10 Best Heated Cat House (for Indoors & Outdoors) 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

10 Best Heated Cat House (for Indoors & Outdoors) 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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10 Best Heated Cat House (for Indoors & Outdoors): Ensuring Warmth and Comfort for Your Feline Friends


As pet owners, we always seek to provide the best comfort and care for our beloved animals. For cat lovers, this means ensuring our feline friends are warm and cozy, especially during the colder months. Heated cat houses have emerged as an innovative solution, offering a safe and comfortable refuge for cats both indoors and outdoors.

These specially designed shelters not only provide warmth but also a sense of security and privacy that cats crave. Whether it’s for a pampered indoor pet or a resilient outdoor cat, a heated cat house can significantly enhance their quality of life. Let’s explore some common questions about these cozy havens:

Heated Cat House

You must find a safer approach to keep your indoor cat warm if it is always curled up too near to the hearth. Or, a warm home might be quite beneficial if you have a cat that roams freely and spends the majority of its time outside, particularly on chilly evenings. A heated cat house is an answer if this describes you.

Cats may find refuge and comfort in heated cat houses. Some versions work well inside, outdoors, or in both settings. Electric weather-resistant and insulated cat shelters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage, while interior heated cat homes are built of luxury soft materials like fake fur and fleece.

While there are many items on the market, not all of them can be considered the best-heated cat housing. To ensure that your cat is warm and comfortable during frigid nights, superb heated cat housing should be warm, secure, waterproof, and insulated. The top ten cat enclosures that satisfy the aforementioned requirements and more are included in this evaluation.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites (Updated in 2022)

  Image Product Details  
BEST OVERALLWinner K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House   Easy assembly  MET safety tested  Holds two cats at once Check Price
BEST VALUESecond place Thermo Kitty Hooded Cat Bed Thermo Kitty Hooded Cat Bed   Easy machine wash  Removable hood offers privacy  Thermostatically controlled heater Check Price
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place Petyella Heated Cat House Petyella Heated Cat House   Timer  Chew-proof cord  Waterproof heating pad Check Price
BEST FOR KITTENS Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave   Luxuriously warm  It complements any home décor  Configurable into different shapes Check Price
  K&H Heated A-Frame Cat House K&H Heated A-Frame Cat House   Two exits  Easy storage  Energy efficient 20 watts Check Price

The 10 Best Cat Heated Cat Houses

1.  K&H Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House – Best Overall

K&H Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House

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Size: 22 x 18 x 17 inches
Features: Heated, Removable bed, Outdoor
Assembly: Yes
Material: Nylon, Vinyl

K&H is known for producing heated cat shelters that are cozy, secure, calming, and environmentally responsible. This OK&H Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House has undergone testing and certification by MET Labs to guarantee that it complies with electrical safety regulations.

The home is water-resistant with a 600-denier nylon and a vinyl backing and may be used in porches, barns, and garages. It has a 20-watt heated bed to keep your pet toasty warm, especially in below-freezing conditions.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize this cat home indoors. On the other hand, you may place your pet on it during the colder months and take it out during the warmer months. There are two exits in the home so your cat may quickly enter and escape without being caught by a predator.

The K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House is substantial, heated, weatherproof, and big. Because of this, we think it makes the greatest heated cat housing overall.


  • Holds two cats at once
  • Durable
  • Easy assembly
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • MET safety tested
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  • Frames feel flimsy

2.  Thermo Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed – Best Value

Thermo Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

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Size: 20 x 20 x 14 inches
Features: Heated, Machine-washable
Assembly: No
Material: Fleece, Polyfill

Overall, we concluded that the K&H Thermo Kitty Hooded Cat Bed offered the greatest heating value. It has an electric cat bed with a thermostat that adjusts automatically to temperature fluctuations. This appliance automatically adjusts to your pet’s 102° internal temperature whenever it enters and switches to Eco mode as soon as it exits.

A 4-watt energy-efficient heater is used in the cat bed. MET Labs has tested and approved this low-wattage heater to meet and beyond USA/CA electrical safety requirements. It raises the temperature of the bed by 10 to 15 degrees above the surrounding air.

