, dug Ed out of the mud trap. Their efforts not only saved Ed’s life but also served as a testament to humanity’s love for our furry friends.

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“Ed didn’t have any strength left, he didn’t bark. He just whimpered a bit… he must have been terrified. But clearly, he’s a survivor,” said Rausch. “He wouldn’t have survived another day if the canoers hadn’t spotted him.”

Post-rescue, the dog was carefully transported about a mile up to his home.

Home Sweet Home: Recovery and Regain

After a much-needed bath and a hefty amount of rest, Ed is now regaining his strength where he belongs — at home.

It was a close call, but thanks to the quick-thinking canoers, the dog-loving firefighters, and the resilient spirit of Ed, this story has a heartwarming end.

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