This cat bed features soft, foam walls that are 20 inches wide and 6 inches tall for added comfort. Your cat is sleeping on a nice, toasty foundation made of soft, quality microfleece in the meanwhile. If your cat values solitude, hood it up to make a “kitty cave”.


  • Easy machine wash
  • Removable hood offers privacy
  • Thermostatically controlled heater
  • Low wattage heater
  • Exceeds USA/CA electrical safety standards


  • May have a strong chemical odor
  • 4-watt heater is small for a 20-inch wide cat bed

3.  Petyella Heated Cat House – Premium Choice

Petyella Heated Cat House

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Size: 17. 3 x 13 x 17 inches
Features: Heated, Outdoor, Timer, Chew-proof cord
Assembly: Yes
Material: Nylon denier fabric

The Petyella Heated Cat House is a chic, lovely, and creative design that looks like a little playhouse. Whether you use it indoors or outside, this item will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house.

The heating pad that comes with it provides Consistent heating at a maximum temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating pad has a detachable, warm, soft cover that makes cleaning it simple. The heated home also has a timer, a 13. 1-foot extension cable, and a 3. 3-foot chew-proof chord.

The heated housing is rather simple to set up. Under five minutes may be spent quickly assembling thanks to the Velcro attachments.

To safeguard stray and feral cats from the weather, the housing is constructed from water-resistant materials. However, since the opening flaps are not waterproof, the manufacturer advises against leaving the home outside in the weather.


  • Waterproof heating pad
  • Timer
  • Chew-proof cord
  • Easy assembly
  • Stylish


  • Pricey
  • It needs an overhead cover when placed outdoors

4.  Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave – Best for Kittens

Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave

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Size: 22 x 17 x 17 inches
Features: Machine washable, Heated
Assembly: No
Material: Faux fur, Microfiber, Fabric

Consider the Pet Magasin Self-Warming Cat Cave if you are unsure whether to get your kitten an electrically heated cat housing.

Thanks to its microfiber outside, faux-fur inner, and fleece-foam cushioning, this special cushion may be used as a cuddly pod, flat couch, burrito-like tunnel, or a fur-lined cup. This bed will always function as an opulently warm and fluffy refuge for your kitty to burrow in, snuggle up in, or sprawl out on, regardless of how you arrange it.

The outside of the cave is made of anti-bacterial microfibre and is collapsible for simple storage. Its aesthetic appeal and design fit well with any home’s decor.


  • Affordable
  • Configurable into different shapes
  • Luxuriously warm
  • It complements any home décor
  • For kittens, cats, and small dogs


  • The interior is poorly sewn
  • Floppy

5.  K&H Pet Products Heated A-Frame Cat House

K&H Pet Products Heated A-Frame Cat House

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Size: 18 x 14 x 14 inches
Features: Heated, Outdoor, Removable bed
Assembly: Yes
Material: Nylon, PVC

The K&H Products Heated A-Frame Cat Housing is a water-resistant heated cat house that can be used both inside and outdoors. K&H has more than 20 years of expertise and focuses on creating high-quality, cutting-edge items that enhance the lives of pets.

To protect your cat from weather conditions including rain, snow, and wind, this cat home has a waterproof 600 denier material with an A-frame construction. It is secure in garages, porches, and barns.

To keep your pet warm, the home has a super-cushioned, waterproof floor. This 20-watt, thermostatically controlled floor is patented and works even in below-freezing conditions. As your cat’s internal body temperature changes, the inbuilt thermostat automatically regulates the temperature.

This cat enclosure is suitable for year-round usage. For keeping your cat comfortable in the winter, the ergonomic heated floor is ideal. However, throughout the summer you may take it off and store it.

Gray and black color choices are available for the A-frame heated cat housing.


  • Energy efficient 20 watts
  • Weatherproof
  • Two exits
  • Easy storage
  • Outdoor and indoor use


  • Quite small for some cats

6.  Extreme Disadvantagesumer Products Cat Heated House

Extreme Consumer Products Indoor/Outdoor Cat Heated House

Check Latest Price

Size: 22 x 18 x 17 inches
Features: Heated
Assembly: Yes
Material: Fabric

Are you trying to find an elegant heated cat house? Purchase the Extreme Disadvantage Consumer Products. Cat Heated Indoor/Outdoor House. Indoor and outdoor cats may find seclusion and shelter under its black roof and red base design. Additionally, it is ideal for little dog breeds.

A 20-watt heated bed is included in this cat condo to regulate your pet’s body temperature in the winter. Unplug the power cable during the warmer months so your cat may enjoy the soft cushion while sleeping. As an alternative, you might eliminate the cat bed to provide a fun space for your pet.

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It is simple to clean the Extreme Disadvantagesumer Cat Heated House. To keep the home looking wonderful, use water and non-abrasive soap.


  • Easy assembly
  • Stylish design
  • For cats and small dogs
  • Easy to clean
  • Cozy and warm


  • Poor quality zips
  • Not waterproof

7.  Jespet Foldable Condo Cat Bed

Jespet Foldable Condo Cat Bed

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Size: 15. 5 x 25. 5 x 15 inches
Features: Heated
Assembly: No
Material: Faux fur, Polyfill. Wood, Linette fabric, Felt

Your cat won’t get overheated in the Jespet Foldable Condo Cat Bed thanks to an electricity plug-in. It has two reversible cushions with two different pattern choices instead. Use the plush during the colder months and the soft, cuddly linette throughout the summer.

Two levels make up the layout of this condo: a cat cube and a cat bed. This implies that because of its solid construction, it can accommodate two cats at once.

For cats of all sizes, the cat bed offers the ideal area for relaxing, playing, and resting. It turns out that the wood panels, felt, and linette fabric are made to survive your cat scratching its way inside the condo.

The device has a folding form that makes installation simple. Additionally, it may be collapsed for easy storage. This cat housing is hand washable in terms of maintenance.


  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Two reversible cushions
  • Creates vertical territory


  • Terrible odor
  • Not scratch-proof

8.  Frisco Indoor Heated Cat House

Frisco Indoor Heated Cat House

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Size: 18. 5 x 14. 5 x 16. 5 inches
Features: Heated, Removable bed
Assembly: Yes
Material: Nylon

The Frisco Indoor Heated Cat House offers your cat a quiet, private space to unwind in addition to a heated area for the cooler months. Along with an ETL-certified power adapter with 110-inch power, 100-240V input, and DC output, it also includes an electric heating pad.

Despite being an indoor heated cat housing, this product is constructed of waterproof materials. Waterproof nylon and a 600-denier oxford cloth make up the exterior shell. Additionally, you may make a cool pad by removing the heated pad during the hotter months.

To put up this model, no tools are required. The heated cat housing may be used once the panels are simply put in position and fastened.


  • Durable materials
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant
  • Cozy
  • For all-year-round use
  • Machine-washable fleece cover


  • Unsuitable for outdoor use

9.  Furhome Collective Heated Cat Houses

Furhome Collective Heated Cat Houses

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Size: 20 x 18 x 18 inches
Features: Heated, Elevated, Timer, Chew-proof cord
Material: Faux fur, PVC

With the Furhome Collective Heated Cat House, you can be sure that your cat will be comfortable and dry all year round. The shelter keeps outdoor cats dry by protecting them from ground dampness thanks to its raised design and waterproof foundation.

Due to its 2 inch height above the ground, water may flow below. However, the company advises positioning the heated cat housing in a protected region.

The roof and walls are also watertight in addition to the waterproof foundation. This raised house is ideal for a barn, porch, or garage since it is constructed of premium waterproof fabric.

A heated pad is provided in the shelter to keep your pet comfortable at night. For enhanced warmth and comfort, the fitted pet bed includes a luxuriously cushioned fake fur cover.

For increased insulation, the two exits have transparent PVC door coverings. Additionally, this model has a chew-proof cable and a 24-hour timer that help you save money.


Buy Pets Supplies on Amazon
  • Easy to assemble
  • Elevated design
  • Waterproof base, roof, and walls
  • Sturdy
  • Insulated


  • Small for some adult cats
  • Pricey

10.  Thermo-Mod Cat Dream Pod

Thermo-Mod Dream Pod

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Size: 22 x 22 x 11. 5 inches
Features: Heated, Machine-washable
Assembly: No
Material: Polyester

With this product, K&H takes it a step further by creating a contemporary, thermostatically heated pet bed. This 4-watt pod detects your pet’s weight automatically to keep cats and small dogs warm on chilly evenings. To keep your cat comfortable during the hotter months, you may also take the heater out.

Thermo-mod The outside of the Cat Dream Pod is made of tough 600D nylon that is weather resistant, while the inside is lined with plush lycra and a cushion filled with ultra-soft polyfill. This disadvantageous construction makes sure that your pet is kept warm and comfortable throughout winter.

A wide entrance allows for simple access and departure from the pod. Since you simply need to zip it together to make a dome, assembly is rather simple.


  • Ideal for all seasons
  • 4-watt heater is gentle
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Meets safety standards
  • For cats and small dogs


  • It may have a chemical smell

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Heated Cat House

Types of Heated Cat Houses

There are three main types of heated cat houses:

Electric vs. Self-Heated

Cat homes have either electric or self-heating heating systems. Since they are constructed of materials that preserve a cat’s body heat, self-heating cat homes don’t need an outlet. Even though some pet owners grumble that they don’t provide enough heat in the cold, they are normally safe.

A heating pad is a feature of electrically heated cat homes. They may be used inside or outdoors and need a power outlet and power connection to operate.

Indoor vs. Outdoors

For interior usage, several heated cat shelters are constructed from simple materials like fleece and artificial fur. Others are made of materials that are water-resistant to protect animals outside from the wind, rain, and snow. A product should be placed in a protected area for lifetime even though it is weather-resistant.

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Single vs. Multi-Cat Capacity

Some cat homes can accommodate only one cat, while others may accommodate many cats at once.

Benefits of a Cat Heated House

Here are three advantages a heated cat housing will provide for your cat if you’re on the fence about buying one.

It is Therapeutic

Many veterinarians advise utilizing a heated cat housing to treat joint discomfort and pains in older individuals, particularly if they have arthritis. A cat’s body temperature of 102 degrees is kept stable by a warm environment. Additionally, it hastens the recuperation of sick felines.

Boosts Immunity

Did you know that a cat’s immune system might be impacted by extended exposure to cold temperatures? Cats must maintain a comfortable body temperature to avoid contracting colds or other ailments.

Fortunately, heated cat homes provide warmth even in the chilly months, aiding in the prevention and treatment of diseases. A warm home not only increases immunity but also makes your pet happier.

Provides a Sense of Companionship

Your cat will be reminded of cuddling up on your lap or with another pet by the warmth from a heated cat home. Cat housing keeps cats from feeling alone.

Features to Look for in a Heated Cat House

Weather Resistant Materials

Make models with weather-resistant materials your first priority while shopping for outside heated cat housing. Verify the home’s water resistance or waterproofness.

You could still sometimes see rainfall pouring from the edges of the heated cat housing even after securing it in a garage or shed. In this situation, it would be better to have a heated, water-resistant cat housing for your cat to keep dry.

Independent Safety Label

When purchasing a heated cat housing, safety should also come first. Therefore, before making a purchase, be sure the product has a MET safety mark or an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label. You may be confident that the product has been tested and complies with electrical safety regulations and accreditations thanks to these safety labels.


You could wish to spend money on a heated cat housing that allows you to regulate the temperature according to the weather. You may pick a temperature setting on a thermostat to ensure that it is not too high. You may rest easy knowing your pet is secure and at ease thanks to this.

Size and Shape

The day is spent cuddled up on a warm surface by cats. Find a heated cat housing that is big enough for your cat’s size as a result. If at all feasible, your cat should be able to enter the home, turn around, and cuddle up.

Additionally, it needs to be well-insulated to aid your cat in maintaining body heat. Find a model that can accommodate more than one cat if you have a multi-cat home.

Interior Padding

To keep your cat comfy, use a heated cat housing with internal cushioning. Some versions prohibit the addition of additional pillows and blankets for concerns of safety. In such circumstances, make sure the inside cushioning is sufficient.

Power Cord

Make sure the power cable is the right length for where you want to place the heated cat housing. You wouldn’t want to discover yourself needing more funds to buy an extension. However, it’s nice when manufacturers throw in a complimentary extension cable with the purchase.


Avoid heated homes that need extreme attention and care while maintaining. Choose items that can be washed by hand or a machine. The ideal choice is to get a low-maintenance cat housing, taking into account that the coverings may gather hair and dirt.

Easy Entry

Look for an easy access heated cat housing if you have a senior cat, a cat with arthritis, or a cat that is recuperating from an illness or surgery. Your pet will be able to easily enter and depart the home thanks to this.


Timer features are not usually included in heated cat housing models, but they do provide you control over when the heating element will be turned off. This is especially useful for pet owners who are away from home and are unable to keep an eye on the heat.


Others are collapsible, feature velcro, zips, or straps for simple construction, while other heated cat shelters need equipment for setup. Depending on your cat’s requirements, determine if the product requires a lot of assembly.


Of course, the asking price should be taken into account while making a purchase. The least expensive cat housing option is self-heating. However, if left outdoors in the winter months, they may only accommodate one cat and might not be sufficiently warm.

However, electrically heated cat shelters are rather pricey but may be used both indoors and outside. The majority protect cats from snow, rain, and high winds and are weather-resistant.

Related Questions

Are Heated Cat Houses Safe?

Self-heating heated cat shelters are the safest. These create heat by reflecting your cat’s body heat.

While electrically heated homes offer enough heat, bad wiring might turn them into fire hazards. Fortunately, the majority of models only need 4 watts of power. Furthermore, the majority of electric-heated homes have undergone testing and have a UL certification or MET safety certificate.

Which Cats Should Not Use a Heated Cat House?

Cats who are unable to exit the heated pad and home on their own should not be kept in an electrically heated cat housing. For this reason, before purchasing a home for your kitten, elderly cat with restricted mobility, or those recuperating from sickness or surgery, visit your veterinarian.

What Temperature is too Cold for a Cat?

Cats cannot survive at temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the cat to remain warm indoors or get a heated cat home in such circumstances.


The colder months are a good time to invest in heated cat housing since it keeps cats secure, cozy, and warm. The Outdoor Heated Kitty House is our top pick since it can be used outside and is water-resistant. To keep your cat toasty, it has a 20-watt heated pad.

Another excellent product is the Petyella Heated Cat House, which combines innovation, elegance, and quality. It has a heating pad, a weatherproof PVC foundation, and detachable doors for an outside cat house. Furthermore, it is ideal for cats weighing under 25 pounds.

The Pet Magasin Self-Warming Cat Cave is the ideal option if you’re searching for a self-heating cat housing. It may be made into a cuddly pod, a flat sofa, a burrito-like cave, or an upright cup.

We hope that our study will enable you to focus your search on the best-heated cat housing for your pet.

Questions & Answers


What are the benefits of a heated cat house for outdoor cats?

Outdoor cats, especially in colder climates, face the risk of hypothermia and frostbite. A heated cat house provides a warm and insulated space, protecting them from harsh weather conditions. It also offers a safe haven from predators and a cozy spot for rest and relaxation.


Can indoor cats also benefit from a heated cat house?

Absolutely! Indoor cats enjoy the warmth and comfort of a heated cat house, particularly in homes where the temperature may drop at night or in cooler seasons. It’s also a cozy retreat for cats who appreciate having their own private space.


Are heated cat houses safe? What safety features should I look for?

Yes, most heated cat houses are designed with safety in mind. Look for features like thermostatically controlled heaters, which maintain a consistent, safe temperature. Ensure the house is made of fire-resistant and non-toxic materials, and check that electrical cords are chew-proof.


How do I choose the right size and design of a heated cat house?

Consider the size of your cat and whether you’ll be housing more than one cat. The house should be large enough for the cat to move around comfortably but cozy enough to retain heat. Additionally, choose a design that complements your indoor decor or is durable enough for outdoor conditions.


How can I encourage my cat to use the heated cat house?

Place the cat house in a quiet, familiar area where your cat likes to spend time. You can encourage exploration by placing catnip or their favorite toys inside. Initially, keep the heating element off until your cat gets used to the house, then gradually introduce the warmth feature.



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